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Default I made a female body preset but skirts have a pointy section in the middle.
Hello, I used Blender and TS4 Morph Maker to create a body preset. I made the legs longer by shifting the bottom of the torso to the middle of the thighs upwards. [IMG]EA body preset, modified preset, issue with skirts[/IMG] I do not know what is causing this issue nor how to fix it. This does not happen on most shorts or pants. This mostly only occurs on shorter skirts and some cardigans and aprons that stop at around the same length as shorter skirts. It also happens on shorter dress, but not on long dresses. I've noticed that it always occurs on those clothes that stop above the knees and on some that stop just below the knees (on the modified version since the knees are also raised). It also distorts the designs on the skirts and dresses in the same way that it is shown in the picture (that sharp pulled down kind of look).
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