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#26 Old 8th Dec 2021 at 12:20 PM
Thank you very much, simsample <3

My stories are not very elaborated, but they are good enough to keep track of who dated who and who hates the guts of someone else :D
Other than that, I'm just following the premade storyline so the merit is not mine but LordCrumps'
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#27 Old 11th Dec 2021 at 8:59 AM

Julia Crumplebottom is now in college, and living with her sister Veronica and her fiance Elias Überleben.
Apparently they all get along very well, and they also passed their semesters. Julia chose her mayor: Drama.

Joshua Cartwright and Jay-Jay moved into the same dorm.
Seeing together they do look like twins (will they realize they are actual brothers?) so I decided to give them a little makeover which keeps the likeness but avoids me making mistakes - Joshua got a beard, and Jay-Jay stubble.

Joshua took advantage of living in a dorm and made some social life - but even so he also managed to get a better grade!
Life has been harder for Jay-Jay and he does not have as many academical advantages as Joshua, but he's doing fine so far.
I just wonder if any of the two will try (again) to win Julia's heart - or are they open to new loves?


Lady Gray reached the top of her career - and fulfilled her biggest dream! Now she may be ready to retire if she wishes to do so.
Jasper is not retiring yet because he wants to make sure Amelia keeps hold of the family "business".
Which may not take much longer because she's teen level 3 and about to grow up - nope, she's not going to college, what for if she's gotta rein on the Landgraab empire?

Tommy Crumplebottom

Nice day for this branch of the Crumplebottoms.
Sharla is becoming a friend of both the Bachelow twins - and right after Paul left her mom grew up!
Emily is now an elder, but I guess she's gonna keep spending her time painting - no need to retire from a fulfilling hobby!

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#28 Old 11th Dec 2021 at 6:41 PM

Julien & Katie are very dedicated parents <3
Taking care of their twins requires all of their time, which means their cats plates are empty more often that not... But fortunately never too long, and even the youngest kitties managed to grow up.


The situation in the neighbour house is pretty much the same - but with plenty of more people xD
Well, now that Jay-Jay is at college they have an spare bed... but it's still a lot of people and pets in a household.

Michael made a new friend at school - he's quite the social guy, isn't he?

And Maximilion is now a teenager too! His aspirations are Fortune/Romance and he dreams of earning TONS of money. No wonder, after living in near poverty as a kid.


Oh, I love it when visiting Sims add something to the storyline.
Ophelia Crumplebottom and hher townie friend Parker Bowles fell in love while they were visiting Jessica & May Cartwright.

Lucien Crumplebottom

Quite a familiar day for Lucien and Karen: some dancing, some piano concert, some helping the kids with their homework...

After falling in love with Parker, Ophelia was quite sure she wanted to go steady with him. Apparently he does not. OUCH.

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#29 Old 12th Dec 2021 at 9:43 AM

Felix tried to pay their bills, only to find they can't afford it!
Despite the solar energy (which reduces their bills) Felix salary is apparently not enough to cover the rest of the expenses
What are you gonna do, buddy You can't count on REDACTED to do anything about it!

Btw notice his forever-locked want: he dreams of being kissed, if only once in his life!
Aw, poor Felix, so much suffering for your father's madness. You had better run from here as Elias did.

Mrs. Crumplebottom

Mrs. Crumplebottom was sick, but a lot of rest did the miracle and she's now healthy. She had to skip work one day though, she hopes this won't damage her chances of a promotion in the near future. (Oh, that miraculous plant would be a dream come true!)
She later invited the two warlocks, in hope her friendship with them will eventually lead to owning a cauldron of her own... but they still rejected her demands!
Only one course of action is using her female attraction on that damn evil warlock, maybe if she seduces him he'll agree to sell her the damned objects for once ¬¬


Zoe sold a novel and earned a big chunk of money. Her hobbies are making her a profit!
Or maybe not that big, compared to the § 700k cash the family has... I think they should start investing, so their kids can live the same accomodated life as they do now.

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#30 Old 17th Dec 2021 at 6:09 PM

Elias, Veronica and Julia all did well in their exams.
Elias is entering his last semester, which means that if everything keeps going ok he'll soon become the first graduated of this hood.

In he dorm Jay-Jay and Joshua also passed their semesters.
And finally Jay-Jay decided to approach Julia She rejected him in high school (she had a crush on Joshua back then) but now that she's not attached to Joshua apparently Jay-Jay is the next best thing - they are so alike after all!
Joshua on the other hand prefers meeting other girls. That's college, you know.


Lady Gray decided to retire. She's old (and rich) enough to deserve resting!
And they celebrated it, and since they were at it they celebrated their anniversary. Ha, some people thought Malcom & Lady Gray would not last, but see, they are a very lasting couple.

Also young Amelia grew up into adulthood - and got a promotion!
She's only a driver, but soon enough she'll be in charge of her father's "business".


When you have toddlers, life is all about them. There is not even time to go pay the bills

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#31 Old 17th Dec 2021 at 10:48 PM

Twin toddlers here too - so Rebecca and Dobre don't have time for anything else. Fortunately the dogs take quite good care of themselves.

Teens are more interesting though.
Lily had a bad day - she was about to get fired (at least that's what I thought after reading the chance card) but only got demoted. Bad enough.
Michael was luckier, he was promoted. But failed in what matter to him the most: flirting! - townie named Faye Townsed rejected him.


Nothing much happened here.
They hired a maid, that's all.

Luien Crumplebottom

Ophelia woke up very very early, and decide to walk around the garden... when she saw an stray cat. She started playing with the cat, and ended up becoming friends.
When the same came up Ophelia was decided to adopt Jasper - must be some kind of joke on Jasper Bachelor! XD

Karen may never get promoted (she lacks the college degree for it) but at least her salary is being raised!

And finally back to Ophelia: she decided to go steady with townie Parker Bowles


Let's talk about Felix.
He just lost his job. The only money source for him and his father. And they are currently broke - I don't think they will have enough for the next bills!

He was quite depressed, so he invited a friend over - Sarah Sullivan, townie college student.
Of course she won't be allowed inside the house (cause, you know, REDACTED) but even so they were talking, one thing led to another... and they kissed!
It was Felix first kiss


Henry got another promotion. They are not rich, not at all, but they have saved some hundreds and feel confident they can support a child.
So now it's all about discussing when is the best moment to actually adopt one - maybe when one of them has a day off? Or better waiting until both of them have a day off?

Mrs. Crumplebottom

Warlocks are tough. They won't sell you a cauldron, not even if you sleep with them.
Bertha is starting to get mad at all this warlock nonsense!!!


Life as regular for the Bachelor family. Kids playing with the dog, Zoe watching movies and Jasper fooling around the house all day. Not much to see.
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#32 Old 28th Dec 2021 at 9:15 AM

In the students house everybody passed their exams, which means that Elias graduated (moved out to the main hood) and Veronica is about to start her last semester. She of course will be moving in with him as soon as she graduates-
Which means Julia will stay all alone, unless she finds new roommates - which should not be hard at all!

Actually Jay-Jay thought this was the perfect moment to propose to Julia
And why not? Move already to her students house, cause Veronica can sleep now in the single bed bedroom and Jay-Jay and Julia can use the double one!

Joshua does not care, he's happy for his friends. Also he enjoys the dorm life - and specially being with certain dormie

Elias Überleben

Elias knew he could not return to his father. While his relation with REDACTED has remained good, he just can't live like that anymore!
He needs his freedom, and even though he's got not much money he can afford an apartment.
He got himself a roommate, just to make sure he can pay his bills, and hopefully when Veronica moves in with him and both have jobs it will get much easier. Veronica was visiting and she did like the apartment btw ^_^


Amelia ot promoted to Bank Robber. That's such a big step.
Maybe it's time for Malcom to consider retirement?

Tommy Crumplebottom

Tommy and Emily invited their girls over. And of course, the new roommate - who happens to be Julia's fiance, but what makes you think they just invited them all because Tommy wanted to meet him and have a good ol' father talk?
Surely they just missed Veronica and Julia.


Taking care of toddlers is exhausting, even much more if they are twins. So Katie and Julien and specially happy to see Fred (in green) and Paul (in PJs) grow up!
Their house had only one bedroom but it was quite large so they decided it was time to remodel it into two bedrooms - and buy some bunk beds for the kids, they will surely enjoy them and they don't take up a lot of space.


Dobre and Rebecca know a thing or two about twin toddlers too. I guess Rebecca is more used to having children, but for Dobre it's so frustrating!
They did grow up too: Dennis did well, but Dillan - oh! - not so much...

On a side note, Lily is about to leave to college too. Definetely Rebecca's marriage with Dobre was a lifesaver for her older kids too!
And Maximilion is getting a job (in the Business career, no less!) to earn some extra money, cause that's the way Rebecca raised her kids.


Melissa Cartwright is an elder now. Time to think of retirement, perhaps? (I think she still has some PTO she wants to spend first...)

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#33 Old 29th Dec 2021 at 9:46 AM
Lucien Crumplebottom

You may be the mayor, you may write a masterpiece, but still your wife will scold you if you break the computer!

Their niece Julia was visiting, I guess she's introducing her fiance to the whole family? But apparently they can't keep their hands off each other

Also Oscar is ready to go to college too. He's starting to pack now, and will go to college right away.
Which means he's going with Lily Moore - and considering they had a fling in high school, this relationship looks quite promising!


Bills arrived... and they have no money to pay them!
REDACTED rules make it all quite hard for his son Felix... but at least he can count on Sarah to help him forget it all

REDACTED grew up. Now that he's an elder will he relax a bit... or is he gonna be worse than ever?
Anyway Felix got a new job - they really need it! - and since the best pay was in the Medicine career he chose that one. Even though he knows that there won't be many promotions there, due his lack of college degree.


Great news!
Malcom had just got a promotion, but Henry had such a huge surprise for him as he arrived from work: they adoption application was accepted! <3
Isn't it super exciting?

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#34 Old 30th Dec 2021 at 12:09 PM
Mrs. Crumplebottom

Just a lonely mean old woman. She did nothing much. No pics.


The kids were at school. Jasper was at work. And Zoe had all the time she needed to seduce the maid

Paul and Emma grew up!
Paul is a Pleasure Sim (oh, oh, someone's gonna be worth keeping the Bachelor surname?) and Emma is a Family Sim (which means her life may go in a completely different direction).

Jasper is not getting any younger himself, and since the much wanted promotion never arrives he decided it's a good time to retire and enjoy his wealthy house.
I'm sure Zoe won't be happy of seeing him so much around....


Lily Moore and Oscar Crumplebottom moved in the dorm in which Joshua Cartwright was living.
I was quite sure Lily and Oscar would soon become a couple again... but Lily and Joshua have three bolts and that is passion!

Jay-Jay is no longer in the dorm because he had moved to Julia's place - and they do enjoy doing things together!
But now that Veronica graduated (and she'll be moving back to the main hood and into Elias' apartment) they have an spare room and they could ask someone else to move in.
Who would they ask? Joshua is a great friend of both, but he's Julia's ex-boyfriend so it could be kinda weird. The other option is Jay-Jay's sister Lily. So that's it.

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#35 Old 7th Jan 2022 at 7:40 PM

Malcom finally retired. And of course he decided to spend his time doing something useful: conterfeiting money
Unfortunately he got caught. Which was a bit unrealistic tbh because he was hiding in a secret room nobody could see, and all the policeman could do was throwing a tantrum by the wall

Amelia asked her father some help to improve her skills, and she received some tought love.
Anyway she managed to get a promotion - but also returned home with a mysterious sickness which may mean taking some unexpected days off...

Tommy Crumplebottom

Sharla is now a beautiful teenager.
Pleasure + Fortune aspirations are an interesting combo, let's see what the future brings her.

Elias Überleben

Veronica moved into Elias' apartment, which they still share with a roomie.
Elias got a job in the Culinary career (his LTW) but he got demoted on his very first day. Veronica stayed home tinkering with the TV but she got electrocuted.
Certainly it would not have been a great day, but eveything was forgotten as soon as they decided to tie the knot

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#36 Old 8th Jan 2022 at 9:27 AM Last edited by Amura : 8th Jan 2022 at 9:59 AM.

Paul and Fred returned from school with two friends - the next door neighbours, Dennis and Dillan Mann! Of course, it makes sense that they all become friends.

When Dobre came to pick up his children (dinner time I suppose) Julien was already cooking their own dinner... but it seems like he got a bit distracted. Fortunately he had recently learned about fire safety!


Rebecca went back from work with a promotion... and a sickness >_<
Fortunately nothing some soup can't fix

Michael decided to go steady with his sweetheart, Jessica Cartwright.

And there is a (doggy) dog haunting the telescope! Maximilion even peed himself

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#37 Old 8th Jan 2022 at 11:39 AM

Jessica and May brought some friends from school. But apparently Ophelia Crumplebottom does not get along very well with her young cousing Sharla
They even got to the point of fighting each other! (That's not proper behaviour for members of such a good family, young ladies.)

Melissa got a promotion! That's extra money, which is quite good for a family trying to live like the really wealthy but depending only on their salaries.
(I suppose the Cartwright are "new" money?)


Welcome to

Last but not least, Jessica is old enough to go to college but since she's got a decent position in the Gamer career (her LTW) she decided she's not going.
Will she move out of her parents house or stay with them and save up some money?

Lucien Crumplebottom

Nothing relevant happened here.


Felix day did not begin very well - he got demoted!
Fortunately the salary was still enough to pay the bills, but now they only have §1 left

What would cheer him up? Inviting Sarah over, of course.
Things between them got serious and although Felix would like to see himself as a Don Lothario he decided to settle for having an steady relationship - he proposed!
This made REDACTED very happy, but Felix himself is having so many second thoughts v_v


The Parkers finally adopted a child. His name is Peyton, and there is something I love about him joining this hood: his skin color.
While this hood is great, I was really missing having more genetic variety. So this is something to celebrate

Mrs. Crumplebottom

Nothing remarkable here either.

And now... Time to install the Loads O' Laundry mod
How harder is this going to be from now on?
And, oh, I may need newer buildings!!! Time to work!
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#38 Old 13th Jan 2022 at 10:28 AM
So I installed the Loads O' Laundry mod. I think I'm gonna need some mayor changes in some of the houses
But I also decided to get a different look for my game. I tried the Starship UI but I was quite uncomfortable with it, so I changed to the Clean UI which after a bit of playing seems gentler on my eyes,
Anyway. let's talk about my Sims!


Jay-Jay Moore proposed his sister Lily to move in with him and Julia... but she rejected it!
Of course, she wants to stay in the dorm with her boyfriend Joshua Cartwright

So they still have an empty room, which Julia offered to no other than Joshua!
Poor Lily, her plan backfired

Why not throw a party?
That was very fun... but maybe inviting Amelia Landgraab (who is sick) was not the best idea... Joshua, and then Julia, and then Jay-Jay all got sick too.

Fortunately Jay-Jay has learned a few trips from Rebecca, including her famous soup, and they are gonna feel much better soon enough.
Not so fortunately, Julia and Joshua were still unwell by the time they had to go to their finals... and they failed the semester

Lily stayed in the dorm with Oscar Crumplebottom, and his sister Ophelia joined them.
Both Oscar and Ophelia decided to socialize with fellow dormies.

And Lily, who misses Joshua dearly, decided she wanted to keep him as close to her as she can - and proposed!
Maybe she should reconsider moving with her brother, and both couples living together in the rental house? They could even consider getting a bigger house!


Back in the main hood, Amelia Landgraab remains sick. She asked for a day off, which is probably all that she can afford without risking her position, so hopefully she recovers soon enough.

No pics, but due the reset Malcom and Lady Gray felt like a lot of whoohooing so they've been frolicking all the day long

Tommy Crumplebottom

Sharla Crumplebottom invited her friends Paul and Emma Bachelor... and actually decided to ask Paul out.
It was an awesome date, including their first kiss and falling in love with each other

I usually don't leave my Sims idle very much, but sometimes they are so cute, like Emily taking a "picture" of Sharla playing childlish-ly with Paul. Lovely.

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#39 Old 15th Jan 2022 at 8:19 AM
Elias Überleben

Veronica got sick too, but she can do proper rest (currently unemployed yet) and eat some good-for-the-tummy soup she'll probably be ok in no time.

Elias had a roommate, but he no longer appears as such in the menu - I guess because of the reset.
Story wise I would say Elias kicked him out because they are planning on having a baby, so they'll need the extra room. And no, definetely townie Paker Bowls nagging about daytime telescome was not the reason. Or maybe it was?


I've been adding hampers and a washing machine and clotheslines to my Sims houses, although most of them haven't used them yet.
Small apartments (such as Elias') are quite challenging, but this house was rather easy because they had built a little house for the cats. That was the perfect place for a washing machine imho!
Ghostly pets don't agree about laundry though


This overpopulated house had some issues with so many clothes on the floor, and they finally decided it was time to keep the dogs out of the house. For (my) sanity,

Maximilion thought that since Michael is dating Jessica Cartwright, it would be a lot of fun going steady with her younger sister May. Apparently she disagrees

Know what? Rebecca is pregnant again!! Apparently six kids are not enough for her This means Dobre will be in charge of more house chores than ever - although he was usually the one in charge, since he was unemployed.

Michael was demoted.
He was decided to not go to college, since he had a nice job already, but maybe now he's reconsidering...

Since May was not so invested in him, Maximilion decided to ask Emma Bachelor out. Score! He even gave her his first kiss


Jessica enjoys the Gamer career so she found no reason to go to college.
She has just grown up... but she does not feel like leaving the family house just yet. It's way cheaper than any rent!

Lucien Crumplebottom

There was a fire outside, so the gardener and Elias (who was visiting with wife Veronica) were freaking out, but it got extinguished with the rain. But Lucien and Karen remained calm as ever.

I also learned that Sims generate laundry piles when they get in the zone - and again when they get out of the zone!
Maybe that's the reason why this small family have enough dirty clothes for laundry already - but the washing machine broke!! They are waiting for the repair person until tomorrow morning.

Also Karen felt very out of shape and she decided it was time to do some exercice. Bought one bulky artifact for the bedroom, which apparently she's enjoyt so much

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#40 Old 17th Jan 2022 at 5:56 PM

OK, so I expected Felix to marry his fiancé, but I realized that since I have her in a dorm (I don't play those townies, it's just for syncing) they can't marry yet. Ooops.
In the meantime he helped with the gardening (he's interested in nature after all) and learned a thing or two. Good for him.

I'll get things sorted out and he'll be married soon enough. That's what REDACTED wants after all - and Felix never says him no.


Henry and Malcom spend as much time as possible with young Peyton because they want their bond to grow stronger. It's a cute family!

Mrs. Crumplebottom

One day more. And still no cowplant. Dammit.


Zoe invited the maid over - she's into a relationship with him - but was careful enough to not be caught!
Then she left to work, and that also turned out great - she got a promotion. Isn't she lucky?

Emma also wants to find love, and since Maximilion was interested in her... well, it was easy to figure what was going to happen between them.

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#41 Old 25th Jan 2022 at 1:11 PM

Both Joshua and Julia passed their final exames, and now they are senior students.
Jay-Jay on the other hand... did not

In the dorm, Oscar, Lily and Ophelia all got top scores! Good for you!
Lily also decided to major in Literature.


Amelia rested a lot, which was obviously the best idea - she recovered and went to work in the best condition, ready to get a promotion!

Even after Malcom and Lady Gray's retirement, they are still a wealthy family so... why not hire a butler to collect all the dirty clothes they leave all around the house?

Tommy Crumplebottom

Now that her kids have grown up, Emily has found the time to write a novel - and it's been quite sucessful!

Sharla went again on a date with Paul Bachelor. Something they have in common? They both hate Maximilion Moore.

Elias Überleben

My Sims find laundry fascinating. Wait, maybe it's me, not them
Anyway Elias got a promotion, so let's see if they can start saving up for a new place!


What an exciting day!
First one of their cats got pregnant (and later gave birth to a couple of kitten!), which is always great news in this household.
Then Katie suffered a near-to-death experience, but fortunately everything was ok after a good bubble bath

Btw I was told here about a pet-pregnancy mod that I'm gonna look into for the next rotation


More births here, but in this case they are humans! Rebecca had two baby boys, named Gunn and Joe Mann.
This is a lot of children already!

Her kids are growing up, and while Michael is about to go to college (right into the dorm or with his older siblings?) Maximilion is enjoying himself - and dating another girl, townie Faye Townsend.
Is this girl special for him? She must be, cause he even decided to go steady with her!


May got a job in her dreamt career (adventurer) and she really does not need a degree for it, so she thinks she's better of not going to college at all.
Look at Jessica, she did the same and she's doing well - just got a promotion!
Yeah, yeah, she still lives at her parents home, but that's temporal, you know?

Lucien Crumplebottom

Lucien is not getting any younger - time to think about retirement?
Soon enough, but just not yet, there are some days off to enjoy


Felix thought this was going to be a grand day.
First he got a promotion (yay for a bonus!) and then he married Sarah Sullivan, who brought §17k to the family!
That's a lot of money, which REDACTED convinced them to spend in more solar panels so they don't depend on the evil electrical companies.

Everything was PERFECT.
But his new job was challenging and a false step led him to being fired!
Let's hope those panels and their vegetable garden are actually enough to maintain a family of three!


Henry got a promotion, but what's better is that he and Malcom have finally won little Peyton's deepest affections <3


Is young Paul faithful to girlfriend Sharla? Short answer: NOPE.
He is definetely a Bachelor, real heir of the family name.
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