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Default Nysha's New Creators for August
Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
LongLiveHarryPotter7Filled Woodsy Door from The Werewolves Pack for added privacy (no little window) (Overrides)
batsandbabydollsTrue Maxis Match Multi PT Set (Genetics Sets)
AlbinUltrawide Computer - Non Streaming Edition (Electronics)
Z3nJ3nSemicircle Mushroom shelf (Surfaces)
RumoursJuniorBurger Klone (From She Bop) (Community)
blueHuntressSanrio Umbrellas for Sims (Miscellaneous)
B4S4LTMoonfix (Replacement) (Miscellaneous)
MazeTheMadSimKitsune Trait Mod Pack (Traits)
Pacifico1023Rippon Landing Apartments (Apartments)
LauraPamplonaS27 "Revale" Face Templates! (DEFAULT version) (Genetics Sets)
RyyPleasantview Playable Sims (Includes. Bella Micheal Darleen Kaylynn + Skip) (NO PACKS/CC) (Other)
juniormints74Bathtime Fix For Toddlers (Overrides)
spoiledmilkhotelSimple Loans Mod (Overrides)
holladaytimePrancing Pony Natural Recolor (Miscellaneous)
ksuihuhHigh School Uniform Mod (Overrides)
melanie_ts2Maxine Mayfield - Stranger Things (Celebrities & Real People)
EnkiduMore Name Variety (Overrides)
PrincessDanaWilsonRainbow Formal dress 1 (Formal)
hildegards_ghostChromatic (pH) Scale Hydrangea (Garden Center)
NixCorvus Hidden Trait Icon Replacement (Overrides)
ZorAMummies Walk Like Zombies (Overrides)
TearsofTyrSims Get No Fears (Overrides)
D MASNo more Fear of Dead-End Job (Script & Core Mods)
KrzydekAuto fill pet bowls (Overrides)
tjadeaNo More Skill Level Notifications (Overrides)
xrebelyellx9 Bamford Lane (Residential)
madam creepypasta2D's "I am the lamb" shirt (Sleepwear)
Mercury DisasterFaster Mirror Interactions (Overrides)
JDaQueenBaller Career (Careers)
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