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Default Where to find outfit files?
There are two things I'm looking for so I can tweak them.
1) The file that controls career uniforms. I know I can change the career uniform for a played sim, but I want to change it globally. There has to be a file somewhere that can be edited.
2) Along the same lines, I want to change bartender/waiter outfits for individual locations. It bothers me that every bar has their staff dress the same. I guess I'd include coffee shops and other businesses as well.

Any help locating those files would be greatly appreciated. Or any other files that control outfits really. The more I can tweak, the better.
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Career outfits are controlled by Uniform Tags on the CAS parts. If you were to clone a uniform part with s4studio, go to the warehouse view and select the CAS Part resource you should be able to find a Tags section on the right with an Edit button. Clicking on that will show you all the tags the CAS part has, including a uniform tag for the job it's used in. Remove that tag and the game will stop being able to use it. Add it to the outfits you do want the game to use and it will pick those instead.

Sadly, to the best of my knowledge, you can't set different bartender outfits per location as the game uses the same job for all of them except for Sulani and Henford-on-Bagly which have their own unique versions. So you can chage it, but it will alter it for *all* locations.

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