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All sim children start out in public school, but can go to private school if they've got at least a C+. See Private School Guide for more information.


All sim children start out with a C. Doing homework and going to school every day brings the grades up. And every day they bring home a report card. There are consequences for bad grades. Teens with a C- or lower cannot get a job. A teen with an F will be fired and if a child gets an F it must be raised within one day or the social worker will take them away. Permanently.


Unless you use a hack sim children and teens bring home homework every day. Some sims will place it on the floor others will put it on just about any other available surface. HINT Pay attention to where they put it and then move it to their bedroom. Homework is very easily lost. It can disappear under rugs and/or sink into the surface of custom tables that are too tall. Sometimes they even leave it outside.

Parents, grand-parents, and teen siblings can help with homework. Make sure everyone is in a good mood first or the homework won't get done the first time around. It not only goes faster when someone helps they learn how to study. Once they've learned how to study all future homework gets done a little faster. To initiate the scenario click on the homework and select ask (insert sim name here)for homework help. The child sim will sit on the floor (or at a table) and open their homework while the older sim has a homework though bubble while helping. The sims progress in learning to study isn't itself observable; the progress bar refers to the homework completion, not the process of learning to study. If the older sim began helping at the start of the day's homework and stayed through to the end, the progress of the homework and learn to study will be the same Once the sim has learned to study a memory marks the achievement; look in the simology>memory panel to confirm this.

Private School Guide

Sims begin school automatically enrolled in public school. They can, however, switch from public to private if desired. Private school doesn't cost any money and the rewards are significant, but the admissions process is pretty demanding.

Private is different from public school in that:

  • Private school students starting a teen career track begin at level 2
  • Hours for teens are from 9am - 1pm. Children get out at the same time (3pm).
  • Performance rewards are skill increases rather than money.
  • Spending a day at private school has less of an effect on Sims' needs, so they'll come home less depleted and more prepared to start an after-school job. Comfort is actually replenished.
  • They were special uniforms

Getting Into Private School

To get students into private school, families must do two things:

  • There must be at least one child on the lot with C or better grades.
  • Sims must have the school's headmaster over for a dinner party and sufficiently impress him/her.

Any child or older Sim on the lot (with C or better grades) can summon the headmaster via the Invite Headmaster interaction on the telephone. If no one has sufficient grades, the headmaster will decline. If the call is made before 5pm, he/she will arrive at 5pm. If the call is made after that, the headmaster will come the next day.

When the headmaster arrives, he must be greeted within one hour (by 6pm) or he'll leave. Greeting him starts the scenario: you have 6 hours to impress him. Doing this requires three tasks:

  • Serve good food
  • Give a tour
  • Schmooze


Each of these three tasks earns points toward the winning score of 100 points. It may help to buy some objects for the headmaster scenario (hot tubs, art objects, etc) and then just return them before midnight for a full refund.

Serve Good Food

Good food is an important part of the meal, so it helps to have a Sim with high cooking skills. A meal should be prepared by a Sim with five cooking skills or higher. Of course the higher the cooking skill, the more points the meal will earn. Ruined meals will score badly no matter the cooking level so make sure you leave some time to start a meal over in the event of a mishap.

When the food is served, click on the headmaster, choose "Entertain" and select "Call for Dinner." This tells the headmaster to have a serving and will result in the final food score.

Give Tour

The Giving Tour part of the process is based on the Environment of every room shown on the tour (possibly including outside). Make sure the house is clean and do what you can to boost the Environment score in every room before the headmaster shows up.

Giving the tour:

  • Click on the headmaster and choose "Entertain," then "Give Tour".
  • Direct the Sim giving the tour to the room with the highest Environment score. The headmaster will follow.
  • Click the headmaster and select "Show Room." The headmaster gives a score based on the room's environment and this is added to tour points.
  • Move on to more high Environment rooms and repeat the process.

With the outside, take the headmaster to a place where the score is high - near trees, statues, flowerbeds, outdoor lights, etc. Watch your own Sim's Environment score to help pick the right spot. Indoors, position your Sim near light fixtures before showing the room. (Having a Sim close to a light source will boost the Environment score).

If you've shown every room in the house (including the outside) without reaching 40 or more points, click on the headmaster and choose "End Tour." This closes the tour points scoring.


The family's ability to socially interact with the headmaster is reflected in the schmooze score. Every time any Sim raises the headmaster's daily relationship score, points are added. So chat it up and if he engages in a fun, group activity, get as many Sims as possible to join him. The more Sims he establishes a good daily relationship with, the better the schmooze score.

Bonus Scoring

There are a few interactions that will bring extra scoring opportunities:

  • Getting in the hot tub
  • Drinking coffee
  • Having drinks from the bar

If any Sim in the household does any of these interactions, the headmaster should follow - as long as he's not already doing something else. Each bonus scores 10 extra points, but can only be scored once.

Winning the Scenario

When you get up to 100 points (by whatever combination), the scenario ends and the headmaster informs you that the family has been accepted. Any student in the family with grades C or better will go to private school on the next school day.

If time runs out before the 100 points are earned, the headmaster will be somewhat snooty and inform the family that they don't make the cut. You can invite him back the next day and try again.

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