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#26 Old 26th Sep 2022 at 1:41 PM
I wonder if Pearsons comment 'Sims players in the future will likely have their phones on while interacting with the game on PC or console' is just about some companion app for the game on your pc/console. Not the game itself. This exists for certain MMORPG's already. I don't think she meant that TS5 will be a mobile game.
Anyway, this could also mean that there will be an always online world for TS5, for which the companion app can be used to be checked upon when being away from your pc/console. (like with those MMORPG's).
Unless they do something like simport as companion phone app. This would not require an always online world.

Always online world is a bad thing, so I really hope they do this. It would mean no customizing worlds and probably no mods if only official servers are allowed. And the perfect base for EA to monetize through ingame real money store etc.
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#27 Old 28th Sep 2022 at 12:25 AM
It will have multiplayer but I would assume there will be a single player mode. As much as EA likes to push this virtual connection of players thing they know a lot of people are just not into that. Also considering how popular x-rated mods have been with 4, there is no way they will make a MMO style online world with the game. They’ll have sim prostitutes roaming around the streets exchanging woohoo for in-game currency. I think the multiplayer will be like animal crossing, a game that sold the equivalent of Sims 4’s 8 years in a year and a half, and be much smaller scale.

Highly doubt there will be a mobile port of the entire game. There logistical hurdles there beyond just developing such a game. Online wouldn’t support cross play. iOS has some of the most stringent policies regarding cross-play compatibility. Fortnite iOS, for example, can’t play with any other platform besides iOS. PUBG has similar compatibility restrictions, although they can at least play with android. A mobile version, at most, would be CAS-mobile or some sort of Pokémon GO type app where you take your sims with you.
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