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Default Playing Riverview City
I haven't played much lately, and now that I have a little bit of time I did not feel like going back to my previous (already largely populated) hood.
So I decided to download LordCrumps' Riverview City, which looks positively awesome.
Compared to the plain stories I create for mine, this one is so developed!

I'm still halfway my first rotation, and still getting to know the population, but I guess it's not mandatory I finish a rotation to start my own thread :D

1. Landgraab family

Malcom Landgraab VII (aka Sr.) and his wife Lady Gray live with their two children, Malcom VIII (aka Jr.) and Amelia, but don't have a good relationship with any of them.
Also lives with them their bodyguard Henry Parker - who has a job in the criminal career as Malcom Sr., Malcom Jr. and Amelia.

Apparently there is something between Malcom Jr. and Henry!
I hardly ever play homosexual couples because I like so much seeing the game genetics in action, but the story is so cool that I'm definetely following it. Nothing happened between them yet, but we'll see how it develops in next rotations. (Both of them are family guys, so I guess that if they get into a relationship they'll want to tie the knot quite quickly.)
Maybe one of the feuds of Malcom Jr. with his parents is that they consider Henry beneath them?

I think that Amelia is not in good terms with their father because she knows he is a cheater! Being a criminal is one thing, but cheating to your wife is a completely different matter.
Actually he did not waste time, and while Lady Gray was at work he invited over Zoe Harrison

2. Tommy Crumplebottom

Tommy got a big bonus and a promotion the very same day... so he already achieved his LTW!
He was so happy that when he got home, he "celebrated" with his wife Emily... and she's pregnant again! Because having two teen daughters (Veronica & Julia) apparently was not enough

3. Moore

Rebeca Moore has 4 children (Jay-Jay, Lily, Michael and Maximillion) from different parents (all of them dead, but Jay-Jay's) and a shitty job.
Well, she had a shitty job, because after inquiring after a nanny's fees she realized she did not earn enough to pay the nanny's fees and she decided to quit her job and stay home to take care of her children - and very specially little Maximillion.
Fortunately for her, Jay-Jay not only helps with his younger siblings but also got a teen job so he can earn a few bucks for the family!

4. Zoe Harrison

Zoe woke up realizing she was pregnant!
Who is the father? It could be Jasper Bachelor (still unplayed) or Malcom Landgraab Sr.
She is not 100% sure, but she knows Malcom won't break up with his wife to marry her - and she might have better luck with Jasper.
So he invited him over, told him the baby was his (of course! who else could be the father?) and proposed to him.
He did accept - but the reddish memory means he was not as happy about it as he pretended. Will he actually marry her after all?

Soon enough the babies were born - yeah, babies, because it was two of them. A baby boy and a baby girl, whom Zoe named after her own parents (Paul & Emma).

5. Katie Kat & Dobre Mann
Katie lives with her five cats. She interacted way more with them than with other humans. Apparently she's a friend of Malcom Jr. and invited him over, but that was it.
Dobre lives with four large dogs. And also does not interact much with people.
They both are family people, but I'm not sure this storyline will develop into finding some common ground...

And that's it for now.
More soon hopefully.
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6. Cartwright

I decided that Derek and Melissa (both Fortune Sims) would have Family as a secondary aspiration - that would explain having such a large family but being such neglectful parents!
I think this secondary aspiration may change some of the family dynamics though.

Derek is Jay-Jay Moore's father, but I'm gonna assume he does not know about it. Rebecca never told him.
Jay-Jay and Joshua are about the same age (and look alike!) so they might even become friends - but right now Joshua is more interested in dating Julia Crumplebottom.
Yay, we already have a teen couple!

7. Lucien Crumplebottom

There are three adults in this household: Lucien and his wife Karen, and also Lucien's recently-divorced (from Zoe Harrison) twin brother Julien.
They are all working in their LTW careers so nobody felt like wasting a day off - when they could be getting a promotion! So a nanny was a must.

That said, this is a happy busy family, and the kids enjoy it.

To be honest I'm hoping Julien finds another love interest, because living with your brother is only nice for a while...

8. Überleben

So. REDACTED. The guy is nuts, isn't he. Therefore which would be a proper secondary aspiration? Cheese!!!!
I really like his house, I think he just needed some source of electricity so he can be as auto-sufficient as possible. Getting his own energy plus growing his own food would really help - let's see if he also manages to pay the bills somehow!

To which degree are Felix and Elias locked in with their father?
Well, they must attend school, otherwise police would be knocking at their door. They are allowed to use the phone sparingly, but REDACTED might veto who they call.
They won't be leaving the house unless for school or another good reason - which means no dating, guys!

Telescope. There is a telescope. A fancy one which might get a glimpse of aliens. What is REDACTED hoping to find there?

I think I've already played most families. I still gotta get a go at Ms. Crumplebottom and Jasper Bachelor.
But so far it looks very promising!
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9. Bertha Crumplebottom

So. Dear Mrs. Crumplebottom is a witch. Not a bitching old woman, but a real witch. With her green skin - everywhere but on her face.
Truth to be told, that partially-green skin looks a bit weird. So I'm getting a subtler green overlay, which may make it more aceptable. Or maybe I will just get used to it :D

Anyway. Mrs. Crumplebottom has a dinner. She runs it with three employees.
It's not a profitable business (I'm not good at running restaurants) and I'm not sure whether she'll keep it - or maybe she ought to consider turning it into something different?

10. Bachelor
Finding Jasper Bachelor's house was a pain in the ass. I even installed the cameras suggested in the hood download, but either I did something wrong or they don't work with UC or its location is a bit too extreme. I don't know.
I almost gave up playing him - but finally managed to find the house and click it although I can't actually see it in neighbourhood view.

Well, anyway, Jasper did marry Zoe. She's the mother of his children after all!
She was extremely pleased (she's gonna be rich now!) but he was not so happy about it...

The house is likely to need some modifications - it's a bachelor house and now there are four people living under its roof! :D

And now the getting-to-know-the-population is over.
Let's play another rotation
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Well, well, well, let's get into real gameplay, now that at least I know my new Sims
Tuesday, time for bills, let's see if anyone has trouble with them this early...

1. Landgraab

Ok, it's very cool that this hood includes some teen/child townies. I never bother creating them myself, but it's cool that Amelia brought one Christopher Thomas home.
She also got a promotion in her Criminal teen career - already level 3!

But what's really important is that Malcom Jr. decided to approach Henry the bodyguard!
Henry would not dare to, but he definetely loves him back Such a cute couple! They behave in almost a teen-like manner

2. Moore

Rebecca is such a busy mom! Taking care of all her little children (specially Maximilion, who is only a toddler) requires so much time and effort.
Luckily Jay-Jay helps bringing in some money with his part-time job, but the savings are not big and soon it won't be enough to pay the bills...
Jay-Jay is starting to realize his family can't afford him going to college

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3. Tommy Crumplebottom

Emily gave birth to the youngest girl of the family: Sharla Crumplebottom.
Now she'll focus on her, because Veronica and Julia are already old enough to take care of themselves. Julia has been spending more time with Joshua Cartwright, I wonder whether they'll go steady?

4. Katie Kat

Katie invited Julien Crumplebottom over.
The house was a mess, but he did not seem to care much about all the cats scratching furniture, piles of dirty dishes and flies all around. I guess he's been feeling kinda lonely since the divorce.
Well, no more!

5. Dobre Mann

Dobre wants to find love too!
And he thought he would find it in Lady Gray's arms... but soon enough he fell out of love - maybe he realized she was never going to leave Malcom Sr. for him? (I don't know, I just was not looking xD)

He decided that he should maybe check his feelings regarding the (single) women he knows... and he's got a growing interest in Rebecca Moore

On a side note: Katie Kat does not (autonomously) hate dogs

6. Cartwright

Joshua definetely fell in love with Julia Crumplebottom

Derek is paying more attention to Joshua's level of achievement. Hey, you gotta do your best, son!

7. Lucien Crumplebottom

Julien Crumplebottom is definetely crazy about Katie Kat!
He already proposed to her... and could not wait to tell Lucien about it!

Apparently Katie is also a good friend of Karen Crumplebottom, so everybody is happy with the engagement.

Julien and Katie love spending time together... even if that means raking some leaves

And Lucien and Karen dedicate their time to their children - and also to work, cause Lucien got an important promotion!

8. Überleben

Bills arrived. §594 in bills. And the family funds are §593.
Yes. They would need one simoleon more to pay them! If this is not a goverment conspirancy, you tell me what this is!
Elias and Felix managed to convice their father that it would be reasonable if they earned some money in teen jobs. Because, of course, he can't leave the house!

REDACTED agreed, but the truth is that he managed to earn the extra money by himself and his telescope. He's got a plan: he wants to save up as much as possible and instal more solar panels, so his children won't have to leave the safe nest for any reason!

9. Mrs. Crumplebottom

Beloved Bertha is not opening her restaurant today: she's visiting some old friend.
Well, actually a warlock. And not a very friendly one, cause he did not want to sell her the stuff she needed. I guess she needs to find a way to convince him...

10. Bachelor

The house needed some cleaning... and Zoe is always happy of meeting a handsome man, even if that means paying

Both Jasper and Zoe stayed home to take care of their babies. Well, they took care of them as little as possible but they did.
Anyway, beautiful picture of Zoe breastfeeding

And Paul and Emma Bachelor celebrated their birthday!

End of the rotation.
Time to start a new one
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1. Landgraab

Malcom Jr.'s and Henry's first kiss Aren't they cute?

Amelia brought a townie friend home, only to have him watch her play videogames She's a real Landgraab, isn't she?

Malcom Sr. wrote a novel, which means good extra money - because richness attract richness, you know.

He meant to use some of that money to buy Amelia a place in a private school, but they did not accept her
Well, maybe if he helps her improve her grades?

Henry got a promotion, but on the other hand Malcom was demoted.
If they ever decide to make their relationship public... will they be able to stay in the same career anyway? Or will daddy use his influence to kick them out?

2. Tommy Crumplebottom

A nice day for the eldest of the Crumplebottom brothers and his cute family: baby Sharla celebrated her birthday.
Emily is an stay-at-home mom, but Tommy is also a loving father who spends his time with the little one when he returns home - not a heartless business tycon.

3. Moore

Rebecca's time is filled up with Maximilion. So much that she can't even spend a few minutes to fix the sink - and therefore she must spend the scarce money she has!

Luckily in the afternoon Maximilion grew up - this is gonna give her some room to breathe!
And so did Lily, who grew up into a beautiful young woman (with Family aspiration) and a slightly gotish look. I guess life ahead looks dark enough!

Jay-Jay decided to approach the girl he's grown fond of - Julia Crumplebottom - but unfortunately she's got her mind set of Joshua (his own secret brother!) and full rejected him.

4. Katie Kat

Katie's day was so uneventful that probably the one thing worth mentioning is that she cleaned the litter box.
What? That that's hardly worth mentioning? Oh, well. She had to clean one of them SEVERAL times. xD

5. Dobre Mann

This was a way more eventful day! One of his dogs was pregnant, and she gave birth to four beautiful puppies. Four.
Four dogs plus four puppies make a total of eight buggers to take care of. And it's probably a bit too much for Dobre, so he's decided to give away two of them (the two males of the litter) and keep the other two, and maybe start raising puppies for money!

At this point I closed the game, and although the rotation is not over I'm gonna head to SimPE and make some changes because the ages of the premade Sims clash with my shorter lifespan.
Some adjustments will be required, and then I'll be ready to keep playing.

EDIT: While fixing the ages, I noticed that Jay-Jay was younger than Joshua. That did not make sense to me, storyline-wise, so I made him slightly older than his half-brother.
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6. Cartwright

The Cartwright children are doing better at school, so their parents allow them to enjoy themselves in the afternoon. Just make sure you do your homework!

Joshua is thinking of enjoying himself in another way He wants a second love! (Apparently Julia is not enough for him.)
Veronica Crumplebottom came home with him from school, but their relationship did not seem good enough to ask her out. Also she's Julia's sister, it could be an issue!
Instead he asked Amelia Landgraab... and they had the greatest date

7. Lucien Crumplebottom

No nanny required today, because Julien had the day off so he could stay home with Lucien's children.
They brought home a child from school called Maximilion Vangaurd - both Oscar and Ophelia were in friendly terms with him.

Oscar was with Lucien when he grew up - but he did see mom was coming home, and run to her! He's still a cute child <3
(His new friend Maximilion Vangaurd grew up too!)

And Lucien is now the new Mayor! Which means he reached LTW (And I think he's ready to enjoy all his days off now )
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8. Überleben

REDACTED earned a Gold Gardening Talent Badge... which means he can now talk to his plants!
Yeah, not more needing to interact with human beings!

Elias brought home a townie friend named Sarah Sullivan. Of course Felix did not miss the chance to introduce himself to her - they both are lacking so much in the social aspect

9. Mrs. Crumplebottom

Our dearest old grandma is ready to take his place as one the witches in the coven... but the warlocks are not making it any easy.
She tried to befriend the evil one, invited him over and proposed to buy a cauldron from him - only to be rejected.
She traveled to the castle of the good one, hoping that he would be more naive, but no luck either >_<

Maybe she should try her female persuasion?
Asked out the evil warlock (since they are already friends and they share their aligment) but the date was quite boring.
Probably because spending it in the bathroom is not the greatest idea, but who knows what do warlocks have in mind

10. Bachelor

Zoe went to work while Jasper stayed home with the toddlers.
They aren't the greatest parents, but they do make sure the kids do not lack the basics. Such as food. And changing diapers if they get soiled.

The puppy Zoe bought from Dobre Mann joined the family; Zoe and Jasper don't pay much attention to it, but they hope that it will entertain the kids so they have some more time for themselves.
It would be a win-win situation, wouldn't it?

And this finishes another rotation... and I'm heading right away into another one :D
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Default I'm new here.
I'm new here. Who could bring me up to date?
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#10 Old 13th Nov 2021 at 8:17 AM
Originally Posted by FaithCooke
I'm new here. Who could bring me up to date?

Welcome to MTS!

What do you need info about? Probably not my humble story thread
About TS2? About MTS? About CC?

I suggest you to check the downloads section - plenty of new great stuff on a regular basis! - and the discussion forums.
There is even a thread called Stupid/Random Questions where I go for my regular little questions, and other users will promptly reply.

I hope that helps you!
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1. Landgraab

Malcom Sr. reached the top of his career - and fulfilled his LTW!
Now it's time to start thinking about his successor...

Amelia is too young, but she does have the right attitude. Like not caring whether she gets horrible notes, or being absolutely cool about a random guy putting soap in their fountain

And Malcom Jr. is almost hopeles. He got a promotion, only to go later to work and be demoted
(Which also meant he did not have time to spend with Henry! )

2. Tommy Crumplebottom

Veronica brought Felix Überleben from school, I guess they meant to do their homework together.
I hoped this meant she was fairly interested in him, but apparentely there is no attraction at all.

3. Moore

Rebecca did her best to help her children with their studies, and apparently she did very well despite all the complications!

While Maximilion was a toddler, Rebecca had to stay home raising him.
But now that he's grown and also Lilly is a teenager, she can count on her to keep an eye on her younger siblings. Which allows mom to find a job!
Hopefully they won't have to fear the bills anymore.

Lilly did something more than helping at home: she also fell in love with Oscar Crumplebottom - ah, teen couples are always so cute
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4. Kat

Katie finally asked Julien to marry her, and move in with her - and her many cats!
And apparently Julien is very happy to have all those pets around - no surprise, otherwise how would he fall in love with Katie?

Talking about cats: one of the elders died, while two kittens were just born.
Katie is not of the same mind as Dobre Mann, she wants to keep all the kittens. And now with Julien's salary there is no reason to do otherwise!

And I wonder, will Julien and Katie have little human babies too or will the kitten fill that gap in their heart?
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5. Mann

Not a lot to tell about Dobre Mann. He hired a maid because he needs more time to spend with his puppies.
Ah! And he bought a fountain in which his dogs may autonomously bathe!

6. Cartwright

Derek almost got a promotion thru chance cards. Well, he did get it, but I have recently installed one mod that made promotions somewhat harder and apparently he could not get the new job...
The kids are all doing great at school, and Jessica also grew up - she's a Popularity Sim, with a second aspiration in Knowledge.

7. Lucien Crumplebottom

Young Ophelia likes to tease her brother Oscar. Oh, he feels so grown up just because he's got a job and he does grocery shopping, she can't help tormenting him >:D

And Mayor Lucien Crumplebottom thought it would be nice if he made dinner for the family... but it got nasty! Hey, you should buy an alarm, guys.

8. Überleben

Elias brought a friend from school, but because REDACTED had locked the main door the friend had to stay outside
Elias has done well with his studies, reached top of his teen career and decided it's time to leave: He'll go to college, no matter what father says!
(Yeah, it's time to install a subhood!)

In the meantime, REDACTED managed to become a good friend to his younger child, Felix.

9. Mrs. Crumplebottom

So our dear Bertha decided she must seduce a warlock in order to become a powerful witch, and he's not scared of using her female persuasion!
It happened in one ocassion in which grandchild Julia was visiting - and she did not seem amused by grandma's companies.

(But now that I got this new cowplant mod, I'm considering seriously that Bertha might have another evilish option...)

10. Bachelor

The Bachelors have such a cute nice family, with two toddlers and a dog.

I wonder if they'll live happily together, or one of them will be caught cheating. Such as Zoe, who is quite interested in the maid....
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Elias Überleben wanted to go to college, so I had to create the subhood for him. I chose Academie Le Tour, but since I use an empty version threre are no playables in it.

And so Elias chose a dorm to move in.
He really enjoys the freedom of living out of REDACTED's reach - and invited Felix over, but his younger brother does not agree with him. Oh, Felix, wake up!

Elias is gonna mayor in Physics, let's see how good he's at it.
He also hoped to find someone special, but apparently it's gonna take a while... Nope, not attracted to the cafeteria woman, I don't know why he was even considering it right after an exam.

And one townie friend of him, a Sarah Sullivan, also moved to another dorm - just to remain there as non-playable. For the sake of sync.
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Malcom Sr. decided to try to bribe the headmaster again - and this time it worked so now Amelia was admited into a private school.

Henry Parker was getting more and more disatisfied with his situation. He's not a proper member of the family, he's only used for any task around the house. He finally realized that's not gonna change ever. So why trying so hard?
He decided it was time to leave. And ask Malcom Jr. to come with him. So he proposed and was acepted, and they eloped together before Malcom's parents returned home. Cause you never know what they'd do!

Lady Gray finds unfortunate that they left right now, when she has just gotten ill. Some of the curative soup would have been so welcome. Oh, bugger!


Henry and Malcom Jr. took some money with them, which was enough to buy a house - way smaller than the Landgraab's mansion but still better than Henry's attached little house.
And the first thing they did, right after moving in, was quitting their jobs in the Criminal Career - otherwise they would always be under the Landgraab's control!
Only after that they decided to actually get married - yes, right away and in the utmost privacy. A new life begins!

Tommy Crumplebottom

Veronica lost her job. And in the worst moment possible - she's about to go to college, so now that grant is lost for her.

She'll probably move into Elias dorm. Will they become good friends?


Lilly stayed home to take care of the little ones (yeah, the house is not very clean, life is still kinda hard at the Moore's, don't judge!) while mom and Jay-Jay worked to earn some money.
Only that Jay-Jay got fired. (It's a bad day for my teen workers!) Still a reliable guy who buys the groceries on the way back :D

But let's talk love life
Lilly wanted to have a date, but Oscar Crumplebottom was not at home... so she decided to ask Joshua Cartwright. Of course she does not know Joshua is her half-brother's half-brother, but that would have been a heck of a family tree. Anyway Joshua plain rejected her
After such a disappointment, Lilly waiting for the right time to call Oscar again, because she knows she can count on him
But let's talk about Jay-Jay! He once was insterested in Julia Crumplebottom, who ignored him, but now he's grown fond of her sister Veronica - and gave her his first kiss
I wonder how will he take the fact that Veronica is about to leave for college...
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Katie Kat is now Katie Crumplebottom, but I'm gonna keep calling this family Kat because there are way too many Crumplebottoms already xD

Julien returned from work with a promotion and a sickness - luckily nothing that some soup won't fix!
But with all the work at home (so many pets!), Katie decided they should hire some professionals - a gardener and a maid will certainly be of help.


Dobre Mann keeps focused on his own dogs and puppies. His house is quite a mess, and everybody is so hungry in the morning!
Quite a bit of everything happened: two dogs died of old age, two puppies grew up into adult dogs and two more puppies were born. But, yes, the house is still full of dogs


Jessica invited Felix Überleben to come home after school, and I am hoping that's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Both Jessica and Joshua are now teens, so they don't need much attention and they can help watching May. Loved seeing them cooking together
But Jessica decided to take a job in the Gamer career - sounds like fun! - so she won't be at home so much in the future.

Melissa got a promotion - she looks tired, doesn't she?
And Derek agreed that they definetely can afford sending their kids to a private school. They are a wealthy family after all.

Lucien Crumplebottom

The Mayor's family keeps doing very well.
Ophelia grew up into a teenager whose aspirations are Family and Knowledge, while Oscar reached the top of his teen career.


Elias left the house and is now in college.
Meantime REDACTED's obssesions keep growing, and he has even locked the doors so his children's friends can't come into the house.
And Felix keeps living in this crazy house and having a hard time to keep up with his motives, and even less doing his homework!

Mrs. Crumplebottom

Evil grandma Crumplebottom decided to get a job in the Natural Science career - will she be able to get a reward and extend her lifespan?
Of course this does not mean she's giving up her plan of seducing a warlock... but that path also takes its time, and she is not getting any younger - yet.


Toddlers and pets looks so cute together!

Anyway. Zoe got promoted. Not that she needed any money, cause they are filthy rich.
And that's why now that their children grew up they can so easily afford sending them to a private school. These kids won't set a foot on a public one!
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Veronica Crumplebottom arrived to college, and decided she would live in the same dorm as Elias Überleben. They are friends after all, and it's nice having a friend in a new place.
And because both were looking for some love in their lives, their friendship soon turned into a crush
(Funny that I once thought she could have some interest in his friend, Felix!)

They both did great in their exams (A+) and Veronica chose her mayor: Literature.
They probably have enough money to rent a house, but I'm not sure that's a wise choice yet.


Amelia wants money, more money, much more money! She's a real Landgraab indeed.
So she decided to build a tiny hidden room in the library, which would pass unnoticed if the police ever checked the house. And there she installed a counterfeit machine - courtesy of her own father.
Unfortunately she was not careful enough, and the machine started to burn She had to run for her life, cause in such a locked place no firemen could help either!

Malcom invited her good friend Jasper Bachelor, but he decided not to invite Jasper's wife Zoe. Malcom was having an affair with her after all...

Lady Gray had the day off, which was very convenient for her sickness. She stayed home all day, sleeping thru most of it, and at night she was recovered.

I'm loving Amelia's facial expressions

Tommy Crumplebottom

Emily has an interest in arts which she decided to cultivate, Now that the kids are growing, she should have more time for it.

Talking about growing, their youngest - Sharla - did grow with red aspiration level
I hope she does better in her next life stage.


Lilly asked Oscar Crumplebottom to go steady, and he accepted. But inmediately she was having afterthoughts - being a Family/Romance Sim is so hard!

Money is tight again. Rebecca is not working on the weekend, which means no money is brought. So Jay-Jay decided to try luck with another job - this time in the Journalism career.

Michael grew up. He's a teenager now, and his aspirations are Pleasure/Popularity.

Kids are growing up indeed. But Rebecca loves having babies and toddlers around! And she rolled a want to have another baby
She phoned Dobre Mann, who was her last love interest (more of a crush actually) and they got sexy quickly
And know what? She's already pregnant! ^o^

How is Dobre gonna take this? Will he consider proposing to her?
Or is Rebecca doomed to raise a baby on her own, once again?
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A growing family!
And I'm not talking about Salt & Pepper, the youngest kittens which grew into adult cats, but the fact that Julien & Katie are now expecting a baby!
They both wanted to have a baby, so it's gonna bring them loads of happiness -and probably a bunch of headaches too, cause this family is rather complicated.


Does Dobre suspect Rebecca got pregnant? Did he hear the chimes too?
Or maybe he just rolled a proposal want because he's a Family guy, and actually his deepest wish is growing old with a loving partner. Now that he's found someone to love, he's not wasting any time!

About practical matters:
Dobre's house lot is quite larger than Rebecca's, but his house has only one bedroom so it's impossible to fit all her children in it and still have a minimal privacy.
Therefore upon marriage they should live in Rebecca's until they find a new place which suits a large family of 6 humans (plus one baby) and 6 dogs- Not easy to find I'm afraid.


Joshua asked out Amelia Landgraab again. They had a terrific date and they fell in love. What woud Julia Crumplebottom think about this, huh?

Jessica did great in her job, and May grew up - she's a Popularity/Fortune teenager, and she looks quite like her sister.

In the evening Joshua was invited to an outing by Jay-Jay Moore. Julia Crumplebottom was there too, and Jay-Jay was not pleased at all seeing that the one who stole her heart was actually Joshua.
(And the resemblance is so important, that it's hard to believe nobody noticed these two guys are related!)

Lucien Crumplebottom

Ophelia fell in love with her old friend Parker Bowls - and they kissed

Funny pic: Lucien and Ophelia helping the gardener, because the garden is such a mess!
(I had a mod which forced the gardener to visit daily, apparently it's not working...)

Lucien is the Mayor, and he wants his children to go to a priviledged private school - even if that means paying for it!


REDACTED keeps taking care of his garden in an obssesive manner, and Felix remains locked at home other than for school and work.
They invited Elias over, just to influence him to clean the house


Henry and Malcom want to adopt a kid.
But they spent all their money in the house, and they can't afford raising a child without getting a job first. So they did.
Henry chose the Military as a career - he think the skills he learned can be an advantage. Malcom loves music and dancing, so he chose Dance as a career.
Hopefully soon they'll have earned enough to adop.

Mrs. Crumplebottom

Bertha is trying to learn those skills required to get a promotion - and hopefully a cowplan.
Which does not mean she's giving up her plan of seducing a warlock. Maybe she can do both?


I don't think I've played many beach lots. I had forgotten about most of their interactions.

Jasper wants to have more lovers.
He is surprised of how much he enjoys having children, but being tied to only one woman is a completely different matter.
He apparently was also in love with Bertha Crumplebottom, so he invited her over and flirted with her... with awful results.
So he decided it's time to hire a professional - no, I don't mean a prostitute, I mean a matchmaker! And he bought some shiny potion from her
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#19 Old 25th Nov 2021 at 2:05 PM

Both Elias and Veronica are doing great in their majors.
They did not interact much though, but keep reading...


Amelia invited her friends Elias and Veronica (hey, hanging out with college friends is cool!) and then, autonomously, they decided to act on their crush
They did make out, but I could not catch them for a pic.

While Amelia was at work, her parents decided to hangout with them. Do you think any of them would try to wreck this new couple?
Also Amelia got demoted

And Lady Gray became an elder! When will she retire and decide to spend her time gardening?

Tommy Crumplebottom

Such a big fish and his children were not in a private school yet? Well, Julia really wanted to and they can definetely afford it!

Tommy grew up too, and he decided to retire right away. As a Business Tycoon he earned a lot of money, but he's glad to have now time to spend with his wife Emily and his younger daughters Julia & Sharla.
Also his retirement is not bad at all - §600 daily!


Rebecca's bump started to show, so she decided not to waste time and ask Dobre to marry her.
But apparently he can't because one of her dogs is going to have puppies Seriously? Someone else is leaving her pregnant and forever single? My poor Rebecca!!

Apparently he likes being around, even if he talks to her children of controversial topics...

Jay-Jay is not very happy, now all the attention goes to mommy's next baby and that just means a lot of extra work for her eldest son.

Michael asked out Jessica Cartwright, and there is good chemistry. They even had a first kiss when their date ended
Jay-Jay also would like someone special in his life, and he's now in friendly terms with Ophelia Crumplebottom. Maybe something else in the future?

Now that Rebecca is on maternal leave and knowing that she'll have much to do when the baby arrives, Lilly decided she should get a job too.
Later Michael decided all the help possible was needed...

... because mom had twins!! This is a very full nest indeed! (Maybe we don't have room for Dobre Mann after all xD)
Welcome Dennis and Dillan Moore.
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#20 Old 29th Nov 2021 at 6:51 PM

What a day!
First one of the Katie's cats gave birth to 4 beautiful gray kittens. FOUR! That's a lot of kittens, specially for a family which is also expecting a baby.
Did I say a baby? Let me correct that sentence: Katie was actually expecting TWO babies!!

Julien and Katie welcomed their twins, Paul & Fred Crumplebottom, and felt the urge to make some alteration to their home.
They built an smaller house in the back garden, which would serve as a guest house for other families but in this case it's cat house of course. Simple but with all kinds of commodities. (Luckily Julien had brought some money when he moved in!)
So now they can finally fit two cribs into their own bedroom - although they will eventually need another bedroom?


Dobre still wanted to marry Rebecca! It was all a misunderstanding after all
He invited her over, and did not hesitate to ask her to marry him right away, right in fromt of the dogs houses - is there anything more sacred?

All her children moved in with her, obviously, and young Dennis & Dillan will get their father's surname after all.
So now this is now a huge household: 8 humans and 6 pets It's going to be hell to play...
The house did not need much alterations though. Part of the pets stuff is now outside - right by the houses - and part of a corridor became the kids bedroom (just bunk beds for all).
Hopefully it will suffice for a while... But it's kinda tight for playing with the dogs or inviting guests for dinner.

Let's talk about teens - and love
Jay-Jay finally kissed Ophelia, but this is gonna be quite a short love story. Because now that they can afford it (yes, merging the families means some extra money!) Jay-Jay is decided to go to college. All his life plans have just changed!
And Michael's crush on Jessica is definetely love. Yup. Cute.


Joshua went out with Amelia Landgraab again. Looks like this is serious.

May got a job, but she got fired in the very first day. Ouch!
Jessica on the other hand reached the top of her career! Congrats!
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#21 Old 4th Dec 2021 at 8:11 AM Last edited by Amura : 4th Dec 2021 at 8:28 AM.
Lucien Crumplebottom

Since Julien left Lucien's family house to marry Kat, his old apartment had been empty. But lately Lucien found it was neat having a place for some alone-time, sort of a man-cave :D
Apparently his daughter Veronica had the same idea when she was visiting with her boyfriend Elias Überleben.


REDACTED remains as obssesed as usual. Now it's winter, no time for planting, but he's preparing the soil so he can have his vegetable garden ready as soon as spring comes.
And young Felix is old enough to go to college (he'll be growing up in next rotation) but he decided against it.
Life at his father's place is not great: REDACTED does not have the time to do proper home manteinance or cleaning, but he won't hire service either!
Elias run away from this situation, but Felix just can't, he think staying with his father is his moral obligation.


Henry and Malcom want to adopt a kid, but they are so very tight on funds that they can't afford it right now.
So at this point all they can do is focus on their jobs and hoping for a better salary.

Mrs. Crumplebottom

"Hun, what more does a girl have to do to get a f*** cauldron?"


Having a house by the beach is such a luxury!

Paul and Emma are making some friends - this is a townie kid.

Zoe got a promotion, which is always good - although they don't need the money, they are filthy rich.
And Jasper decided to hire a gardener. He likes nature (who would have though it?) and liked to take care of his own garden, but since the kids were born he's completely neglected it and it's full of weeds. The gardener is a must.

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#22 Old 7th Dec 2021 at 1:48 PM

Elias Überleben and Veronica Crumplebottom decided to leave the dorm and rent a house.
The house has two bedroom - one with a double bed they mean to share, and an extra room in case they find a roommate.
It won't be Felix Überleben though, cause he told Elias he will stay with REDACTED instead of going to college - which makes his brother so sorry for him.

Anyway now the young couple has some privacy in their love nest... and Veronica proposed to Elias!


No news in this rich family.
Amelia keeps working hard cause she means to inherit her father criminal empire. And apparently he's starting to take her in serious consideration.
Not that he has any other option, since Malcom Jr. left the house, the family and the career.

Tommy Crumplebottom

Julia is ready to go to college too!
So the spare room in her sisters house should be hers, shouldn't it?

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#23 Old 7th Dec 2021 at 3:16 PM

Paul (funky hair) & Fred (short hair) Crumplebottom celebrated their birthday, and became toddlers.
Twin toddlers usually give plenty of work, but if you add a bunch of cats to attend to you can expect a very busy life for Katie and Julien


You think the Kat house is crowded? Think twice
They were 8 humans plus 6 pets in the Mann/Moore household, and one dog gave birth to two puppies... so 8 plus 8! ^o^

Both Jay-Jay and Lilly got a promotion in their jobs, which is always nice.
But for Jay-Jay it's specially important that his family managed to have some savings (yeah, his mom's marriage was a blessing for him!) because now he can afford to go to college!
Ain't it cool? He's ready to move into a dorm, hoping to meet new people there.

And there was yet another celebration: the youngest siblings, Dennis (funky hair) & Dillan (short hair), are now toddlers too.
Yeah, there is gonna be plenty of work to do here too, even with Lilly's and Michael's help.


I'm loving this mod which limits promotions, but I wish it would allow promotions when a chance card say so. Cause chance cards can be that wild! :D

Anyway, the kids of the family are doing very well.
Joshua went on a date with Julia Crumplebottom - wait, wasn't he seeing Amelia lately? Oh, he's quite a naughty young man.
He's old enough to go to college, but he won't be living with Julia cause she'll be moving into the only spare room Veronica & Elias have.
So he'll have to move into a dorm. Same as (his secret half-brother) Jay-Jay. Amusing, isn't it?

Also Derek Cartwright grew up!
Now that he's an elder, it's time to decide whether he gives up the impossible task of getting promoted or remains in his current position to save up more money for the future...
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Lucien Crumplebottom

Ophelia and Jay-Jay went steady! And they are not shy to share it with their family and friends.
I'm afraid Ophelia will be a bit sad when Jay-Jay goes to college, cause she's too young to go too - and by the time she is old enough maybe he's found another love?



Both Henry and Malcom got promoted! They are now closer to their dream of becoming parents.
Maybe they should request a promotion before a day off... it's always nice having a day off to welcome your child home properly!

Mrs. Crumplebottom

Bertha is sick with the flu.
No evil-doing for a little while, she needs to rest


The Bachelors are definetely enjoying their time: They are rolling many wants related to their dog, and also to the beach.
Jasper even built a snow castle

Be like the 22nd elephant with heated value in space, bark!
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I'm enjoying reading about your sims, @Amura !

I will choose a path that's clear- I will choose free will
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