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Custom content, especially for The Sims 3 are Patch-Specific. What does that mean? It means that when EA release new updates or new Expansion or Stuff Packs, they make changes to the game code. And this game code is very dependent on the patch versions.

So, does this affect every custom content in the Sims 3 Universe? Well, it depends.

Mods/Hack: almost (99%) of the time needs to be version-compatible, meaning a mod for version 1.7 would definitely not work in 1.22. The only time this won't apply is when the new patch has no changes for the code use in the mod, so it would be safe to use it. But only the modder/developer can make this call.

Other content type: depends on what the patch changes or if the new pack change the coding on the item's appearance or features. For example, most Buy/Build mode objects are safe, unless EA decides to add new features in future updates. Case in point being the Fences being made recolorable in Patch 1.6/Word Adventures Expansion, so any custom fences released before that date, won't have any recolorable features. And if you want the custom fences to be recolorable, the creator of the custom fence would need to release an updated version of their content.

Another example is where CAS items were not safe, when new sliders were introduced in Patch 1.17/Late Night Expansion. This change affected custom skins and other content that changes skin-related stuff - eg the Skin UI chooser.

So, to conclude, do not assume ANY content is SAFE from needing updates or being compatible in each version! Only the content creator can make the call if their item(s) are version-compatible.

Only exceptions thus far that can be deemed safe is the nointro mod that stops the Introductory video from playing. And because of this it has been used in determining if the Framework setup is done correctly.


step 1: Verify requirements

step 2: Check for Updates

You have re-visited the item's download page and check if the item need an update for the new patch version/EP/SP?

Ways to check for updates

Cick to go to MyDownloads

On MTS, there are several ways to do this.
MyDownloads Most straightforward is to visit the MyDownloads page under your User menu at the top-right corner of the screen. You can click on the "Got Update" column header and sort them that way, so the updated content is at the top of the list.

GCCTSU3 mydownloads.png

Downloads Filters The other method is to use the Filters and sort by last updated items. This method would show ALL items on the site, however, not just those items that you had downloaded.

GCCTSU3 downloadfilters.jpg

Other sites would have other ways to keep track. If they don't, look at the posted date and updated date fields, if they are provided. If not, ask the creators on their comments sections of their blogs or their items' threads.

No update has been posted

No, no update has been posted.
Well, we now have choices to make, we can either uninstall the patch/pack and wait until the item is updated to be compatible or discard the item for now:

Yippee, an update!

Yes, item needs an update for new patch version, Expansion / Stuff Pack of the same patch level as per the Game Help:Patch_Table.

step 3: testing

After you've updated the content or ensured that it is indeed compatible, it is time to test it. Load a NEW game.

  • Does the content now show up in a new game?
  • You can Quit without saving now.

If when loading a NEW game, the content shows up, try next on one of your save games.

  • Does the content now show up in your save game?
  • You can Quit without saving here, too.


If it does show up, you're done. Whew! Tough work, but it has to be done.

Doesn't show up in either a saved game or new game? Go to Next Step.

Next Steps

Content is confirmed compatible, what do I do now?


Redo the Installation

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