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Default Adding to the pie menu on in game computer
Im working on a career mod and i want it to have tasks such as you have to write an email or search for investors, but i cant seem to figure out how to add anything to the computer menu. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
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Are you using Mod Constructor or doing this by hand in S4S? But if you are doing it by hand and want to add it to an existing computer pie menu (or create your own), you need to add a "category" to your interactions. They look like this inside your interactions:
<T n="category">15510<!--sim_Romantic--></T>

Which is referencing the sim_Romantic pie menu. Once you have found the computer pie menus or created your own, you just replace that one with your own.
Once added you then need to inject, which you can use XML Injector for.

If you are doing this in MC, you still need to add a category and inject it, but this tutorial should cover it for you.

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