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How to know which objects are used in a world file?

I'm sorry if this question may have been asked before but for some reason I can't find an answer. I know it exists but I seem to use the wrong words when searching for it and end up nowhere.

One of my favourite things to do is creating worlds for Sims 3. Recently I started showing pictures on Reddit and a lot of people asked if the worlds shown in them are available for download because they like them so much.
I wasn't really prepared for this because to me my stuff is always not good enough to be shared and I was there to ask how I could improve my worlds to make them look better.

Before sharing them I would need the following things to know:

How can I find out which objects I used when I created a world? I usually start with an idea and then add what I think looks good. It's hard to keep track on every tree or stone I add.
If I then share my world and maybe used a palm tree that came from the Store or my own ground textures, will these be included? I recently found a list with all CAW objects,
it may even be here on MTS. Would I need to look at every single object in CAW and compare it the the objects in the list to now which expension packs someone needs, in case, the things I used aren't included?

Somewhere on my harddrive is the Sims3Pack Reader but if I remember it correctly, it wouldn't read world files and say what it included. It just worked for lots.

So is there a way to read the package file and get a list of all the objects that are used in this? Is it necessary at all to know where they came from or will everything be included in the world file so that I don't need to know that?
It's just about the objects I used in the world itself, not about any buildings. As far as I know buildings or other CC that has been used in/for buildings, is just included if you own it yourself or I would need to add it in a separate folder.

Can someone help me please? It makes me so proud that people say they like what I do and I really would like to share them.

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There is a program, Custard?, that is supposed to show the content. But when I checked a world I did it did not pick up items I know very well I used in the world. I am working on a world I may share, maybe, so renamed my game so am building in a clean game with no cc other than my rabbit hole rugs. Let me look at that world and see if it picks them up? edit: No.

I am not sure though if it makes a difference that I use packages rather than packs and it may not read them? Someone else will know.
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I would be very careful when it comes to worlds. If you get it wrong it might ruin someone's game. It's much easier with buildings or lots.

If you choose to upload your world anywhere you really need to know. Post anything you think there is even a tiny chance you used to be on the safe side. That way if someone decides to download it anyway they can't blame you. It's not a nice feeling thinking it's your fault someone's game is corrupted beyond repair.

When you have listed everything you can still upload.
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