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Download Accelerator FAQ

Download managers are very useful tools to make downloading simpler and easier, and can help with problems like files not being completely downloaded etc. However because of the way MTS is set up, most download accelerators just won't work - they try to hammer the servers with zillions of connections, using up other peoples' download slots, and so the servers refuse to let them download. So here we have instructions on how to set up download accelerators properly, so they will be a help rather than a hindrance.

(Unfortunately, I've only been able to find programs for Windows or other OS's using Firefox. If anyone knows of a good accelerator which can be used in Mac OS without having to use Firefox, a link would be much appreciated - just add it to the Talk for this page)


  • Downloads say they are complete, but they aren't
  • The servers are busy and downloading is slow/gives errors
  • You're using a download manager/accelerator already, but you can't download from MTS2 with it
  • You just want to download multiple files without having to wait for each download to finish before starting the next


  • If you use Firefox, follow this FAQ
  • If you use Windows and another browser, like Internet Explorer or Opera, follow this FAQ
  • If you already have a download accelerator, follow this FAQ

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