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Making social interactions results change based on target sims trait

I'm wanting to make some social interactions for a mod that have a different result based on the target sims trait.

For example, in the woohoo and wellness pregnancy overhaul mod when you tell the target sim they fathered your child their reaction will be good if they have the "would be happy to have a child" trait or it will be a negative interaction if they have the "would not be happy to have a child" trait.

I hope that makes sense!

Also, I have been using Mod construction and Sims 4 studio to create my mod! :p
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#2 Old 26th Jan 2022 at 2:41 AM
Your interaction needs to have a tested outcome then, and in the tested outcomes you need to test for the individual traits. I believe MC4 has an option to select different outcomes but I'm not sure how robust it is. Example from: mixer_social_ComplainAboutLackofLoveLife_Targeted_Friendly_AlwaysOn_Jealous_Trait

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