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Adoption Guide

Any adult or elder can adopt a child by using the telephone under the Service/Adoption Service menu. The adoption request will be approved immediately if:

  • Family funds exceed 3,000 simoleons
  • The calling Sim does not have a memory of having a baby, toddler, or child taken away by the social worker
  • Family size is less than 8

After acceptance, a social worker will bring the new family member at 10am the next day. Be sure your Sim takes that day off from work or the social worker won't be able to turn over the child. It's a good idea to arrange this on your Sim's day off. There's maternity/paternity leave for adoptions.

The child you get in an adoption will be either a randomly generated child of the appropriate age or a child that was previously removed from another family in the neighborhood.

You decide whether the new family member will be a baby, toddler, or child when the social worker arrives. Their name, personality, interests, and appearance, however, are out of your control. The child will automatically take the household's last name.

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