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The Seasons expansion includes new options to fish in ponds. To fish, a sim first needs a fishable pond. A fishable pond must be wide enough and deep enough (about 4x4 and 2 tiles deep). It's fishable if it shows the Fish interaction when you click on it. Also, if you can see the fish swimming around in it, then it's obviously fishable.

What To Do With Fish

When fish are caught, they are put into your inventory and stacked according to species and size. Fish have three different uses:

  • Food
  • Selling
  • Decoration

When fish (whole, not mounted) are put on the ground:

  • They can be sold in a business
  • Cats and kittens can eat them
  • Penguins may visit the lot and eat them.

Note: Uncooked fish never spoil. So they will remain on the ground, fresh, until you either put them back into your inventory or one of the above happens.

Fish and Meals

Here is the list of the different things you can catch when fishing, and the meals that can be cooked with the fish.

  • Boot - Can't cook meals, but you can use it in the juicer.
  • Blue Catfish - Blackened Catfish
  • Jumbo Blue Catfish - Blackened Catfish
  • Largemouth Bass - Bass with Squash
  • Jumbo Largemouth Bass - Bass with Squash
  • Rainbow Trout - Stuffed Rainbow Trout
  • Jumbo Rainbow Trout - Stuffed Rainbow Trout
  • Golden Trout - Stuffed Golden Trout

Fish meals are a great option for your sims:

  • They cost nothing in grocery bills, as you can fish out of your own pond.
  • If you use "Serve" then you get several servings out of a single fish.
  • They require very little cooking skill to cook.
  • As they are fresh food, they will sparkle when cooked - this makes them very satisfying. Generally just half a plate of food will be enough to fill up your sims.
    • Just be careful - sims eating after they're full makes them fat. Cancel them eating when they're full, and put the leftover individual and serving plates in the fridge as leftovers for later.
  • Keep the fish in your inventory - this will give you more flexibility, as once they are stocked in the fridge, they can no longer be sold, mounted, or fed to your cats/kittens.

Selling Fish

Each variety of fish has a market value, allowing them to be sold. There are three different ways to sell fish:

  • From Inventory: Select a fish in your inventory and click on the Delete from Inventory button on the lower right hand side of the panel. The value of the fish is then added to the household funds.
  • From the World: A fish placed on the floor or mounted on the wall can be sold via Buy mode just like any other object.
  • Open for Business: If you have OFB, fish can be sold from a home or community lot business the same as any other object.

Mounting Fish

  • Fish can be turned into a lovely household decoration. To mount a fish, drag a fish from the floor (or from the inventory) to the wall. It will automatically be shellacked and put on a wooden plank. Once a fish is mounted, it cannot be stocked in the fridge or used for cooking. It can, however, be sold in Buy mode or returned to your inventory.
  • Mounting contributes to the Environment score of the room it's in.
  • Mounted fish will attract the attention of a visiting penguin.
  • If you're selling fish, you might want to consider mounting them, as they are worth more in resale and will bring in a better price than unmounted fish.

The Golden Trout

The golden trout is the rarest of the fish, and the hardest to catch. It doesn't use any special lure to get it, but the chances of catching one increase when you get a gold badge. Even with a gold fishing badge, the chance of catching one is just 3%. It doesn't really do anything special (beyond being worth a lot, and making a very satisfying meal) but it's worth bragging rights.  ;)

Baits/Lures and Badges

As you gain skill in fishing, your sim will gain fishing badges. Depending on which badges you have, you'll be able to use different baits, which will effect the types of fish you can catch.

  • No Badge - Worm
  • Bronze - Riverblossom Minnow
  • Silver - Stink Ball Bait
  • Gold - Sparkle Spinner

Can't Fish?

If you click on a pond and do not get the option to fish, please see here for more information: Game Help:Seasons Options Missing.

No Fish in Pond?

If you have a pond but there are no fish visible, see: Game Help:No Fish in Fishtank or Pond.


Thanks to the following people for contributing tips that have gone into this FAQ: 4oh4error, proxian_girl

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