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Default "Extract" SC4 from neighborhood/fix lot edges
There's an old thread about this here
Looks like it definitely wasn't possible at that time, but is there new info about those issues? Was any of it ever solved?

I use sc4 to roughly create maps, then do some fine tuning with the modifyNeighborhoodTerrain cheat in ts2. If you go back later and try to change/update your hood, you have to fiddle around with the sc4 terrain you saved and try and recreate that fine tuning. That'll work well enough for some spots, and in others you will just not get it correct enough for those special lots that won't just let you grab and move them. (Looking at you, weird beach lot that I've been fighting with all day.)

I got an okay result using lot adjuster now, but it is REALLY hard if you can neither get the lot to adjust around the edges (like when you move it in game) nor get the hood terrain to stay the exact shape it was. There are options to adjust lot edges, but there are no options to keep the lot as it is and properly change the terrain around it if you can't move it and put it back (i.e. cause it's a fussy beach lot).
You CAN enlarge the lot and then shrink it again, but the best working option is to "smoothen" the lot edges and that'll still leave you with a lot of fiddling and changes to your lot.

So, anyone got anything on how you could get those changes that you made with the modifyNeighborhoodTerrain cheat into sc4?
Alternatively, any other way to get those lot edges right? Can you somehow trick the game into thinking the lot has been grabbed and put back?
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