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Default :: Under the rainbow ::
Setting up a new neighbourhood
I'm gonna bring back the original idea behind my Beehaven, tweak it a little bit and start all over again :D

Again this is a matriarchal society.

To make it more interesting I'm gonna use two mods by Midge the Tree:
1 - Death by childbirth: 10% chance of dying right after giving birth, so it's likely some families will lose their main provider!
2 - Townies and NPCs are all female. Which makes sense since women are the ones taking jobs, right?
Also gives the widowers a fair chance to find another partner 8D
(I ended up removing it before it conflicted with other stuff.)

I'm gonna use (again) one of these unnatural skins. This time my choice is Lavender.
As I had planned the first time, I'll try to add more colors after some events - until I get a rainbow of skins! :D
I have townified them, so some townies will spawn with them. (Not a lot though, cause I have three extra natural skin colors, so it's a 1/9 chance of spawning with the lavender one to begin with.)

What about the families and their stories?
There are three new families setting up in the neighbourhood, all of them come from different regions and have no acquitances:

- Sienna Lavish (Fortune) and her husband Johann (Family) have three children: Thibaud (teen, Popularity), Adrien (child) and Lucas (toddler).
They don't have any daughter, and Sienna's clock is ticking!

- Adam Lavard (Pleasure) is a widower, and accompanies his only daughter Ann-Marie (teen, Fortune).
Will she be able to go to college or must she stay at home to provide for his faher?

- Fred Lavigne (Family) is also a widower, and lives with his son Lionel (teen, Knowledge) and his daughter Rebecca (child).
He wishes to meet some nice lady to marry, for the sake of his children.

And that's all about the playables, because I enjoy starting small.
Now I must arrange some housing, but I want to make sure the houses have room for a washing machine - yes, I'm enjoying Sun & Moon's Laundry Mod!
So hopefully I'll soon be able to start playing it
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Default Rotation #1
Things did not start exactly smoothly...

I had some computer issues, so I ended up recovering Windows. Which meant reinstalling UC.
I had made a back-up of the hood - although I had not played it yet - and my downloads - but I decided to leave some out and test how I feel without certain mods.
Anyway apparently I did something wrong because I have a bunch of townies whose faces I recognize... That's not what I was planning!
It does not bother me too much, but it's a pity because none of them have - obviously - the lavender skin
Maybe it's for good? Well, we'll see.

Anyway I only made three houses for this hood, and they are actually Maxis houses updated for laundry and with basic fixtures.
But that's enough to get started and I wanted to start playing asap!

So the Lavish moved into the best they could afford, met some townies... and Sienna is already pregnant
Johann is a Family Sim and I've selected the twins trait, so there is a chance they have twins!

Then I moved in the Lavard family, who got the most basic house because that's the best they could afford.
Adam's LTW is having dream dates, which hopefully brings some romantic situations - so far he has met the matchmaker and also Sienna, who is already obviously pregnant and not interested in meeting more men.
Ann-Marie already accepted a job, because they really don't have any funds. Tomorrow will be her first day at work.

Finally the Lavigne family arrived.
Fred is a Family Sim and wants to meet another single woman, but was not lucky so far. At least he's a great parent!

I'm having image issues again?
Or did I do something wrong >
Attached Images
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Default Rotation #2
Know what?
I decided I could easily have a bunch of Lavender colored townies. Changed their skintone in SimPE and done.
Only to a few ones though, just to make sure I would keep the expected ratio as if they had spawned randomly.

It did not take long btw before they pop up. Andrew Lavish ran to greet this girl he had never seen before!
Maybe with time they will become friends.

Sienna got a job in the Science career, which is not her favourite, but she thought it was a good idea getting a job before the baby was born.
But Johann seems more distressed about the laundry than about the birth itself

They had a lavender baby girl, and her name is Heidi.

A toddler and a baby are a lot of work, and both Johann and Sienna are exhausted, but fortunately they can count on Thibaud to help with Lucas. He even potty trained him!

Not a lot going on with the Lavard family.
Ann-Marie went to classes and later to work.
Adam met another female neighbour, which would be a suitable romantic interest if they get along...

Fred Lavigne also met a female townie whose company he enjoys. He even asked her out - but I'm afraid it was too soon and he seemed desperate
Maybe improve their relation and try again later?

Luckily for him, Lionel and Rebecca do very well on their on and he could spend his time socializing.

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Default Rotation #3
Babies and toddlers are a lot of work, and Thibaud is helping at home... instead of doing his homework
Just as Johann feared, that meant Thibaud's grades are a bit too low.
And his social life isn't great either: he met a townie girl but their relation started on the wrong foot! Negative!

Heidi grew up - I love how her orange dress looks on her!
And Lucas grew up too, and I think this is the very first time I think the pirate outfit is fitting too.

Johann does most of the work around the house, but Sienna does kick in when needed.
And she's ready to get to work - they money will be more than welcome, and they should start saving because a two bedroom house is a bit tight for a family of six.

The Lavard family depends on Ann-Marie's tiny salary, so it's very imporant that she does not lose it!
Adam decided to help her with her homework, just in case.

There are homework issues in the Lavigne family too

But even so Fred found some time to keep improving his relation with Ivy Copur - he even dared get a bit flirty!

If he thought homemade meals were a means of seduction, he really did it all wrong
But the firefighter was a very nice lady, so maybe it was not that bad after all
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Default Rotation #4
So the Lavish family has a lot on their plate, and when something broke Johann decided to phone a repairman.
Who is a man btw. I kinda expected a female one, since I'm using that mod by midge... Well, whatever.

Thibaud is doing very bad in school (he helps at home instead of doing his homework), Adrien and Lucas not so bad. And Lucas is already making friends!

Sienna got a promotion!
The bonus is more than welcome, they really really need to save up for a larger house.

Money is a bit tighter for the Lavard family. They do have enough to pay current bills... but will they have for next week's?

Ann-Marie is also doing bad in school... but at least she's doing great at work and managed a promotion.

Adam worries about a completely different kind of things.
He had a date with townie Christy Stratton. It turned out quite well, having in mind that they hardly knew each other before this date.
Far from a dream date, which is Adam's LTW - but it's just a matter of keep trying

In the Lavigne household it's Lionel the one doing well at school, while young Rebecca needs some more help. Daddy should see to it of course!

He also tried to make some advance in his relation with townie Ivy Copur, but it turned sour

He met this other girl, Melissa Fancey , and invited her for dinner. Why not? If Ivy rejects him it makes sense that he tries to meet other women...

And Lionel also earned some money unexpectedly! At this point in the game, §500 is a lot of money!
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Default Rotation #5
Sienna had the day off, and she spent it around the house helping a bit.
Heidi learned to walk with her mommy <3 and later was potty trained by daddy <3

Thibaud keeps doing horrible at school, but instead of worrying about homework he invited over a girl he actually dislikes

Adam Lavard wanted to ask Christy Stratton out again, and although she was not home he was happy enough to have received a lovely letter from her
He called later - and of course she did accept a new date!

Ann-Marie returned home quite happy because she got a promotion, but when she arrived and saw Adam flirting with Christy she felt like puking. Does she think Christy would replace her deceased mother?

Adam seemed oblivious to his daughter opinion. He really really had a great time

Fred Lavigne seems to have a better connection with Melissa Fancey, and she seems very kind to him.
He behaved a bit flirty and she did not get angry, so that's a good start - but Fred does wants to re-marry so he's hoping this leads somewhere!

Rebecca keeps getting bad grades, she should not procrastinate!
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Default Rotation #6
Hehe, it's funny the things to which one pays attention when her Sims are poor. The Lavish had to replenish their fridge - and that's a lot of money for these families which are just starting!
Other than that, Sienna focused on her improvement (looking forward a promotion!) and Johann on the children (although Heidi was not interested at all in learning how to talk ).

Heidi grew up, which is gonna make Johann's life so much relaxed. Adrien also grew up and so did his friend Chloe Gonzaga... and because he's a Pleasure Sim, it did not take long before he showed interest in her

Adam Lavard relation with Christy goes ahead, and it seems like it's getting serious. They had a great date - but Adam wishes it were a "dream" date!

Fred Lavigne also wants to find love, but he's having it a bit harder... Although he gets along with Melissa real well, he does hesitate to move onto more romantic interactions.

Rebecca has grown up! She got some matching makeup but even without it she looks beautiful ^-^
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Default Rotation #7
Adrien did not waste any time with Chloe - they have been friend most of their childhood, now they are really intimates

Thibaud has not been so lucky, but at least he managed to get daddy to help with the homework. He really needed it!

And Sienna got a promotion! Yay, extra money! (Apparently she decided to spend part of the bonus in groceries :D)

Adam Lavard asked Christy out again - and this time, yeah, the date was a dream date!
Also they both rolled a want to get engaged and I decided to lock it. So maybe soon enough there will be a proposal? It's not so much Adam's style, but Christy is a Family Sim after all...

Rebecca Lavigne is now old enough to get a job... but her cualifications are not good at all. Nope, with a D- you can't get any job. So work harder on your school homework!

Fred seems unable to find love. Things seemed to be great with Melissa but... she plain rejected a simple kiss!!
He's focusing on the house chores because that's the only thing that's turning out well for him, poor Fred.

In the Lionel is the one who - unexpectedly - keeps earning some money to keep the family from poverty.
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Default Rotation #8
Another week begins!

Adrien Lavish brought someone from school - Rebecca Lavigne. Finally these families start to interact more!

Adrien himself is not romantically interested in Rebecca, he prefers Chloe's company, but Thibaud was glad to make new friends.

Adam Lavard does not love house chores (he'd rather be dating Christy!) but he's got to get used to it, since Ann-Marie has decided to go to college.
Oh, well, he found the time to date Christy anyway

Rebecca Lavigne's grades improved. Well, not a lot, but at least enough to apply to a job! She did not love any of the positions the newspaper offered, but she took the job in the Dance career.
They do need the money, since the fridge run out of food and they had to buy more!

Ann-Marie Lavard is the first college student of this hood. At first she was unsure (she was level 3 in her LTW career, and that's a great start) but she rolled both a want and a fear related to college, so se decided she should not miss this opportunity, And she did certainly very well.

There was something strange though. The empty college was attached, and dormies and professors created. They were all female indeed, as per midgethetree's mod.
But I had added several colorful skins and all of those Sims had natural colors. And not only that, but also they were so many teachers! (I did not remember it was like that in a vanilla game...)
According to HCDU there is no likely conflict, but it's suspicious so I'm just gonna remove midge's mod just in case...
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Default Rotation #9
Sienna Lavish got another promotion - bonus money, yay!

Lucas grew up, he's a young Knowledge Sim.
Thibaud grew up too, into adulthood (and his townie friend too) which means that now he's an eligible bachelor.

Adrien and Chloe did fall in love in a wondeful date

Adam Lavard now lives alone, since Ann-Marie went to college.
Bills arrived but he still has money to pay them, so he can spend his time dating Christy

Lionel Lavigne grew up too (he's the same age as Thibaud and Ann-Marie) but he was extremely disappointed in not going to college...

The one earning a salary is young Rebecca, who luckily got a promotion, but Lionel also tries to help by finding some new stars.

Ann-Marie Lavard did great this semester, and managed to earn some more pocket cash.

Btw indeed it was midge's mod the one conflicting with the custom skins!
Because I only removed it, and in this rotation only two professors were created (instead of a bunch of them) and one of them has an unnatural skin.
(Considering his surname, I'm just glad his skin is not orange )
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Default Rotation #10
Adrien Lavish realized there are more fishes in the sea!
He's deeply in love with Chloe but that does not mean he can't date Rebecca Lavigne, does it?
They had fun, but Adrien is used to being very intimate with Chloe and that's not working with Rebecca - she rejected his kiss. She's more into innocent fun, such as gaming together.
Will Adrien choose Chloe over her for that reason or will he keep trying to have 2 loves?

He's not the only one playing that kind of games though.
Christy was at work, so Adam Lavard thought "Why not ask out Melissa Fancey?" - And he did. A dream date btw.

Because he's such a social guy he's been greeting passer-bys. And apparently Melissa and Ivy do not get along. At all!

He should definetely feel guilty. He's cheating on Christy and she's such a kind woman - she even left a (very valuable) gift at his door!
But do you know what's he thinking? That since that sculpture is worth so much money, he could sell it and afford living alone - no strings attached - until Ann-Marie returns from college!

Young Rebecca Lavigne is - finally - doing well in school, and also got a nice promotion. They can indeed afford some grocery shopping

In the meantime Fred keeps searching for true love.
He has befriended Sandy Bruty, who seems to like him. For reasons I don't understand she does not like Adam Lavard (who was visiting) so much...

Adam had come with Melissa, whom Fred has known and liked for long.
She rejected him once... but why not try again? And he did. Because he had no idea Adam had tried to seduce her too... Which means fury! Slappy! Stars floating around the head! XD

After kindly suggesting Adam to leave the house, because it's completely inappropiate slapping other people's guests, Fred and Melissa did some talking.
"Fred is the sweetest guy, isn't he?" And they kissed

In college Ann-Marie Lavard lives a simple life, dedicated to trying to get the best grades possible.
She does not do much socializing, other than the bare minimum at the dorm.
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Default Rotation #11
Day off = Lots of playing

Well, as usual the rotation begins with the Lavish family.
At this point in the game most of my Sims want to socialize so they greet pretty much every passer by. So by the hour Adrien got up the house was full.
Missing a day of school is gonna harm your grades, Adrien!

Maybe he's the one who would need tutoring from Thibaud, instead of Lucas!

The Lavish did not care much about the bills, but Adam Lavard does. He doesn't have much money, and Ann-Marie will be away at college for a while...
He decided not to pay them yet, in case he needs the little cash on hand to set a flea market (because, you know, cash register costs money.)
He wanted to have a date, and as usual Christy is at work... so he asked Marisa Bendett instead. But it was a very dull date, with no spark whatsoever.

He ended up asking Christy out in the afternoon, and did not even care to dismiss Marisa before he did - because Marisa did not care either.
But out of pure coincidence Melissa Fancey was walking by... and she did not like seeing Adam and Christy kissing! DRAMA, DRAMA!!

Christy did not think anything of that slapping (she already thinks Melissa is awful) and the date was great as usual.

The TV at the Lavigne house needed repair. Fred found it shockingly difficult so Lionel tried to help... with the same result

After so many trouble Fred just wanted to improve his relation with Melissa. Whose butt Christy kicked really well btw.
I suppose both Fred and Melissa having wounds to cure united them

Ann-Marie keeps focused on her studies, and passed two semesters more.
Also she decided to hire a maid - and she'll be the first one in this hood to do so! - because cleaning the whole dorm would be too much work to do while studying,
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Default Rotation #12
Wow. What a rotation! So much has happened!

The day began happily at the Lavish household, with Thibauld asking out Belia Rogers. They really had a great time!

Adrien also keeps interested in romance - his advances with Rebecca are obvious.

Sienna grew up - our first elder! And her friend Marisa Bendett grew up with her.
And hers was not the only birthday: Heidi is a teenager (a surprisingly beautiful one!) and her friend Martha Bruenig grew up with her.

And then, so unexpectedly, the day turned out to be the worst possible.
Johann was trying to repair the computer... and he was electrocuted to death
His family is devastated, of course, because he was so young and his death was so silly. They could have phoned a repairman - and Sienna did so now, not going to risk anybody else's life to save some pennies.

Adam Lavard asked out Sienna's friend Marisa Bendett, and they had a great time.

But that date did not stop him from asking Christy out again in the afternoon... and it was such a crazy date!
Their wants were kinda stuck, the situation was not improved, and Adam ended up doing something stupid: he proposed. He who hates commitment proposed. Such a fool!
Ha was not counting on Christy being a Family Sim, and a very persistent one. "We are not getting any younger, Adam. Let's marry right away!"
And they did.

So Christy moved in. She brought §9k with her, which is a nice amount for such poor families as there, and now she wants to have children. (Her LTW is having 6 grandchildren.)
And know what? She's already pregnant

Fred Lavigne asked out Melissa again. And went out to pick up the garbage (annoyingly Adam kicked it, and stole the newspaper!) when he noticed roaches!!! Arrgh, let's phone the exterminator, better not deal with them personally. What a way to start a date :/
But other than that, the date was terrific.

And because Fred is looking forward stability he decided to propose. And Melissa accepted - but I'm afraid she's not so sure about her feelings...

College goes as usual for Ann-Marie. Well, she got a maid, but that's it.
Great scores are getting harder but that's just natural. And she's a senior now, so she'll soon graduate and return to the main hood. To daddy and Christy's house? Or to begin her own lineage?
Time will tell.
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Default Rotation #13
Love is in the air... everywhere I look around!

It may not seem so, but Thibaud and Belia Rogers fell in love. What do you think, should he propose to marry her and leave the family house to start another legacy?
Adrien also fell in love with Rebecca Lavigne - his second love - at the same time Lucas was dating Meadow Thayer and Heidi was dating Alon Livingston.

So much dating made it hard to play, but all the dates turned out well so I guess it was worth it.

Later that day Heidi meant to get a job but apparently her grades are not good enough. You should study more, Heidi!

Adam and Christy's baby was born. It's a girl and her name is Darleen Stratton.
Being a female she'll eventually inherit her mother's house, so... where does this leave Adam's daughter Ann-Marie? Oh, oh.

Fred Lavigne finally got married to Melissa Fancey!

She's a Romance Sim and she wants to have many simultaneous lovers, so this may be a problem... but so far all is good.
So good that Melissa is already pregnant, and Fred will be an elder parent.

No news in college. Ann-Marie passed another semester and is about to start her last one.
Already worrying about what she'll do after graduating... She can't return to his father, but she can't afford buying her own house. That's quite a problem.
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Default Rotation #14
Now that Johann is no longer with them, it's just natural that Sienna bonds with her children.

Heidi's interest in Alon Livingston has not faded, and actually he fell in love with her.

But that's far from being the event of the day! Because... Thibaud proposed to Belia Rogers!
Of course he's tired of living in such a tiny house with a large family, no surprise he wants to start a family of his own.

Christy Stratton wants to have more children (actually she wants to have many grandchildren!) and even though Darlene is just a baby, she decided she wanted to get pregnant already.
What will she have next? A boy or another girl?

Rebecca Lavigne is about to leave for college, but even so she wanted her memories of her relationship with Adrien Lavish to be meaningful... and she asked him to go steady!

And shortly after step-mom Melissa Fancey gave birth to twins! Two beautiful lavender baby boys, named Edward and Brad.
Since they are both boys, Rebecca is still the heir of the Fancy-Lavigne house... If I were her I would be hoping Fred and Melissa do not want any more children!

Maybe inspired by Thibaud Lavish, Lionel also thought it's time to find himself a wife...
He called his ol' times friend Sophie Miguel but apparently the attraction is none, and he does not feel like settling for that. Not yet at least!

At college, Ann-Marie Lavard graduated.
She has saved up a little money (§7k is not half bad!) so she will be renting an apartment on her own. Her father (Adam) has joined the Stratton family so she'll be keeping the name Lavard for the following generations - isn't that pressure?

And it's also time for Rebecca Lavigne to go to college. Same dorm as Ann-Marie used to live in.

As a young adult she not only wants to learn, she also wants to meet men
She invited both Adam Lavard. She soon noticed she's not attracted to him, but he did enjoy spending his time with young girls
Then she invited townie Ricky Cormier... but she's not attracted to him either. Damn bad luck.
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Default Rotation #15
Ann-Marie had graduated, so I played her first thing (to make sure she had a phone and was socially avaliable) .
She does not have a lot of money - she can't buy a house yet - so she rented an apartment, got a job (Medicine career, not her LTW but one of the jobs she rolled wants for) and got herself a roommate. Clearly recognizable guy despite his lavender skin

Now she must save up a lot, and maybe find a guy to create a family with. Goopy perhaps?

Wedding in the Lavish family! Thibaud tied the knot with Belia Rogers and will start a new family with her

Lucas brought his date Meadow to the wedding and they had a great time together again. Because weddings are so romantic!

The party had not finished yet when Adrien grew up. Now he's an adult too, maybe he should follow Thibaud steps and find a good wife!

And although I don't hae any decent pic, Heidi finally had good enough grades to get a job!

And when the party was over, Belia and Thibaud left his family house. It could not be otherwise!
They don't have a lot of money so they went ahead and rented an aparment in the same building as Ann-Marie.
(Did not play the day yet, to keep them in sync.)

Eventful day for the Stratton family too!
Adam Lavard and daughter Darleen both grew up.

And then it was birth time! Two babies this time: a girl (named Reese) and a boy (named Adam after daddy).

Ann-Marie is not resentful towards Christy and his father, and this very same day came to visit and meet the babies

The first of the Lavigne twins to grow up was Brad, whom Melissa autonomously helped to. For the most part of the day he benefited from being the only toddler around (ie all of daddy's attention was for him!).
Only late in the night when Melissa woke up to change Edward's diaper she decided to throw a mini home party and let him grow too.
Life is gonna be busy now, but at least they can count on Lionel's help.

At college Rebecca is trying to get social, but her fellow female dormies do not fit in her romantic interests.
So she invited Adrien over. And now that he's an adult why not get all flirty? They had a great relation as teenagers, didn't they?

And if that was so good, and anyway she does not feel attraction to any other guy, why delay the inevitable? She proposed on he very same day!
Ah, highschool sweethearts be like that!

Oh, and she also passed her exams. But who cares about that :D
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Default Rotation #16
Adrien Lavish wanted a date, and who better than his fiancé Rebecca? And, of course, he wanted to get very physical
And Rebecca seems to be taking their relation so serious that she later brought him an expensive gift - a telescope!

Heidi also went out with paperboy Alon and had a great time together again.

With Darlene still a toddler, and Reese and Adam growing too... this house is gonna be madness with three todlers at the same time
(Btw Reese got a makeover becausetwo girls with the same haircut would be too confusing.)

Sleeping while standing up and your son is playing with the toilet. Just normal stuff xD

Fred Lavigne also had twins, but at least he can count on his eldest - Lionel - to help him out.
But he would also would like Lionel to find love and his own home... so he invited over a townie friend - Ivy Copur - because he knows Lionel enjoys her company...

And, hey, Melissa will help with the kids if need be!

Ann-Marie Lavard got a promotion and is starting to save up - yeah, she's glad she got a roommate so she could split the huge bills.
She does not seem much interested in finding love, but maybe once she manages to buy her own hose she changes her mind.

She recently met Thibaud Lavish - life might have been different if they had met earlier, but he's now a married man!
He just moved next door with his wife Belia Rogers.

At college, Rebecca keeps doing well enough. She decided to major in Literature, hopefully she's skilled enough!
And, hey, there is a cheerleader with an unnatural skin in her bedroom
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Default Rotation #17
Heidi Lavish is doing better than ever - doing great at school and also being promoted at work!

Adrien wanted to ask someone else out - yeah, he's engaged to Rebecca, but she's away in college, so... - and she thought of his own sister-in-law Belia Rogers!
Quite surprisingly she accepted. Oh, what would think Thibaud of it?

And young Lucas seems to be deeply interested in Ivy Copur

Life with three toddlers is exhausting! The Stratton family survives as they can... in a very dirty house to be honest

Look left, then right, make sure nobody sees you when you are cheating on your husband
Oh, well, there were plenty of neighbours in downtown when she went out with townie Amin Sims...

Fred stayed home taking care of the kids, with the help of his eldest Lionel.
Lionel is so good with kids, he should marry and have some of his own!

Ann-Marie Lavard had a pretty boring day, the only interesting thing she did was buying some new trousers. Cause these don't match the shirt.

In the apartment next door, Thibaud convinced his wife Belia to have a child!
Belia is now pregnant - and yes, Thibaud is the father, she did not get that far with Adrien.

And in college Rebecca keeps passing semesters. Well done, Rebecca!
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Default Rotation #18
Adrien looked quite childish, and at his age he needed a makeover to look like a mature guy. A little one at least.

Heidi got another promotion! Achieving top of the teen career brings an scholarship, which is great news for every young woman.
Not ready to go to college yet though, cause she'd miss boyfriend Alon.

Lucas did want to go to college too, but Sienna can't afford fancy wishes of the sort - and for a Knowledge guy this means aspiration failure!
He tried to recover by inviting over a good friend - whom he had been dating - Ivy Copur.
(As a teenager he dated another townie too - Meadow - but all things considered, Ivy's lavender skin is so attractive from a genetic point of view )

Life in the Stratton household is still crazy af, but at least Darleen has already grown up.
Yeeeeeah, it's all very dirty, who has the time to clean with still two more toddlers?

Lionel Lavigne is in friendly terms with Ann-Marie Lavard. She had never had time to socialize until she became an adult, but now she's finally meeting all the neighbours.
Even the ones who tinker with the TV and get electrocuted. Luckily nothing serious happened to him,

And then his youngest brothers, Edward and Brad, grew up. He's a nice big brother!

It's true that Ann-Marie Lavard social life has improved a lot. She even asked out one guy - Ricky Cormier - and had a great date!

Which still left her time for electrocution and for a promotion. What a busy life

Belia Rogers gave birth to her first son, Johann - named after Thibaud's father so dramatically deceased.

It was a busy day, and even more eventful than expected because having your mind in so many little details can be distracting... and lead to a fire!

College is not amusing to play lately, but Rebecca keeps doing well. Managed to write a term paper again.
Now she's a Senior and looking forward graduating soon - to go back to main hood and marry Adrien!
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#20 Old 24th Apr 2022 at 10:27 AM
Default Rotation #19
I love chance cards! And so does Heidi Lavish, who got a promotion all of a sudden. And Sienna, who is very happy her daughter is earning scholarships!

Lucas relationship with townie Ivy Copur keeps moving on.

And ghost Johann decided to scare them all! - and even guests!
The ony one happy about it was Lucan - because he's a Knowledge Sim and he actually wanted to see his father's ghost!

Reese and Adam Stratton began the day as toddlers...

... and grow up into children. They seem to be very well-behaved children, they went to bed right away
And all of a sudden life is gonna be much smoother for the Stratton family. There is a lot of cleaning to do though.

Did not take many pics in the Fancey household. Only Lionel Lavigne, who learned all you can learn about Logic!

Which reminds me I should tweak the LTR in this game, because some guys seem unable to become friends quickly enough with townies. Not just Lionel, his father also had a bad time finding a suitable partner...

No pics at all of Ann-Marie Lavard. All she did was working. Which is, I suppose, a good thing if she ever wants to buy a house of her own.

Little Johann Rogers grew up. His uncle Adrien was around when it happened, but apparently he's cautious enough to not make any advance towards his sister-in-law Belia when Thibaud is around.

Of course dating his fiancé is a safer attitude. Specially now that Rebecca enters her last semester and is about to graduate!
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Default Rotation #20
The day began poorly for the Lavish family, as Sienna lost her job.
She'll try to find another job in the next rotation, but it is not so easy to start anew at her age!

Heidi is studying a lot, because she's about to go to college! Scholarships are always welcome!
Sienna is looking forward Heidi's college graduation, as she will be able to retire when her daughter takes the reins of the household.

No interesting pics in the Stratton household.
Christy went to work, Adam catched up with the household chores and the kids were fooling around all day - cause it was a saturday.

Lionel Lavigne spent all night up, stargazing first and then playing with an stray "dog" he just met. More often than not he is awake at night because there are not enough beds in the Fancey household, and he sleeps in the morning.
The rest of the family has a normal schedule, and Fred even invited eldest daughter Rebecca (in college) to spend the day.

Lionel then was talking to one of the guests at home, a Marisa Bendett, who offered him a job!
It's an strage occurence, and while men usually don't work out of home, Lionel thought he could get a job - why not?
But it seems that Ivy Copur, the lady he had his eyes on, disaproves of such an attitude... Is she lost forever to him?

It seems like Ann-Marie Lavard really is interested in townie Ricky Cormier
Is this getting any serious... will she want to have him as a partner?

The Rogers family lives next door. And Thibaud spends a lot of time with little Johann.

Heidi Lavish went to college and moved in the same dorm as Rebecca Lavigne, right before she finished her last semester and graduated.
Rebecca will be moving back to the main hood - and marrying Heidi's brother Adrien.
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Default Rotation #21
Rebecca Lavigne graduated and returned to the main hood, but she did not have much funds and the best she could rent was a home in the trailer park.
She still had not given up hope of eventually inheriting the Fancy-Lavigne house, since they only had sons - and Melissa does not seem interested in more pregnancies. But time will tell.
In the meantime she needed a job (got one in the Athletic career) and married Adrien Lavish - who expects marriage to bring him financial independence.

One of the Lavish children, Lucas, still remains at home, unmarried. But maybe this is about to change? His relation with Ivy Copur seems serious enough!
Sienna is smirking at them after the fact while she looks for another job. Oh, only elder careers offered at this point in her life, and the pay is not much... At least she could choose one in the Dance career, and she does love dancing.

Nothing much in the Stratton household. Adam doing house chores, Christy improving her chances of promotion, and Ann-Marie visiting to improve her relation with her new siblings. (Hey, look at their matching clothes!)

Melisa Fancey said she was grocery shopping, but actually she was on a date with some Amin Sims!

Back at home Fred and Lionel were doing the house chores. And tinkering. Ouch.

Ann-Marie Lavard decided she wanted to know more about Ricky Cormier before giving any important step.
He is a Professional Party Guest, which she thinks is a fine job for a guy. And that would mean an extra income, even if he does not have many savings right now.
So why not propose and start her own family?

Nothing much at the Rogers household. Thibaud spending the day with their toddler, as usual.

Fire in the dorm!
But Heidi does not care at all, she's just happy she's found someone she really really likes. This Benjamin Long seems to be the one.
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Default Rotation #22
Johann keeps haunting his family, but this time it caused a fatality: Lucas was so extremely tired after a hard day collecting leaves, an the last scare (when he was already in bed) was final

Sienna pleaded and pleaded... and she beat Death in its own game! You were so lucky, Lucas!

Usual busy day for the Stratton family ^-^

So Lionel Lavigne were offered a job, and he thought he could do it well, why not? But first day at work and he got himself fired already
Now you wonder why so many people think males should have a job, huh?

He better stays at home with Fred, who is helping the youngest to learn basic academic skills, and hoping they are better at catching a wife than their elder brother.

Ann-Marie Lavard already married Ricky Cormier, and I'm hoping she gets pregnant soon!

Belia Rogers is doing great at work, got a reduction in the rent, and Johann has grown up... So now it's the perfect time to have another baby!
And, yeah, I've heard chimes

Apparently there was a problem with the Lavigne family, the game kept crashing... and then I remembered some issues with the Trailer Homes. So they had to move to the same appartment houses as the Lavard and the Rogers family.
And having a larger nicer home, maybe it's time to increase the family too! Another baby is on the way!

And at college Heidi keeps doing well - passing semesters and having fun with Benjamin!
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Default Rotation #23
So Sienna got a promotion in her new job.
And the only unmarried son - Lucas - proposed to his girlfriend Ivy!
Everything seems to be going so well

I'm always amused when guests fight. I'n the Stratton household, Edward Fancey and Johann Rogers decided that punching in the face was the best way to solve whatever disagreement they had.

The Fancey-Lavigne family enjoys getting hysterical together

Ann-Marie Lavard got a promotion. She's also trying to get pregnant, without any luck so far.

Her neighbour Belia Rogers did get pregnant when she decided to cut her relation with her husband's brother - just because she does not like to see him flirt with his own wife. Crazy, huh?
Anyway her baby was born. It's another boy, and the name is Theodore Rogers. (Poor Ann-Marie, she longs for a baby of her own!)

Rebecca Lavigne and unfaithful husband Adrien also had their baby. And it's a girl!
Wlecome Evelyn Lavigne into the family

And Heidi is in college, doing well and having so much fun with Benjamin.
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Default Rotation #24
Sienna Lavish "upgraded" her job to a full time one, cause the money will be welcome.
Specially now that Lucas is marrying Ivy Copur and he's leaving home - so either Sienna does the cleaning (nope!) or she hires someone to do it.
She's too tired of dealing with Johann's ghost after all.

Ivy and Lucas rented an apartment, and hopefully they can have a family of their own soon enough. (Will be played in next rotation.)

Adam Lavard is still seducing other women, nothing new, but when his son Adam brought news of his great results at school he was more than distraught when finding daddy with another woman
Luckily for him the child did not tell anything to his mom - who btw got a promotion!

And their eldest, Darleen, has grown up! She really inherited daddy's features - and his interest in a life full of pleasures...

Melissa Fancey made a bad choice at work - and now she's jobless! That's gonna be tough for the family, since hers was the only income.

Twins Brad (in red, Family aspiration) and Edward (in grey, Pleasure aspiration) grew up into teenagers, and elder brother Lionel had quite an unique experience: he was abducted by aliens!
(I'm using BO's mod, so in this case apparently nothing happened to him. Other than the weird experience itself.)

Ann-Marie Lavard got a promotion, Ricky is focusing on healthy lifestyle... and they finally are going to have a baby! Yay!

In the Rogers household, little Theodore celebrated his birthday. And I wonder: will Belia and Thibaud go now for a girl?

Adrien Lavish cheates on his wife. But making out with your wife's step-mom seems abit of bad taste. And in the nursery room doubly so.
Anyway he was smart enough to tell Melissa to leave before Rebecca returned home (with a promotion!) and they celebrated Evelyn's birthday.
But how suspicious is it that she brought him a karaoke as a gift ¬¬

No news at college, Heidi keeps doing well.
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