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Default Sims University: The Charles Scurrow Art Studio
In continuing my work on an expanded Sims University, I've created an Art Studio for the Fine Arts majors -- dedicated studio space for (almost) all artistic types, as well as a coffee shop that Sims of all majors can enjoy. The design isn't based on anything in particular, but simply on what I thought looked good. Let's see if the community agrees!

The first floor contains a coffee shop, as do lots of other lots in my expanded Sims U, so Sims of all majors can congregate, enjoy a nice hot cup of joe or a pastry, and thank their lucky stars that "market saturation" isn't a thing in this game. Across the hall from that is the paint studio, where a number of workstations are set up to allow Sims to paint.

The second floor is home to a graphic design lab as well as a series of sketching tables for aspiring architects, interior designers, and fashion designers, or Sims who just prefer to dabble in pencil rather than paint.

The third floor houses a sculpting studio and a balcony for Sims who prefer to paint or sketch in the fresh air (by default, it's not much for pristine views, though -- it's right across the street from the gym).

And finally, the basement has practice rooms for musically inclined Sims. Both single-person and full band rooms are available.
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This looks nice to me.
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I think this is a great start. If my lot I would add more color and more artwork, and I think the floor in the coffee shop is a tad dark, but overall I think this is very well done. I like it!
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sorry to ask, but why one-tile stairs? don't you get tired of seeing sims crowding and waiting until the route is cleared? the lot is already huge so two-tile stairs should be affordable enough for sims to route up and down, especially in community lot.

All the hoods are merely the same, so I made ones where all the Sims aren't straight.
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Originally Posted by legacyoffailures
sorry to ask, but why one-tile stairs? don't you get tired of seeing sims crowding and waiting until the route is cleared?

Oddly enough, I never noticed this during playtesting (although I'm not sure how closely I was looking, either). Still, two-tile stairs shouldn't be too hard to implement.
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All right, here's my attempt at V2. I've added some more artwork and made the stairs double-wide. Still working on getting some more colors, though -- I'm not much of an interior designer, so that's why I largely stick with neutrals. Maybe a red accent wall in the painting studio? A green accent wall in the coffee shop (green and white seem to be the school's colors)? If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!


First floor:

Second floor:

Third floor:
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