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The Resource.cfg file must go INSIDE the mods folder. If you did not get this file from SimsWiki, please make sure that yours is in the correct location.


If you use subfolders to organize your content you must make sure that your resource.cfg file matches your subfolders structure. Some resource.cfg files only contain one line for the .package, like so:

Priority 500
PackedFile Packages/*.package
GCCTSU3 cfg folder.png

If you have subfolders in the system, but not in the resource.cfg, the sub-folders and its contents will be ignored.


To enable the game to read subfolders under /Mods/Packages, you need to have the resource.cfg written for subfolders. The above is generally what your resource.cfg should look like if it is to enable subfolder organization.

Your subfolder structure can be 4-levels deep to match the resource.cfg file. You just need to name your folders for easier organization of your custom content, but leave the resource.cfg to contain only * wildcards. This would ensure that any re-organizing of folder names do not need an edit of the resource.cfg file.

Verifying with Dashboard

If you are not sure that the Framework is setup properly, even after checking the above, you can use the Dashboard Tool by Delphy. It can be downloaded from this link @MTS: Dashboard Tool


step 1

Download the Sims3Dashboard.rar and extract the contents into a folder. You can place this folder on your Desktop, for easy access or anywhere you prefer. But the contents of the .rar file must be intact in one folder!

step 2

Double-click Sims3Dashboard.exe to run it.

step 3

GCCTSU dashboard view framework.png
Go to File menu --> View Framework Status.

step 4

GCCTSU dashboard dump info.png
And then click on the Dump Info button.

step 5

It will open Notepad and dump all the following information. What we are interested in are in the red boxes.

So, what exactly are we on the look out for? Well, the objective is to get a "True / True" report. Anything other than that, means your Framework is not setup properly and the game will not be able to recognize .package CC.

If you get a "Global framework: False" line in the report, you missed something when clearing out the "old way" stuff. Press the back button to do the old framework components removal guide again, and check every path that guide asks you to.

Which means, you want the "GOOD!" image, not the "BAD!" one.

GCCTSU dumped info bad.png GCCTSU dumped info good.png

step 6

After you've done that, and you get a dumped info similar to the "Good Framework config", you can test again. Load a NEW game.

  • Does the content now show up in a new game?
  • You can Quit without saving now.

If when loading a NEW game, the content shows up, try next on one of your save games.

  • Does the content now show up in your save game?
  • You can Quit without saving here, too.


If you get the "Good" Framework" and it does show up, you're done.

Else, go to Next Step.

Next Step

Did you get a "Bad Framework" dumped info? Or even with the "Good Framework" dumped info, content is still not showing up?

Let's just redo the Framework, shall we? Start clean...


Redo Framework

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