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No Fish in Fishtank and/or Pond


  • No visible fish in the fishtank - can feed fish or clean tank but cannot see the fish.
  • No visible fish in ponds (in Seasons) - can fish in the pond, but cannot see the fish.


  • Both types of fish are shader based, meaning your graphics card must support the use of shaders to see them. It's a graphical glitch!


  • To fix it use CTRL-SHIFT-C to bring up the cheat console and enter: boolProp useShaders true
  • This may not work if your graphics card does not support the use of shaders. If the screen goes black, you'll need to turn shaders back off. To do this, bring up the console again and type: boolProp useShaders false
  • If it does help, though, you can use a userstartup.cheat file to enable the cheat every time you play. If you would like to do so, see instructions at: Game Help:Userstartup.cheat.
  • Some users may experience undesired shading effects on sims' skins with shaders enabled. If your sims' faces do not match their bodies, or if their scalps are too light with shaders enabled, you will have to choose... which is more important to you? Fish or sims?
  • Users with nVidia graphics cards may also start experience freezing, crashing, and blue screen errors with shaders enabled. See: Game Help: nVidia Blue Screen Issue for more information.
  • Still don't see any fish in your pond? Make sure the pond is deep enough, turn your Shadows in your graphics settings up to high, and wait. If you want to test whether the fish are working, you can place a fishtank and stock it - if the fish are visible, the fish in your pond should be too. Sometimes you just may not have any fish, though you'll have the fishing options on the pond.

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Originally written by HystericalParoxysm.

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