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Default adding more image files to an in game window
I've made some nice shop windows using the eurowindow from bakers bazaar. I have 4 of them and I'm going to make more. I've been trying to get one window to show 3 or 4 variations rather than have 4 separate windows. This window comes with 3 variations of the wood surround but I'd like to have maybe the 3 variations show different glass sections with my stencils on them.

Can anyone give me any hints?

Tried so far, importing all 4 variations into s3pe, gives me 4 windows in a combined package file.
Googled for 3 days
Tried exporting each image file from s3e and importing them all back into one package. Gives me just the original window I imported them in to.
Tried using the original image files and importing each into one, gives me just the original image I imported them in to.

I have a feeling the answer will be an easy one and I'll feel silly.
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