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Sims have black rectangles around their feet instead of shadows.

Courtesy of Fallingsun


This is caused by driver updates. Both nVidia GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards are affected.


Install the last version of graphics drivers which worked for you.

If you have a nVidia graphics card, high detail shadows were theoretically broken in version 327 of the geforce drivers. Therefor, if you want high detail shadows to work properly, you will want to download the last working stable driver, version 320.49 ( (or try beta versions proceeding 320.49 and preceding 327 at your own risk).

If you have an AMD card, download and install the 13.4 drivers from MajorGeeks: Windows 7/8/Vista version or Windows XP version.

If you need more guidance on updating your graphics drivers, see Game Help:Graphics Cards#Graphics cards and Graphics Drivers.