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  • You have the nocensor hack but your Sim is still wearing clothes when he showers.
  • Your Sim do not have the NeverNude.jpg never nude trait, yet he still have his clothes on when he showers.


A mesher makes an article of clothing available in the "nude" category and makes it available as random.


  • If it is not a Store or Exchange item, why not report it to the uploader? Ask them to fix it so they are aware not to create clothing in the same way again.

  • If it is a Store item, have you tried redownloading? Sometimes EA fixes stuff (very rare, though) without announcing anything.

  • If you know the offending clothing item and it is in .package format, you can try to correct the content with CTU, try this:
    • Open CTU
    • Click on "File" at the top left of the window
    • Click on "Open"
    • Navigate your way to your packages folder eg: mine is under \Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff\Mods\Packages
    • Select a file/package you want to edit
    • Click the "Open" button. CTU will load the package file
      partcategory image
    • Click on the "Part Category" tab
    • This is where you check to see if the item is "checked" for the proper areas:
      • Type
      • CAS Part Type
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Category
      • Extended Category
      • Other
    • (Depending on what the item is, will also determine which boxes should be checked.)
      Example: the image I attached is for a Female skirt:
      • Type=Body
      • CAS Part Type=Bottom
      • Age=YA & A
      • Gender=Female
      • Category=Sleepwear, Swimwear, and Athletic
      • Extended Category=Valid for Random
      • Other=Human.
    • To make sure an item doesn't show up in the "Nude Category" look under Category and make sure the "Nude" box is NOT checked.
    • When your finished making changes, Click on the "Commit" button
    • Click on "File"
    • Click on "Save"

  • If the item is in .sims3pack format, then you need to extract the .package file out of the .sims3pack with either 3Viewer or Delphy's MultiInstaller and then use CTU to fix the .package.
    • Then refer to the Steps above for fixing .Package files
    • Once you have fixed the .package file, place it along with your other .package files in the mods/packages folder.
    • You need to use the launcher to uninstall any sim3pack you convert to .package and fix with CTU. You can keep or delete the Sim3Pack file.

That should correct the problem with an item showing up where it doesn't belong.

[source: above solution thanks to werismyki in this post]

Reset Sim to Nude

If you had removed the clothing item or edited its options, cleared caches but the problem still remain, even withthe Sim now snapping back to default EAxis clothing, a manual "Plan Outfit" action may be needed.

To reset your Sims back to the nude state when showering, "Plan Outfit" and set all the clothing in each category back to EAxis defaults. Then while you have the Sim wearing each clothing category, have him take a shower to verify the nude state has been reset to default.

[source: above solution thanks to clearblueskies in this post]