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Download Accelerator FAQ: Setting Up Your Own Download Accelerator

Why Doesn't It Work?

The way download accelerators are designed, obviously, is to make downloads go faster. They do this by connecting to the server, the website, that you are downloading from several times simultanoeously - so you are actually downloading the same file five times, downloading a different bit of the file on each connection. However, this means that you are using up five slots on the server - so there are four other people who can't download because of you. MTS2's servers send out thousands of files every day and are always working to full capacity, and the more connections one person uses, the longer everyone else has to wait. Because of this, MTS2's servers are set up so that anyone who tries to use more than two connections at a time, isn't allowed to download.

So How Do I Make It Work?

To use download accelerators with MTS2, they have to be properly set up. Open the Options on your download accelerator, and look for the Connection/Downloading options. Most download accelerators are set up one of three ways:

  • A Simultaneous Connections/Chunks/Segments/Parts box and a Simultaneous Downloads/Files box. Set the first option to 1, and the second to 2
  • An Acceleration Mode box and a Simultaneous Downloads/Files box. Set the first option to the lowest setting, and the second to 2. If that doesn't work, try setting the second option to 1
  • One box, which determines overall connections. Set it to 2

It Still Doesn't Work!

Most likely, your download accelerator is too obnoxious to be set up properly. Check that you can download without it, and if so, uninstall it and use one of the accelerators recommended here.

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