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I started to play Sims 2 in 2009 and my playstyle was till I was an adult basically the same... Till I was a Teen I didn't even knew that CC existed so all sims mostly had the same hairstyles in different colors cause the most are ugly... I always created a married couple which were, in my child age, characters from winx club and later OCs which had different colors... I liked to make color themed children (Which I still do) and I always let them get as many kids as they could... till I was bored (Which mostly was around the time the first baby became a teen) and started a new hood.. and I did the exact same again... and again... and again with a little bit of difference but basically the same... Or I killed them all with cheats... Now I try to make everything prettier and have more varity in Households where some even look more normal... Or do something in kind of fantasy... and of course with alot of mods and CC now... couldnt play without that anymore.. Sims 2 is pretty ugly (Except the clothes... I still use them)
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The biggest change has to be the shift from playing one family, almost entirely on the home lot, to playing an entire town in rotation and sending my sims out into the community every chance I can.

I'm much more invested in the neighborhood and created rules and a tax system--I know that's standard for a lot of Simmers but it's new to me only in the last couple of years. I have a few favorite Sims that I like to play but the neighborhood itself has become my main joy. I like to see my Sims living out their lives in the town I've been building. I used to build massive home lots and put absolutely anything my sims could want or need on them. Including skating rinks and bowling alleys! It was to avoid loading screens and an attempt to spend the family fortune.

Now I prefer more modest home lots, use taxes to drain the family funds and send my Sims into town even for the things they could do from home. I still only play the Sims off and on (more off than on at this point) but when I get the urge to play I actually play instead of loading the game, looking around and exiting right back out again.
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#28 Old 10th Jun 2022 at 11:40 PM
I've only changed again recently in updating my Mods and CC and in expanding on the collection of hacked objects though I still like the idea of starting my towns out as simply and basic as possible with only one couple and the one community lot and both lots are the largest EA lot size in the game.I add other couples slowly and start growing the town and watch it evolve from a small farming settlement or colonial settlement in the 16th or 17th century into a modern town in the present day period.
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Been playing since 2009, I've only just now started getting into building! I used to just plop my sims down in a random Maxis house and hardly decorate lol. Now all I want to do is build lots. I've downloaded a bunch of build mode CC. It's funny because I always tell my partner that I don't care for building in any of the sims games (they're the one into building) but it's like a switch flipped in me or something. And I'm playing with businesses more!

Also, wowzers, I used to play traditional rotations but the story progression mod has been such a lifesaver.

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I've changed up my style in this last iteration of Strangetown. I like to play rotationally but this time I have limited myself to only 5 households (one per family) plus university. Before I would lose interest because all my Sims would start to seem the same and rounds would take so long. But this way I can really focus on the unique personalities and wants of each of the main Sims. My rule is to follow the first child in each family who starts their own household (usually the eldest child). I also recently decided that I want to see how the genetics evolve, so I'm not going to follow adopted children either, only biological ones. I let the unplayed ones move back in with their parents or move downtown and just pretend they have their own lives going on. Limiting the household number has also really helped with curtailing overpopulation and too much intermarriage.

I also do not (in most cases) let my Sims inherit from their parents. I like to see them start out with nothing (since I have the no 20K handout mod) and what they build up to over time. The elders get to stay in their houses when their children move out, and I have a dice-rolling system for determining when unplayed Sims age up and die.

I've also changed how I assign aspirations. I've tried all sorts of systems--zodiac-based, interests-based, dice rolling. But I never get a good mix of aspirations. Now I just rotate around in order and I've found that works surprisingly well and often makes sense for the Sim and the family. So the first Sim to grow up is Fortune, the next is Knowledge, and so on. My only rule is that an oldest child cannot be Pleasure. I don't mind having a Pleasure Sim in the house but they don't have enough big goals to be a main character. I also have a rule that if their aspiration is in the red when they become a junior in college, they can change it--presumably because they aren't happy with how their lives are going and want to remake themselves. That's only happened twice so far. And if they get resurrected, they have to take the "opposite" aspiration as a result.
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I'm about to change hown my lifetime wants are assigned to my sims with a new upload from here.I hated how the game would just randomely assign something and it might not even be doable for my sims if it's a new town being settled as they wouldn' be taking any regular jobs if they're the first settlers to arrive and stake a homestead claim in the area.
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When I started playing TS2 I didn't pay attention to wants/fears and had Sims do whatever they "needed" to do for career progression and getting married, even if they didn't want to do it. Of course I wondered why they would go into those breakdowns they do every so often and miss carpools and school buses. Later came across a gameplay guide that explained the mood meter and that fulfilling their wants puts them in a better mood and their future wants can be shaped by what wants are fulfilled. I also used to go crazy with couples and married Sims with "try for baby" and the "forcetwins" cheat (that got crazy, fast!). Also made many Sims in Create a Sim very often, to the point where I'd plop down a lot, place a counter and a phone on it, move a family in to get them out of the bin and never get around to playing them.

These days I try to see what makes them happy while mixing things up a bit. I don't "force" them to go for career progression as much as I have nor do they always go into whatever their lifetime want is. I'll keep Sims single if they aren't interested in anyone. Sims who get married don't have as many children and/or drink Elixir and have children across time versus one/two-right-after-another. I don't make as many Sims in Create a Sim as I used to and create far more single Sims instead of complete families out of the gate. I'll break up ones that no longer seem to enjoy being with each other. And I've more recently started having "washed up" Sims.
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I used to play a bunch of hoods; now I make a hood (with lots of story line) create sims and play that hood for months. By then I've forgotten what was going on in other hoods & lost interest in them. Two of those hoods require their own set of CC - like Veronaville. I have 3 mid-century modern hoods - my fav for building and decorating. And two fantasy/alien hoods (which Strangetown has become - all the "humans" have been eliminated. But a lot of their decendents are producing human looking babies - which I got tired of adopting out. Only the hood stuck in the 60's gets "pretty" people; in the alien hoods "pretty" Sims don't get to breed!

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From plenty of non-maxis' match items mixed with maxis' match items, numerous very high poly potato items that the game cannot handle to this style, non playable interior fulled cluttered
to maxis match and very close style, clean interior, low/medium polycount, less cc but Happiness.
Except for the hairstyles that I don't find the simgaroop/remi recolours and none of them exceed 20.000 poly.
And two or three clothing items non maxis match that are low to medium polycount too but no more photoskinning yeerk , they are too much fake clothes and so disgusting.
Rare accessories.
Skintones , eyes and makeup are not maxis match but they are not a harm for the game.

I wish to have a better area but I cannot, my game boom crash so no edit the world clutter either neighbohood objects I am very sad .

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