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Default Marlame - A Very Tiny World For Good Low-End PCs And Medium-End PCs

I'm working on a tiny world for Low-end PCs and Medium-end PCs called Marlame, i inverted the name Marlame, OK? Then Marlame was good in some situations, with Marlame you have very good loves to this world.

Attention Reasons:
- There's not going to inculde Distant Terrain, as i don't time to create a Distant Terrain, OK?
- There's going to have a Diving (TS3:IP) on the water, you did not see it.

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I like the road setup so far, I'm not a fan of the sidewalks around the lots though. That always looked weird to me in TS3 worlds. Personally, what I suggest is focus more attention on the general landscape, mountains and hills and trees etc. first before tackling the actual road layout. Doing it this way will make your world look more natural.

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Default I Finished The Marlame World, Now It's Time To Working On Lots
Now i'm going to start working on lots, when it's finished working on lots, i put this on download! Also, this world would be populated!

I don't have space to build mountains, but if you like it, go ahead and see this screenshot.
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hi! just a tip, you can raise the sea level height so you don’t have that gap under the edges of your terrain that makes it looks like it’s floating. also i would advise you add intersections at the end of those roads so you don’t get routing errors with cars
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