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Default Mod to make Bonehilda care for kids?
So, I like playing sims 3, and I always get a Bonehilda Coffin as a substitute for the maid and as a reason to leave kids unattended, and something I've noticed since I first got Supernatural was the way Bonehilda interacted (or rather didn't interact) with toddlers and babies. She will try to feed, change, and care for the child, but she won't actually do anything because the interaction is canceled out. I was wondering if there's a mod that makes her able to take care of the children without the interaction canceling. I have seen mods that completely stop her from trying to interact with the children at all, but I want something that does the opposite and allows her to interact with toddlers and babies. If anyone could tell me of a mod or make a mod that would "fix" Bonehilda's behavior, that would be great.
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Bonehilda used to care for toddlers in previous patches. There were some problems like Bonehilda won't let go of the child for long hours. So EA made it so she can't interact with them now, they did this in a crude way so she'll keep trying to interact but the interaction will get cancelled.

If you want this feature back. You could make copies of the interaction and make them specifically for Bonehilda. Either that or make a core mod or maybe a script override to remove whatever EA did to cancel the interactions for her.

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It kind of seems like it might be worth making Bonehilda-specific versions, since then they can be tweaked to deal with whatever Bonehilda's bad behavior was in the first place.

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