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Does anyone know anything about modding that doesn't mind helping me step by step? I want sims to play the radio in their vehicles just like they could in the fixer-upper car, which is store content that came with the world Roaring Heights. I have asked, pretty much begged people on to help me out on their mod forums, but nobody seems to have an answer. Before you ask, I don't have the fixer-upper car in my game because I haven't bought Roaring Heights. I know about it because I used to download free store content, which messed up my game. I don't know anything about modding and I don't want the lack of help to keep me from getting what I want in my game. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. If it's successful I will release it to the public as a mod so others can enjoy.
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Lately I tried to change some objects scripts in game using the Transmogrifier mod ( to find out what works and what doesn't. And when I change some vehicules script with this script "Sims3.Store.Objects.FixerCar+FixerCarFixed" (this is the script for the fixer-upper car in it fixed stage) then my sims can play the radio in their cars so i'm using it now because it's fun when they are driving with the radio on. The other interactions (wax car, hang out in car, cuddle in car, etc..,) related to the fixer-upper car appear too but they don't work. Every other interactions from normal car + the radio work.

I can't help you to make a mod but maybe meanwhile it can help you.
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