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Default Rotation #25
Sienna Lavish now lives alone. Her daughter Heidi is in college, and the guys are finally all married.
So the house chores... oh, well, she hired both maid and gardener, because she'd rather focus on getting a promotion than raking the leaves.

Darleen Stratton went on a date with Brad Fancey.

And her twin younger siblings grew up into teenagers. Adam is Pleasure Sim and Reese is Popularity.

The Fancey family received an unexpected gift which will bring some wealth Even so Melissa decided she would get a job - because, you know, all the day at home with the guys would drive her insane. She'd rather meet other people.

Now that Brad is dating Darleen, Edward decided to ask out her sister Reese

Lionel has not found love yet, but he was very impressed by his previous abduction - and wanted to know more about it! He really wished to get abducted again, and his wish came true.
Only that this time he returned pregnant. Oh oh.

Ann-Marie Lavard had a baby girl, whose name is Janis.

And when all the neighbours gather togethere there is always some little drama, in this case Adrien finally fell out of love with sister-in-law Belia. Which will bring peace to their partners, I hope.

Nothing much happened at Belia & Thibaud's apartment, taking care of young Theodore requires all their time.

Rebecca Lavigne taught little Evelyn how to walk, and still found time to spend with Adrien.
Looks like this might become a happy family after all.

In college Heidi dated Prof. Rodger Beech, who was a very fancy skin color. But the date was dull and there was no chemistry between them
Oh, well, at least she passed the semester - and she's now onto the last one!
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Default Rotation #26
Did I say Sienna was a bit lonely? Oh, no, not really. Johann's ghost never actually leaves her alone

Young Darleen Stratton got a job in the Gamer career, and Christy got a promotion in hers.
Also Darleen keeps dating Brad Fancey

Melissa Fancey asked Adrien Lavish for a date out - far from their partners eyes, but apparently not from all her lovers'...
Oh, well, at least she had an awesome time with Adrien. And then returned home at time to look for a new job and look like a respectable family woman

And Lionel gave birth to a most beautiful baby boy, named Orion Lavigne. His alien skin overrided the lavender inheritance and he looks very special!

This household is definetely full of young boys... since Melissa has not given birth to any girl, who will be in charge when she retires?
Will they ask Rebecca Lavigne to get in charge (and bring Adrien with her! Ouch!) or will one of the guys become the head of the family?

While Janis Lavard celebrated her birthday with daddy and some neighbours, Ann-Marie was at work earning a promotion! This little family is doing quite well.

And the Rogers family is doing well too. But maybe with two sons they must start considering having another child?

Another one who got a promotion: Rebecca Lavigne.

Ivy Copur and Lucas Lavish moved into the same apartment building. And know what? Ivy is already pregnant!

Heidi Lavish decided to give up on the boring teacher and go back to dating Benjamin Long. And since she could get a roommate to write her paper, she even managed to graduate
Now of course she'll be moving back to the family house and help Sienna - who really needs to save up to buy a proper graveyard!
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Default Rotation #27
As Heidi Lavish graduated she returned to the main hood and to her childhood home. She got a job in the Culinary career - and a promotion on her first day!
She also keeps in touch with Benjamin Long - and while I expect her to have a baby at some point, I don't think she's the type who marries...

Darleen Stratton keeps dating Brad Fancey, and they did have a great time.
Love is all right, but work not so much - she actually got fired!

On the other hand, her sister Reese got a job in the Law career - which is something that she is really really interested in - and Christy got a promotion

Melissa Fancey got a promotion too. But now with baby Orion's birthday it's getting more and more obvious that the need more space - maybe another bedroom?
Oh, they must definetely save up! If only Lionel found a wife...

Btw Rebecca was visiting with her husband Adrien, and Melissa did not like seeing the couple flirt - oh, jealousy! (But I think Brad is ashamed of his mother...)

Both Ann-Marie Lavard and her husband Ricky enjoy spending time with little Janis ^-^

Young Theodore Rogers has grown up.
Belia thinks this would be the perfect moment to go for the girl - and she's already pregnant!

Rebecca Lavigne got a promotion, thinks she has a loving husband (if only she knew...) and her daughter is growing up nicely. Happy days.

And last but not least the Copur family welcome not one but two babies! Their names are Sean and Wright.
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Default Rotation #28
Despite going to work in her athletic outfit, Heidi Lavish got a promotion.
After such a sucessful work day she decided it was date time, and asked out townie Kennedy Cox. The date was kinda boring and they remain just friends, but the amusing part is that during that date she rolled a want to marry Benjamin Long! I suppose her point is that dates with him were so much fun? I don't know. But - of course - want locked. This may be amusing!

Adam Stratton asked his townie friend out but she's not interested in him that way. Ouch

Lionel Lavigne is fully dedicated to his little Orion.
In the meantime, Melissa got a promotion, Edward asked out the girl Adam Stratton fancied and Fred almost gets himself killed. What a day!

And Ann-Marie Lavard's Ricky is also dedicated to little Janis. Which does not leave him any time for flirting, despite being a Romance Sim.

This smiling guy is Johann Rogers, now a teenager... and a Romance Sim too!
His younger brother Theodore is still a child, and they now welcome baby Benjamin to the family.

"Aww, nasty roaches" thinks Rebecca - not knowing that all the dirtiness is product of her husband's angry ex-lovers...

And the Copur twins have grown up. Cute!
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So I played another rotation, but when I reached the last household (Copur) there was a problem...
The babies had not grown up (did I forget to save?) and they were freezing cold, so the social worker came right away
I usually accept sync errors as something unavoidable - and they usually can be entered into the story quite smoothly - but this bothered me too much.
So I decided to get my last rotation back up and start all over again.
But first I had to re-play the Copur family so the little ones would grow up and be synced with the rest of the hood.

Now time to start the rotation again! :D
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Default Rotation #29
Heidi Lavish wants to marry Benjamin Long, because she knows the whole family will be glad to see her settling... and she did propose even though the idea of marriage is not so appealing to her. But of course it does not mean she stops dating townie Kennedy Cox!
I suspect this is gonna be quite an amusing marriage - for me

Darleen Stratton got fired from her teen job two rotations ago, and she though she would be getting a new job (Athletic) even though she can't choose her dream career (Gamer) but it's ok while she waits to go to college. Younger sister Reese got a promotion in her teen job - she's getting ahead of Darleen!
Also pics of two townie friends that came home with them. Will they all become friends?

Their father, Adam, said he had to go grocery shopping, but he was actually on a date! ¬¬
Which btw fulfilled his LTW, and now that he's getting older he does not feel so much like having dates - he'd rather be learning something new. Which means that maybe his marriage survives after all despite all the cheating.

"Fred, all the tinkering is getting completely out of hand!" cries Melissa Fancey. If electrocution was not distressing enough, add a fire in the living room!

Andrew asked out townie Marsha Bruenig again and it was an ok date. Nothing remarkable but this is their second date so they may be onto something.

When I moved to play the apartment building, the Copur toddlers appeared every time crossing the main gate
Nothing to do with the storyt but funny anyway!

Ann-Marie Lavard paid the apartment rent - which means they could not afford buying a house yet and they'll stay here a little longer - and went to work to get a promotion, while Ricky stayed home listening to the landlady complains and doing some cleaning while their toddler slept.
Oh, don't tell Ann-Marie, but he also invited a female friend he has his eyes on

And Janis grew up and she'll start school - does it mean daddy will enjoy more leisure time, or will he go back to work? (He was at the top of the Slacker career, that's something.)

Johann Rogers asked out Darleen Stratton, and the pair fell in love during his brother Benjamin's birthday.

Also the kids of the building autonomously dancing and playing in the common areas. They are cute - and may grow into great friends.

The landlady was a pain in the ass for Lucas too. Twin toddlers, lady, twin toddlers! How can you expect him to stay on top of everything?
In his desperation he ended hiring a maid - which did not stop the landlady nagging. Luckily Ivy got a promotion and they hopefully can afford the service and still save up.
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Default Rotation #30
Sienna Lavish got a promotion, and she's hoping her daughter Heidi to marry soon and get fully in charge of the family.

But Heidi asked out one of her lovers, and as soon as she arrived to the place her fiancé Benjamin caught her!!
How do you dare slap me? Heidi felt outraged, and she was not fond of the idea of marrying anyway, so she decided to break up completely - and continue her date with Kennedy Cox.
Which despite all the drama was an awesome date. Quite surprising, huh.

Funny enough, Benjamin remains a friend of whom he considered his future mother-in-law, and Sienna is still glad to have him around. Nice guy after all.

Not a lot of news in the Stratton family. Well, Reese got promoted. That's pretty much it.
It's the top of her LTW career, so I wonder whether she'll want to go to college or not...

Lots of youg people in the Fancey household, as Edward and Brad brought friends from school.
Also little Orion has grown up! Which means Lionel finally will have some leisure time in his hands!

Now that Janis goes to school. Ricky found he has some more free time... which he decided to spend asking out one of his female friends Oh, unloyal Sims!
Btw Janis seems to get along with Orion Lavigne, which is nice because they are quite close in age.

In the Rogers household a lot of time is spent taking care of young Benjamin, but Johann still managed to find some to date Darleen.

Also something happened between two guests (Lucas Lavish and Adam Stratton Sr.) but I really don't know what? Maybe Adam was flirting with Lucas' wife? Or what? No idea, I simply heard some slapping, too late to figure out what was going on.

Rebecca Lavigne got another promotion, and with all the money she's earning she even bought lately some fancy items... only to get the apartment burglarized Damn it!

And finally the Copur family, still very busy taking care of the twin toddlers as well as they can.
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Default Rotation #31
Sienna Lavish is still in friendly terms with Benjamin Long, but greeting him (after he kicked the trashcan) proved a bad idea...
At least Heidi got a promotion, she's doing terribly well!

More fights: Johann Rogers slapping Edward Fancey at the Stratton house. Why? I don't know, but this is likely to become a lifelong enemity, hehe.

Edward Fancey is now dating Reese Stratton, but she's not the only one in love: now that Orion is no longer a baby Lionel decided it was time to win Ivy's heart back!

Melisa learned to relax, and she's so zen that she was glad to grow up in front of a kitchen in fire
She even took with patience Lionel's girlfriend Ivy nasty remarks about her promiscuity...

Despite the fire, Edward's date with Reese was not a total disaster... Maybe these two are meant for each other after all!

Pretty normal day for the Lavard family.

While the Rogers received unexpected gifts

Evelyn Lavigne has grown up (yeah! another teen!) and she is a Knowledge/Popularity Sim.

And more growing up: the Copur twins are now children.
Good thing of apartment buildings is that they'll meet more friends very soon!
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Default Rotation #32
Sienna has not had a lover since Johann died. And she did enjoy Benjamin's company and he's more mature than Heidi after all, so... well, she decided to flirt with him.
"For dog's sake you are my ex's mother, I see you more as a mom than as a date!" Which of course means no.

In the meantime Heidi keeps dating Kennedy Cox, and a deep love has grown between them. Will it turn out better than it did with Benjamin?

No pics from the Stratton household.
But Darleen is about to go to college so we'll see from her soon.

The Fancey family was more intesting though. Orion missed a school day (did not get ready in time for the bus) and his father Lionel insisted he at least goes next day with all his homework done ¬¬

Then Lionel decided it was time for romance, and he proposed to Ivy again... with the same awful result as last time She does not love him, that's clear enough, but instead of getting furious he decided to learn how to deal with rage.
I'm afraid Lionel is comdemned to remain single forever, despite his best attempts.

Ricky Cormier keeps dating his townie friend...

Johann Rogers asked out townie Marsha Bruenig and went with her to a community lot, but apparently Adam Stratton does not like watching them together - why? only because Johann is also dating his daughter Darleen?

And little Benjamin grew up, but I gave him a makeover because his hair was identical to his brother Theodore's and it was bound to confusion.

Evelyn Lavigne wants to get in shape, just like her mom.
And her mom wants to have another child. Not luck yet, let's see if she manages to get pregnant before she's too old!

Now that the Copur twins have grown up, Lucas decided it was time to end the services of the maid. He can do it all on his own and save some bucks - they certainly need to if they ever want to buy a house of their own!
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Default Rotation #33
Darleen Stratton got into college, and got a makeover to fit her new look.
She wanted to have some fun and asked no other than Adrien Lavish - who is quite her senior! - and while the date was nothing out of ordinary, they had some fun.
Despite not having worked much she managed to pass her semester (C-) and even chose her major already. Let's see if she focus enough to pass all the semesters...

Back in the main hood, Heidi Lavish also wanted a date - again with townie Kennedy Cox.
The date was great, they did have a lot of fun and now Heidi is pregnant!
She would not mind being a single mom, counting on her own mother to help raise the baby, but will Sienna agree to that?

Reese Stratton got demoted! Oh, she was so happy at being in the level 3 of her career that she even thought she did not need college. But now she definetely she does, she'lll be following her sister Darleen's steps and join her in the dorm.
In the meantime her twin Adam has been dating Evelyn Lavigne, which was ok.

And Christy grew up! She's now an older, but not ready to retire until Darleen graduates and come back home.

Melissa Fancey asked out Benjamin Long (now an elder), and his ex Heidi did not seem to care at all. The date was great, and she now has another lover

Later that day, her twins Edward and Brad grew into adulthood. And - amusing twist - Edward seems to be interested in Heidi...

Melissa would like to retire, but to do that she would need someone else to step in and get in charge of providing for the family. Fred (almost) convinced her to ask Rebecca to move back and take the role of supporter, but there is no room for her and her family... So they either need to move to a larger house OR find suitable spouses for the kids (already given up with Lionel, he seems to be a lost cause).

Theodore Rogers has grown up, he is a Pleasure/Fortune Sim. Also he got a little makeover (some stubble) because he looks too much like his brother Johann.

Evelyn Lavigne got a job in her dream career! Lucky her!

And another week begins for the Copur family, who can't afford buying a house yet.

And since a bunch of the townies have already reached the old age, I suppose it's time to open a retirement house ^-^
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Default Rotation #34
Reese Stratton got into college too, and she moved into the same dorm as her sister Darleen. First thing she did? Throwing a party and inviting Brad Fancey from main hood.
Both Stratton girls passed their semesters, and Reese also Resee chose her major.

In the main hood I finally opened the first retirement home, which will be inhabited by townies of a certain age. No, you are not inmortal, pixels!
It's run by a newly created Sim, which will probably not be much involved in any of the playables stories, but just in case this is Peter Smith.

Heidi Lavish gave birth to her first child, a baby boy named Leonard.
But grandma Sienna is not satisfied! She insists that Heidi should get properly married to the father of the baby, and so Heidi decided to propose - not that she's looking forward tying the knot...

Adam Stratton grew up and he looks gorgeous. But his Marsha apparently is not attracted to him and his iniciative is rejected...
Not being able to go to college was quite a blow, and this was the last straw for him :/

Edward Fancey's first flirtations attempts with Heidi were not great, but in the end they had a really great date! Oh, maybe Heidi is missing out so much by settling for Kennedy Cox...

He's already having more luck in love than his brother Lionel, who is already getting old without having found the love of his life.

And he's not the only one, Brad also found love in the arms of Darleen Stratton. Or so he thinks - cause she's also dating another man, a married man.

What I find so amusing about apartment buildings is leaving my Sims to their own devices. They do things such as dancing all together which are quite funny to watch!
This picture was taking while I was playing the Lavard family, otherwise uneventful.

Johann Rogers had a date with townie Michelle Kearny, and while it was not great it allowed them to deepen their friendship - so who knows what will the future bring?

And then they had the most unafortunate visit: a burglar!
Luckily when the burglar tried to take the washing machine (reeeeallly?) he made so much noise that Thibaud had time to call the police - and he was caught!

Adrien is - again - cheating on Rebecca, this time with townie Marisa.
She does not suspect anything, and not only goes to work happily but she also returns even happier because she got a promotion.

No pics of the Copur family though.
My son joined me playing and I did not explain him how to take them :D
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Default Rotation #35
Both Darleen and Reese passed their semesters, but the great news is that Darleen proposed to Brad Fancey!!
She had been seeing Adrien Lavish, but he's a married man so there is no point in wanting to create a family with him. She had dated Brad as teenagers, and in the last rotation he asked her out again... which apparently was enough to re-kindle their love and decide her to propose <3

I usually consider the retirement house in my hoods as a place for semi-playable Sims to live in, and keep them in sync.
I'm adding one townie at a time, and it was the turn of Marisa Bendett who is dating Adrien. (Guy, is he busy!)

Baby Leonard Lavish grew up, which means plenty of extra work for Heidi - who would rather skill up to get a promotion.
Since Heidi is staying home, Sienna decided to go to work - and got a much welcome promotion. Oh, when will the save up enough for a cemetery?

Adam Stratton had a date with townie Tosha Go, and he gave her his first kiss Everything very modest though.

And his father Adam Lavard had an out-of-this-world experience!

Adam Fancey invited his fiancé Darleen to eat out in a fancy restaurant. They had just arrived when Adrien Lavish run to her, outraged!
But Adam, who apparently was looking for the door or something else just as silly, did not notice anything...
They had a great date, which concluded with kinky whoohoo in a photobooth

Janis Lavard grew up, and she's a teenager with Fortune/Family aspirations. She put some make up on, and got a teen job and is ready to go.
Well, the whole family is ready to upgrade their home as they have saved up enough to buy a house of their own. They are packing now and ready to move next rotation.

Johann Rogers had a dull date with townie Michelle. Again.
And his brother Theodore had a nicer one with Janis. Aw, so sad that she's about to leave the building, hopefully they stay in touch.

Also their father, Thibaud, grew up quite happily into elderhood.

No pics of the Lavigne and Copur families, aparently ^^;
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Default Rotation #36
In college, both Darleen and Reese did well.

Heidi Lavish finds time between taking care of baby Leonard and trying to gain skills for her job, to find another lover: oh, she did have a great time with Edward Fancey.
Mom insists she ought to marry Kennedy Cox, but she's scared of giving such an step!

Adam Stratton asked Tosha Go out again, and it was an awesome date.
Oh, will this end up in something serious? Adam has two sisters who would take care of him, but having his own family would be nice too...

The Fancey family used their genie lamp for the first time... which means that next week they may be willing to move to a bigger house. Which they need, with so many unmarried guys in the family.
Young Orion just grew up btw, he's a townie and hopefully he's luckier with his dates than his father ever was! He's a Knowledge/Romance Sim, so at least I kinda expect him to want to date soon.

Brad Fancey got invited to an outing, and since he had romantic wants he decided to phone his girlfriend Darleen and ask her to join them. She was glad to be there, until she found out that her other lover - Adrien Lavish - was there with his wife! That did enrage her

Ah, and Melissa got a promotion.

The Lavard family bought a house!
Also Ann-Marie got a promotion. Hey, they are on fire!

Belia Rogers grow up beautifully.

Theodore Rogers asked Janis Lavard out (they fell in love! ) and his brother Johann decided to sneak out with his friends

Adrien Lavish went grocery shopping, and suprisingly enough he did not find anyone to flirt with

And Ivy Copur is pregnant again!
Which is great because this generation was lacking some more new blood.
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Default Rotation #37
Darleen and Reese are in college, both passed their semesters and nothing picture-worth happened.

I usually don't pay much attention to what's going on in the retirement houses - where townie friends live their last SimDays - unless of course there is something that affects my playables.
In this case Marisa showed her affection to Ricky Cormier (who is married to Ann-Marie Lavard but quite unfaithful). But their relationship did not last long: Ann-Marie came over with one of her colleagues, and Marisa was so angry with Ricky for being flirty with his own wife that she slapped him good.
It did not stop him from being also flirty with Jan...

Nothing new in the Lavish household.
Heidi still rejects the idea of actually marrying Kennedy - despite her mother's wishes. And Leonard takes a lot of her time anyway,

Adam Stratton asked out townie Ivy, which was just ok. And luckily ended before the kitchen fire started...

He decided he should better ask out someone his age, maybe Tosha Go? And that was so much more fun!
Btw he also met quite an special guy in downtown - the first vampire of this hood has green skin! Will they become friends?

Because Brad Fancey is engaged to his high school sweetheart Darleen, his twin brother asked out her sister - who also was his high school sweetheart. And it turned out GREAT.
Hey, his other lover (Heidi Lavish) is engaged to another guy, so finding a lover which may eventually become a wife seems an smart thing to do.

Theirs is not the only love story! The eldest sibling, Lionel Lavigne, apparently has found love in the arms of Chloe Gonzaga. Will this time be for real or will she also crush his poor heart?

And what about young Orion, Lionel's alien son? Oh, he asked out Janis Lavard, and they fell in love too!!
So much love going on in this household!!

The Lavard family in their new house: Janis got a promotion, and Ann-Marie rolled a want to have another baby... which she is gonna fulfill very soon!

Johann Rogers grew up into adulthood! Time to find a suitable bride?

The Copur twins grew up (Wright is Fortune/Romance, and Sean is Knowledge/Pleasure) at the same time Ivy gave birth to baby Amy! Yay for having a girl!
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Default Rotation #38
Ah, love!
Darleen Stratton is beginning her last semester and his relation with Brad Fancey is going great! He's super excited about getting married after she graduates.
And what about her sister Reese and his brother Edward? She's decided to take it serious (and even proposed!) but will he?

Heidi Lavish misread townie Orlando Centowski's meaning... nope, he does not want to get involved with her. Ouch.

And little Leonard grew up, celebrating a nice birthday party!

And do you know who else got engaged? Adam Stratton and townie Tosha Go!
So now all the Stratton siblings are actually engaged

Edward Fancey is not being faithful to Reese at all... and when he accepted going downtown with her, several of Heidi's relatives were very very disgusted!
I think this will end blowing up at some point!

Lionel proposed to townie Chloe Gonzaga... and she said yes!! Oh, finally some luck in love!

Janis Lavard rolled amusing wants: she wanted to go steady, either with Theodore Rogers or with Orion Lavigne.
It was a hard choice but she decided to go with Theodore... and does not know how to break the news to Orion.

The very same day her mom gave birth to her second daughter: welcome to the world, Simone Lavard!

Johann Rogers fell in love with townie Marsha Bruenig, who has been a friend for so long

His youngest brother, Benjamin, grew up into a Fortune/Knowledge Sim. And he got a stubble, mind you.

Theodore asked Janis out, now that they are a cuple

Adrien Lavish keeps cheating on his wife Rebecca whenever he gets a chance...

Sean Copur had a date with this townie girl, whatever her name is, and he gave her his first (goodbye) kiss.

And little Amy grew up!
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Default Rotation #39
"Do you know what? We'll marry right away as soon as I graduate!" Darleen Stratton has a clear plan: she's moving back to the family house (she's the heir after all!) and will create a family. She graduated in this rotation and her new life starts now.
Oh, and Reese passed her semester too.

Heidi Lavish got another lover: Ricky Cormier. Which did not stop her from receiving her fiancé with open arms when he came visiting.
Well, actually having another baby would be great, wouldn't it?

Adam Stratton, who is engaged to townie Tosha Go, decided to find an apartment to live with her.
Because, of course, Darleen is returning to the family house as planned, and she married Brad as planned too!

Adam rented an apartment in a new building, and he married Tosha right away - since joining the Go family!
Btw Tosha is a Family/Knowledge Sim and she wanted to have a baby asap. Yes, she's pregnant already!

He's not the only one who left the family house to get married: Lionel Lavigne and his son Orion decided to find a new place too.
Which means that the only single guy in the Fancey family is Edward, who may get eventually married to Reese Stratton? Or will he get caught in his infidelities?

Because the Fancey family had nice savings, Lionel was able to buy a little house with his share of the money. And he married Chloe Gonzaga as expected. She's a Fortune/Knowledge Sim, but she's know to have had other lovers such as Adrien Lavigne... hopefully she'll be over them now.
What surprised me is that Chloe grew up right away! Oh, she's an elder now, so definetely there won't be any Gonzaga babies
Which means that Orion will eventually inherit the house? Oh, he's gonna be a good catch! Btw right now he dates townie Brittany Parker.

Johann Rogers had a great time with townie Marsha Bruenig and it was so great that he proposed inmediately
But it was not all good news for the family: a burglar broke it and stole the telescope, and the tv and the... washing machine?

Rebecca Lavigne got a promotion!

And you remember townie Brittany who dated Orion? Well, apparently she's also dating Sean Copur...
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Default Rotation #40
Evelyn Lavigne went to college, shortly into the same dorm as Reese Stratton. Shortly because Reese graduated .
Btw Evelyn chose to major in Maths.

Reese moved back to the main hood, rented and apartment, got a job in her career of choice (Law) and married Edward Fancey. All goes according to her plan!

Heidi Lavish got a promotion, and she is so so so very close to the top of the career that she decided to reconsider some of her life choices.
Maybe she ought to hear her mother, who insists on marriage? Oh, well, Kennedy is not that bad, is he? And he's the father of her son after all... Well, what the hell, let's marry him!
And she did. And she also got pregnant right away, because why not?

The Stratton family had quite a night! First Adam Sr. gets abducted
And then Darleen finds out she's pregnant! Oh, well, get a job, any job, so at leat you have a maternity paid leave

Fred Lavigne has been telling his wife Melissa Fancey that since all their boys had fled the nest, they should invite his daughter Rebecca to move in.
Melissa was really reluctant, because Rebecca's husband Adrien is also her lover, but she of course can't tell Fred... and she had to give in.
Now the two couples live together, and of course this is a bomb ticking!!

Johann Rogers moved out the family apartment and rented his own to marry Marsha Bruenig. But things started on the wrong foot: she lost her job!
Because she wants to create a family she needs to provide, and decided to get another job despite not being interested at all in the career...

Lucas Lavish keeps devoting his time to little Amy Copur, while her brother Sean keeps dating townie Brittany - without much of a success.

But at night something happened: Lucas got abducted!
Because I have a customized version of BO's mod, he did not return pregnant but somewhat... different. Or so he says.

Tosha Go gave birth to a baby girl, whom they named Amber.
To be completely honest I was kinda hoping for a natural skin color, all this lavender is getting a bit overwhelming ^^;
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Default Rotation #41
There is a guy living in the dorm
But I don't think he's the reason Evelyn failed her semester, cause they had barely talked. It's just that she did not work enough, I'm afraid.

Sienna Lavish got a long-awaited promotion, and after proving she could do it she decided it was time to retire and enjoy her golden years.
Now she's got time to flirt some, and of course to help taking care of her new grandson, Ezra, who was just born.

Orion felt ill at night, so he decided to stay home instead of going to school. Which is not good for grades, of course, but at least he recovered quickly enough to ask out townie Brittany.
They had a great date, but unfortunately Ann-Marie Lavard was visiting and she was very disgusted - because Orion had gone steady with her daughter Janis!

Darleen Stratton also gave birth to a baby, a little girl named Melissa after Brad's mother. She's got natural skin tone, which is cool!
But terrible news awaited: Brad got electrocuted trying to repair the tv, and he fell lifeless on the floor
Baby Melissa will grow up without ever knowing her father, ain't it sad?

First bout of sickness in this hood: Ann-Marie and Janis Lavard got some virus.
Luckily Janis can cook a decent soup, although it's a pity they could not share the celebration of little Simone's birthday.

Theodore Rogers had a wonderful date with a fully recovered Janis

In the apartment next door, Amy Copur grew up and brother Sean enjoyed his time again with townie Brittany.

Baby Amber Go grew up... and her mom is pregnant again! That's gonna be a lot of work at home, huh.

While Reese was at work, earning the bread (and getting a promotion), Edward asked newly-married Heidi Lavish out... and I think he got her pregnant

Marsha Bruenig got a promotion, which is nice, but it's time to slow down and relax because she's already pregnant! Yay for so many babies!
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Default Rotation #42
Well, this time Evelyn passed her exams

Pic of the retirement house, because drama is drama

Baby Ezra Lavish grew up, and he looks so much like his daddy!
And his new brother was born, Tyler Lavish. Of course he's Kennedy's son too, of course of course... or so everybody thinks. Yeah, used the namethefather hack, which means that Heidi's affair with Edward Fancey remains hidden.

Melissa Stratton, only daughter of Darleen and the late Brad Fancey, grow up into such a beautiful toddler.

In the Fancey-Lavigne household, Melissa and Adrien still manage to avoid each other - you know, however flirts with other will settle how the relations in this family get screwed, so I'm leaving it all to their autonomy, but they are not rushing it. Drama is building up though!
That did not stop Adrien from asking out another townie friend
And then later he grew up, and maybe he needs a makeover, because he definetely he does not look like a seductive mature man

Oh, and another electrocution, in this case Fred Lavigne, but fortunately there was no fatality.

Rebecca got a juicy bonus (from a chance card) and it's already Sunday so they are packing their stuff and getting ready to move to a larger nicer house.
That way they can easily accomodate Evelyn when she graduates.

Theodore Rogers grew up - and he still looks a lot like his older brother.
He entered into adult life feeling flirty but the only interesting female around was the landlady Lyn Stinson... I wonder what's gonna happen between them, huh.

Sean Copur was taking a nap, cause the previous night had been intense and he did really need it, and his twin brother Wright decided it was the perfect time to ask out townie Brittany (whom had been dating Sean) without causing much drama. And she accepted but the date was apparently quite dull...
Then Sean woke up, saw Brittany around and - without thinking twice - asked her out too!

Tosha Go and Adam Stratton spent their time with little Amber until the new baby arrived: welcome to the world Vincent!

While Reese Stratton was at work (working hard to finally get a promotion!) Edward decided to grow a new love... this time with elder townie Sandy Brutty.

They don't seem to want to have children, or at least not yet (well, Edward actually fathered Heidi Lavish' last one, but it's not public domain) so they thought it could be a good idea using the extra room to get a roommate who pays her share of bills and whatnot. Name is Marylena Hamilton, I think.
Let's just hope Edward is smart enough to not get involved with her...

And another baby!
This is Thibaud Bruenig, named after grandpa on the father's side. Cause, you know, they carry mom's surname, at least keep something of Johann's.

But while everybody was paying attention to baby Thibaud, her mom was fighting for her life!
Oh, dead was so close that we almost thought she was one, but Johann pleaded for her and she remained in the world of the living

I did not remember that you could repair the little robots from the mechanical station, but that was cool. Lionel Lavigne enjoys building them, they have the station outside the house so he can't do it when it's raining though.
Both wife Chloe Gonzaga and son Orion Lavigne are interested in mechanics, so it's likely they will want to try it out soon.
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Default Rotation #43
Evelyn keeps passing semesters, not with awesome grades mind you, but enough to keep passing.

Pics of Heidi Lavish with baby Ezra and with baby Tyler, who is growing up and does look like Edward Fancey. Ooops.

Christy Stratton helps with baby Melissa while Darleen is at working. She did get a promotion so it seems they are managing well despite not having Brad around to help.
So far Darleen does not seem interested in finding another partner, seems it was true love!

Also, guests at home. Sienna Lavish was quite mad at Edward Fancey, because she suspects foul play with her silly daughter Heidi, and when they met at the Stratton's there were some fighting...

And the Fancey-Lavigne family moved to a larger house, with the most unpredictable consecuences.
Since the two couples were living together I had two scenarios in mind: either Melissa & Adrien were caught in inappropiate behaviour and at least one of the couples where broken (most likely both) or one of them got mad at the other for romantic behaviour with their own spouses.
But that's now what happened. When they moved to the new house, right in the lawn, before I even directed them to use the toilet (why do they always want to pee ) they both flirted with their spouses, so they BOTH got angry at the other. Now they hate each other's guts.

A fire at the Lavard house! Oh, fortunately the fire brigade was there right away!

Tosha Go noticed a flood right by their building
But she can't really do much about it, two toddlers are so much SO MUCH work that they are driving them nuts! Maybe they need hire a nanny?

Edward Fancey does not mind a bit that Sienna Lavish is mad at him, he still enjoys asking Heidi out while wife Reese Stratton is at work. Just let's try not to get her pregnant again.
Fun fact: Reese actually rolled a wish to befriend Heidi

Oh, I love it when Sims automously help their babies to grow up. This is Marsha Bruenig with baby Thibaud.

And at last the Gonzaga family, with Lionel so invested in making robots - the garden one is already working, I just did not take any pics.
And they also got a genie lamp which will definetely help with the money to keep building them!
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Default Rotation #44
Been playing a lot these days

Evelyn invited some friends from the main hood to a dorm party, but it was not great.
Oh, well, at least she fulfilled a want... did not harm her studying heavily cause she actually passed her exam.

Leonard Lavish grew up into a teen - he's a Fortune/Romance Sim. I hoped that Lamare's LTW mod kicked in as he grew up, but he got a boring LTW: top of Law career. Ok, I'll wait for another
Also Tyler is now a toddler, and when his "father" holds him it becomes just so obvious that there is no likeness at all... Will Kennedy ever figure it out?

Darleen Stratton got a promotion, which is great since she's gonna eventually be the head of the family. Not sure how long until Christy decides to retire though.
Darleen's nights are sometimes complicated, with dear Brad's ghosts scaring around. Maybe it's time to save up for a proper cemetery?

Ann-Marie Lavard celebrated her birthday too. An elder but not thinking about retirement yet! Also little Simone grew up, so much to celebrate.
Only Ricky is not happy - he got kicked out his Lvl 10 job Maybe it's time to focus on the family, Ricky?

Theodore Rogers asked the landlady out... but it was quite a dull date. Worth trying again or maybe finding another love interest?

Sean Copur asked townie Brittany out again. The date was not great but I have the feeling I missed something.
Sean is still in love but angry with Brittany, and plain mad at neighbour Benjamin Rogers... Why? Did he witness some flirting or what?

The Go family did need help with their two toddlers. No shame in hiring a nanny when you are so overwhelmed.
It's probably going to be a one-time thing though, cause Amber grew up and now it's only one toddler to take care of!

Edward Fancey keeps dating Heidi Lavish, while wife Reese Stratton works hard and gets promoted. Story of their lives.

Marsha Bruenig got a promotion too, but at least her husband Johann is a good father who stays home taking good care of baby Thibaud.

The whole Gonzaga family is into mechanics, but it's Lionel who really cracks it with his robots!
Maybe he can build a bunch of them and set a home store? It would be a nice extra income to add to Chloe's (growing) salary.

And last but not least, the dramatic Fancey-Lavigne family.
Melissa went out with this townie lover to have a swimming pool date. And it was amazing

Nothing pic-worth of the rest of the household, but I started getting new wants - such a ceilin fan!
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Default Rotation #45
Evelyn Lavigne became a Senior.
And apparently she'll be getting a roommate in the next rotation - Janis Lavard will go college - which I suppose will be good for her social life, right?
Or maybe not, but it will be more fun for me to play

And btw I was very bored of paperboy Derek whom had been around from the beginning of the hood and had not grown up, so I added him to the semi-playable household just to grow him up and make him a townie.
Maybe we'll see him around (he made plenty of friends) or at least I'll be able to age him properly from now on.

Ezra Lavish is now a child, looks a lot like his brother Leonard and I might need to get him a makeover...
They both inherited Kennedy's looks, not like Tyler - who did inherit Edward Fancey's

Melissa Stratton is a child too, and looks so handsome with her normal skin :D
Her mom, Darleen, decided to celebrate she's doing great at work... with Adrien Lavish. A fling with a married man, exactly what she needed now

Melissa was invited at the Lavard's by her new friend Simone.
And Ann-Marie is doing great at work but she's not the kind to get an adventure, she's more into investments: she bought some green energy sources for her house which will lower their bills. Smart, huh.

Theodore Rogers asked out a semi-playable called Betty, but apparently the landlady does not think he has the right to do so after he had dated her!
There was some slapping and all that stuff but he does not care about the crazy lady anymore and he spent a nice afternoon with his date.

Things got strange for the Copur twins.
During a date with Sean, townie Brittany rolled a want to fall in love with Wright I could have ignored it, but not really. I did lock it
Wright had been waiting to go out with someone for so long, so he decided to ask her. In front of his brother. YEAH.
I don't think Sean will ever forgive him but who cares, huh?

The next building keeps having water problems (only when I play the Go family) so they decided to move out. They are packing and next rotation they'll be buying a new house.
Also they have two children so it's gonna be nice having some backyard.

Edward Fancey was at home, behaving properly, when Heidi Lavish called him and proposed to meet in downtown. He could not say no, could he?
Unfortunately some of their lovers (notice I said lovers, not spouses) were around and there was so heavy slapping...
Funny thing, despite being slapped by Ricky, Heidi got extremely jealous when she saw him flirting with his own wife

Marsha Bruenig got abducted!!!
It would have been nice if at least she got pregnant, but alas no - instead she lost some skills!

Robots are cool but they often need repairing, as Lionel Lavigne is just finding out.
His wife Chloe got another promotion so he'll have funds to spend on more robotic creations.

Melissa Fancey bought a restorable car for her husband, so she can go grocery shopping without being disturbed.
Because for her grocery shopping may including finding an old friend and seducing him, you know?
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No playing lately. Cause I've been building.

I loved CatherineTCJD's Lot Bin overhaul. It's just an awesome idea.
But I have my own quirkes and her lots did not particulary fit my needs. They are nicer than the original ones, so true, but I still needed to design a garden every time and buy my simmies beds... and I thought I could try create my own which go better with my own style.
So I switched back to the original ones and started rebuilding them - I'm adding pics of what I've done so far.

Today I feel like playing my hood, so I'll stop the building for a while
Also I want to learn how to convert them into .package to add them to the lot bin directly...
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Default Rotation #46
Janis Lavard went to college, and now that she entered adulthood she renewed her relationship with Theodore Rogers. Yay for high school lovebirds!
Also she chose a major in History.
Btw she moved into the same dorm as Evelyn Lavigne, who failed this semester...

This rotation something weird happened with some of my Sims: they re-rolled their LTW and got new ones which include Lamare's mod ones. It was a shock at first, but I must say it's challenging so I'm going with it
For example, Sienna Lavish has a self-employed LTW (but she's too old to get it done now), Heidi was about to reach level 10 of her LTW career but now her dream has changed (and would love to become a mad scientist!). And even wants did some crazy things, for example Sienna wanted to flirt with Heidi's husband Kennedy
Also little Tyler Lavish grew up into childhood, and looks like his real father more than ever

First old-age deaths in the retirement house, which means there is room for more elder townies to age. And of course that these two townies are no longer avaliable for social interaction with my proper playables.

Christy Stratton new LTW is maxing out skills (get to it, maybe you can still do it!) while Adam's is raising a wonder child (no worries, he had already fulfilled his previous one). Darleen wants to become a game designer.

Ann-Mary Lavard now dreams of traveling, but her husband's LTW remains unchanged.

Belia Rogers wants to earn money rapping which does not look like her, but I suppose it's time to evolve, right? Right?
And Thibaud wants to have dream dates, which in my game means not-with-your-wife dates. So this is gonna cause trouble for sure. Drama. Yep. So I love it And who did he ask out? No less than Melissa Fancey!

Theodore (who is single after all, some flirting with Janis is not an engagement) asked out townie Betty again. Apparently some people disagree with their relationship though

At night they had a burglar visit, but the alarm did its work and the police caught him easily!

Ivy Copur keeps the same LTW, while Lucas now has a hobbie-related one. Interesting.
Wright had a last date with townie Brittany before both twins grew up. Growing up was nice for him but not so much for Sean...

The Go family moved to a new house because their apparentment was getting flooded Because I enjoy a good challenge, the house is a 1-bedroom one (yeah, for a family of 4) and because I want to playtest it's one I recently remodeled for my lot bin.

Adam keeps taking care of the kids while Tosha works, and little Vincent grew up so now it should get easier.

Edward Fancey keeps dating other women while wife Reese Stratton is at work, completely focused on her job.

Thibaud Bruenig (youngest of his generation) grew up into childhood. There is going to be a gap between him and any child born after him.

In the Fancey-Lavigne household (where half the people are not in speaking terms with the other half) they have some new interesting LTW. Rebecca wants to restore cars, her father Fred wants to create robots, and Adrien wants to win gaming competitions.
Which does not mean he stops dating other women or that he gets along with his father-in-law...

Lionel Lavigne got a new LTW too, he wants to reach max enthusiasm in several hobbies. Get to it, Lionel!
Orion asked out the new papergirl, which was not a great date. But after he grew up (poorly) he decided to start a relationship with townie Brittany - yes, the one who used to date the Copur twins, but now that she's grown up she's no longer in love with any of them!

Overall this felt like a crazy rotation.
Maybe it does not look so but there has been so many changes in my gameplay because of the new LTW.
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Default Rotation #47
Janis Lavard is not losing any time, and she already proposed to Theodore Rogers! Hopefully he will stop dating other women now...
Evelyn Lavigne does not have such a love life, but maybe now that she graduated and moves back to the main hood she'll have better chances at love. Or maybe not, her family house (with her parents and her grandparents weird love-hate relationship) might be a lot to deal with.

In the Lavard household, Simone got resented towards her father because she caught him cheating her mom!!

Benjamin Rogers grew up into an adult.

Townie Brittany Parker had been dating Orion Lavigne, but when Wright Copur tried to relight the love between them she was glad to. She even accepted his engagement proposal!!

Lucas grew up and so did little Amy, who is a Knowledge/Fortune Sim and decided to get a job right away to help the family economy - which is not the best.

Edward Fancey asked out Heidi Lavish once more... and fulfilled his LTW!
Maybe now he'll settle as a formal househusband? Some have done before him - Reese's own father, for example.

Marsha Bruenig is pregnant again! Finally! They had been trying for a while and now they are finally expecting another child - let's hope for a girl this time!

Evelyn moved into her grandparents house, and she spent a lot of time with grandpa Fred - they both wanted to catch up!
She did not get a job yet - trying to wait for her LTW career! - but mom got a promotion so there is enough money at the moment.
And, well, dad and gradpa Fred keep slapping each other every now and then This family is a mess!

How could it get any weirder? Oh, well, let's say Melissa also starts dating Orion Lavigne - Fred's grandson, from Lionel's abduction. This woman is involved with three generations of the same family!
Lionel and his wife Chloe are unaware of such a forbidden romance, always so focused on their tinkering...
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