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Default Merge recolor items = 1 single package with all swatches?
Hi, I can't found an answer to this question - the only answer found doesn't work anymore . I have lots of items with many many recolors. I want to merge them all, so I end up with only one package. But I don't want to get a merged package wich only has all other packages in it. I want a single package, where all swatches from the recolors are merged. Is there any way, to get this? Please help, I try to find a solution for weeks now.
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Do the recolors already show up on the object in-game, you just want a single package that's not merged? If so, use the merge feature of S4S, then open the newly merged package and delete the S4S Merged Package Manifest. This will make it one package without worrying about unmerging. An alternative but longer and harder way to do it would be to go to the Warehouse tab of each package, select all the files, then click "Batch Export" to export them all to a folder. When done, open the main package they need to be in, go to the Warehouse, then click "Batch Import" and select all the files you previously exported.

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Thank you MizoreYukii! Thank you so much!! That was exact what I'm looking for.
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