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Default Show the name corresponding to GUID
Years ago my SimPE used to show me the name of the object corresponding to the GUID in instructions for "Test Object Type" and "Create Object Instance" and maybe others. Now it doesn't. I don't remember doing anything special for this to happen. I guess it has to build a kind of reverse lookup table. Sometimes I forget what the hexadecimal numbers for some memory token mean.

Also, is there a way to speed up loading of Objects.package? When it has to read the compressed names to sort alphabetically. I guess there isn't. But it occurs to me that the program is doing the exact same heavy process on the same unchanging files on every startup.

I switched form time-tested 0.66 to 0.73 QA. The later takes much longer to load, but doesn't show me anything more, except a few stuff packs in Object Browser.
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It will show the items if they are in the PJSE GUID index. If you haven't built the index then it obviously won't show any of them.
To build the index, in the behaviour editor open the Special Buttons panel and select the GUIDs button, then create the default index, saved to the default location (so SimPE will find it when it starts).
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Thank you. It was before my eyes the whole time.
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