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Ghosts in Sims 3

Unlike in the first two games, ghosts in The Sims 3 are playable Sims and can live their afterlives as part of your family, similarly to living sims. Ghosts age just as normal Sims do, and they can even have babies - which are also ghosts! A female living Sim can breed with a male ghost Sim and have the chance to get a ghost baby also.

Controllable Ghosts

If a Sim has passed on, it is possible to have them return to your family as a playable ghost. Usually within a few days of a Sim dying, you will recieve an opportunity called "Oh My Ghost!", which will tell you to bring your loved one's remains to the Science Lab. They assure you that they can bring them back to life, but they end up just giving you control of their ghost.

After a Sim completes the Oh My Ghost opportunity for the first time, they will always have the "Restore Ghost" pie menu option available on the Science Lab. It will, however, cost them §5,000 a pop.

Ghosts can also be made controllable by brewing a Ghost Potion, which will turn a Sim into a ghost. Under the influence of the potion, Sims can try for baby for a 50% chance of getting a ghost baby.

Bringing Them Back to Life

Once you regain control of a sim's ghost, you can return them back to full life by preparing Ambrosia. If the ghost eats it, he or she will become fully human again.

Kinds of Ghosts

Death By Ages Possible Causes Prevention Physical Description Image
Fire Child - Elder Sims can catch fire if something nearby is burning. If they do catch fire, they then recieve the On Fire moodlet - if the flames are not dealt with before that timer reaches zero, they will die. Put out the fire before it reaches your sim. If a Sim is already on fire, have another Sim put them out or get them to a nearby source of water. Ghost is red and has smoke floating from their upper body. FireGhost.jpg
Drowning Child - Elder If a sim's energy drops below a certain point, and they get the Fatigued moodlet. If they are still in the pool when the moodlet's timer reaches zero, they will die. Do not tell your Sims to swim if their energy is low. When they become Fatigued, allow them to get out of the pool. Ghost is blue and it looks as if water is pouring off their body. DrowningGhost.jpg
Electrocution Teen - Elder Repairing an object if the Sim is standing in a puddle, or if their handiness skill is too low. If a Sim fails to repair something, they get the Singed moodlet. If they try and fail again, they will be electrocuted and killed. Make sure the sim's handiness skill is high enough to repair things successfully, and that there is no water nearby. If they fail once, do not have them try again. Ghost is yellow; they have a spark-like overlay on their bodies, and occasionally sparks will jump off of them. ElectrocutionGhost.jpg
Starvation Teen - Elder If a Sim becomes very hungry, they will get the Starving moodlet. If this timer reaches zero, the Sim dies. Make sure you keep your Sims well-fed. Ghost is a purple/pink color. StarvationGhost.jpg
Old Age Elder A Sim will die of old age once their lifetime reaches its end. Eating Life Fruit and Ambrosia. Ghost is white and sparkly. OldAgeGhost.jpg
Mummy's Curse Teen - Elder A Sim will die of the Mummy's Curse. Avoid fighting with the mummy without proper skills and Ambrosia. Ghost is tan/beige.
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