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Default Minor Pet Idea I Have No Idea How to Execute - Brainstorming Welcome?
Okay, so first of all, I've essentially never modded before. I've done a little playing around in Zerbu's mod creator for Sims 4 traits and that is the sum total of my experience.

But ... I've been thinking, after I managed to make a kind of aviary for one of my sims 3 houses. Wouldn't it be cool to make room sized enclosures for a sims's minor pets?

A little turtle pond in the garden with your turtles actually in there?

I think it must be possible, maybe. Because the pets have a 'sit on ground' state, right? Before you catch them. So, and this is where it all breaks down, would it be possible to replace the 'be in terrarium' state with a 'be on ground state' in some fashion? You could replace the clean cage animation with the generic mop floor one, I'm not sure what you'd do about feeding ... maybe modify and replace with the feed regular pet animation?

Trouble is, I have zero idea how you'd even do this.

But I'm not trying to add anything really, just swap some stuff around, so it can't be that bad, right? I could maybe manage it?

I mean, if someone else came along and said a) this already exists, here's a link or b) gosh how neat let me do it all for you I wouldn't complain.

But does anyone have any thoughts on if this is even possible? Let alone achievable for someone with no idea what they're doing? What kind of stuff would I need to figure out?
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It seems like there could be a couple of ways to do this. Firstly, you could create an object that is a terrarium with no walls. Then the minor pet would do whatever it does in the terrarium. There are custom versions of a lot of objects with all or some of the physical model deleted.

I'm thinking of the invisible wedding arch for when you want to exchange your vows without the arch in the way, or the surf simulator with all the non-surfboard bits removed so that you can place it on water and look like your sim is surfing on an ocean wave. Stuff like that would be the sort of thing you want to look at.

Alternately, you could probably do something with the minor pet animations of wandering around in the wild before they are caught. You might still need to create a custom object, but you might be able to add an interaction to caught minor pets that is, "Wander forever."

This doesn't look like a bad intro project. Custom object tutorials are a good place to start.

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Yes! This is something I have always wanted. More terrariums/cage/tank options for the minor pets but especially one's which allowed more room enclosure style options. If only I had the skills or programs to carry this out myself I would have.

Something like this but for sims 3 would make aviaries a thing. I currently use the bird tree and then with 'moveobjects on' I place bushes to hide the table below the tree, but the tree is for large birds only although I did see someone edited the large bird branch to allow small birds to use it (I have forgotten where I saw that sorry)

I came across Simming in magnificent style they have done several of the minor pets as animated decor, but not all. So I went and cloned the missing ones using S3OC for my own use. They aren't interactable but they do move around like the pre caught pets. They are just decor so they can't be played with, don't need to be fed or anything, won't die and looks like your pond has a turtle or whatever. Not as useful for the birds and they are only standing not flying. Although I do sit mine on fences, roofs, in trees, on bird baths, bird feeders etc. so they do look rather good in game.

Every now and again I search to see if anyone has added anything and I never find what I'm after.
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