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Your Sims experience abnormally fast weight gain/loss in a matter of a couple of Sim hours as opposed to, the norm of several days.

Known Causes

  • Story Progression mutations are known to cause sudden weight issues and none of the Released Patches, to date, have addressed this issue.
  • Taken from a reply to this post in the Help Forum:
"there is a bug regarding super-fast weight change if SuperComputer's "Edit in CAS" interaction has been used on that sim, at some point in the past."

The following information provided, Thanks to Twallan!

  • Anything that changes the Delta modifier, but fails to reset it afterward could have an impact.
    • The "Work out in Gym" career tone will increase the multiplier by 7.
    • The Training Dummy's "Train" increases the value by 1.5 .
    • "Push Self" increases the value by 0.5, and "Quick Burst" increases it by 2.0.
  • If the sim bounces out of any of these interactions due to an error, the increase may be permanently retained.
  • The following buffs also temporarily increase the modifier:
    • Adrenaline Rush : 1.5
    • Fit Atmosphere : 0.5
    • Pumped : 1.5
  • If the sim is reset while any of these buffs are active, it is possible for the increase to be permanently retained.


Due to the way EA setup weight control, changing the weight of a Sim through various methods is temporary, as the Sim will revert back to the original size without continued efforts such as:

  • Workout with Stereo or TV
  • Workout on Weight Machine or Treadmill
  • Use the Body Sculptor to change the Sims weight/fitness
    • Purchased with Lifetime Happiness Points
    • Purchased through Buy Mode if you have a Body Sculptor Object Mod installed


  • Use another Story Progression/Driver other than the EA default, such as AwesomeStory or Nraas Story Progression
  • If you update SuperComputer (now known as Master Controller) to version 69 (or later), the issue with "Edit in CAS" has been fixed, it also addresses any Sims affected from "Edit in CAS" in prior versions.

Relative Fixes


Awesome users can correct EA bugs/glitches by using "FixAll" as well as "setfitness" and "setfatness".
Fitness values are between 0 and 1.0 and fatness values are between -1 and 1. These changes are supposed to be permanent.

Nraas Master Controller

SC users can also edit the weight and fitness of a Sim:
  • Click on the Sim
  • Click on Master Controller
  • Click on Basic
    • Click on Weight - weight values are between -1.0 and 1.0
    • Click on Fitness - Fitness values are between 0.0 and 1.0