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Gnomes in Sims 3

It's not home without Mr. Gnome! These wee wonders with lifelike proportions stand small as guardians to any nook or cranny.

Not in the mood for real people? You'll get a kick out of these statuesque marvels, so oddly realistic… and strangely lifelike.

Gnomes seem like cute little statues. However, BEWARE! They are sly, conniving and sometimes magical gnomes. More likely to trick your sim than help them.

EP Icon Image Gnome's Name Where/How to Get One Object Desireability* Other
EP02 Ambitions Abracadabra Abracadabra There's a 5% chance a Sim will get this gnome when grabbing her dry clothes from an Expensive Dryer. Washers, dryers, clotheslines, clothing piles, hampers and kids room objects
EP03 Late Night Blingaboo Blingaboo This gnome may be given as gift to 5-star celebrities. Hot tubs, bars and expensive cars (worth more than §10000)
EP05 Sims 3 Pets Carter Caninenimus Carter Caninenimus 0.7% chance to spawn per Dog best friend.
EP05 Sims 3 Pets Felix Felinenimus Felix Felinenimus 0.7% chance the gnome will spawn every time a cat receives the "Whacked Out" moodlet.
EP05 Sims 3 Pets Freezer Bunny Gnome Freezer Bunny Gnome 0.1% chance of spawning every time a dog barks or cat freaks out at the fridge.
EP01 World Adventures Little Léon Magic Gnome Little Léon Magic Gnome France Nectar racks, fridges and edible objects
EP02 Ambitions Magical Gnome of Invention Magical Gnome of Invention An inventor has a 2.5% chance of getting this gnome instead of a new invention while inventing, or 1.5% while making inventions. Inventions and invention workbenches
EP02 Ambitions Magical Gnome of Sculpting Magical Gnome of Sculpting There's a chance this gnome will be sculpted by a level 5 sculptor. Sculptures and art objects
EP02 Late Night Magic Vampire Gnome Magic Vampire Gnome If there are 3 plasma fruit bushes in the yard, there's a 15% chance this gnome will spawn. Snuggles WugglesWorth bears After sunrise this gnome will attempt to move indoors.

This gnome may turn a Snuggles WugglesWorth bear into a vampire gnome.

EP02 World Adventures Master Manchu Magic Gnome Master Manchu Magic Gnome China Canvas and paintings
BG00 Base Game Mysterious Mr. Gnome Mysterious Mr. Gnome This gnome may be found while: Plants, outside objects and expensive objects (worth more than §1500)
EP01 World Adventures Sultan Sam Magic Gnome Sultan Sam Magic Gnome Egypt Relics and gems
EP02 Ambitions Troglodyte Troglodyte This gnome may be found while using the Miner or traveling to the past. Food, outside objects, and plants
EP05 Sims 3 Pets Zenyatta Zenyatta Chance spawn whenever a horse licks a salt lick for 80 minutes. The chance increases by 0.2% for every 20 Sim minutes the horse licks the salt lick. Your Sim's home will be overrun with Zenyattas in no time.
EP06 Sims 3 Showtime Lounge Lizard the Magic Gnome Lounge Lizard the Magic Gnome There's a chance this gnome will spawn if a sim in the lot has a singing skill level of at least 7 or if a Fried Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich is left out.
EP06 Sims 3 Showtime Cranstan Boonitz the Magic Gnome Cranstan Boonitz the Magic Gnome This little Gnome summons his mystical powers to take center-stage.
EP07 Sims 3 Supernatural Gnome of the Darned Gnome of the Darned Something is very wrong with this gnome. Is it compelled by restless spirits to create mischief and make horrible faces?
EP08 Sims 3 Seasons BrawnBrawnGnome Brawn Brawn Gnome After careful consideration, this gnome is taking his talents to South Beach. Yeah, it's going to be a real Hollywood down there - and that's the way Brawn Brawn likes it. If you can't take the heat, get out of his season.
EP08 Sims 3 Seasons BuckTooth Butternut Gnome BuckTooth Butternut Gnome This affable chap has a knackering for greens. Hide the carrots!
EP08 Sims 3 Seasons Cracklin Nackerbell Gnome Cracklin Nackerbell Gnome This pint-sized witch is at your disservice.. Don't her on your property? Mwahaha, she'll hop on her broomstick and skeddaddle, see? You'll never catch her! Haunting your houses, tricking your treats, once she picks her victims, they're hers for eternity.
EP08 Sims 3 Seasons Evil Mr. Gnome Evil Mr. Gnome Long thought to be a fabrication intended to frighten naughty children into behaving, it can now be confirmed that the evil Mr. Gnome is real. Woe is the sim who is burdened with this mischievous ornament, for the antics of the evil Mr. Gnome can be severely obnoxious. For example, he'll unmake the bed right after you made it! Seriously, who does that?!
EP08 Sims 3 Seasons s-Gnomeman Bittertrotter Gnome -sGnomeman Bittertrotter Gnome Eyes black as winter night, pale skin like a blizzard whiteout and three lumps of coal affixed to his chest -- a staunch reminder of each of his bad years growing up in Strangetown. Don't be fooled, Bittertrotter's affinity for playing in the snow is an attention starved display of irony for the cheerful life he's convinced was taken from him. Ho-ho-ho? More like ho-ho-horrible!

* Object Desireability: The gnome's preferred objects.