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Default How to translate a mod accurately
Hello. I am wondering whether I can translate a mod accurately. I mean that I would like to have access to the exact texts that the original translators have created, instead of making my own translation. So let's say an interaction is translated by the official translators into something, and I need to get that exact text without having to open the game itself. Because it would be better to get that translation instead of having to think of my own translation. Even if I opened the game, it would take too much time to actually get the exact messages because what kind of text pops up in game is randomized. Specifically right now I was thinking of translating a mod about phone messages, and there are lots of messages existing when someone answers a sim's phone, and it would take too much time to get a screenshot of all of the messages in game in a short time.

Is there a file which contains the translated texts? Or should I try to take a photo of all of the existing messages, in game, or should I make up my own translations by scratch?
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The text should be in the various "Text Lists" in the mod package file(s) in SimPE, so getting the accurate text should be fairly easy. You just need to find the correct text list.

Translations to other languages than English are in the dropdown list below the text field where it says "English". Languages that aren't filled will say "Language (empty)". If the "Default lang only" box is greyed out, English has been made default for all languages (but you can still add translations by choosing a language and clicking "add").
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