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So, you fancy a bit of traveling, eh? Well, then the first step is to pick up the phone or get to a computer to start booking your trip.

There are three locations (or countries) that you can travel to: China, Egypt or France. To travel to these destinations, you can use the phone and click on the desired destination.

If you are traveling for the first time, you can only travel for 3 days. To travel longer you need Visa Points, which you can gain by doing adventures.

A taxi will arrive to pick you up and take you to your destination. Once the screen loads, you will be at the Base Camp of your destination.

NOTE: After arriving back from your destination, you have to wait at least 2 days to be able to travel again. If your sim has the Adventurous trait you can go on another vacation in less time than other sims.

The locations of Sims 3: World Adventures.


Travel costs depend on the location you are going and how many days you are staying.

Trip Planner

When you decide to go on a trip, the trip planner is where you select where and with whom you want to travel. Your visa level affects where and for how long you can travel.

Visa Levels

To be able to stay more days on vacation, you need to earn more Visa Points. Visa Points can be gained after completing adventures.

Type Number of Days
No Visa Points 3 Days
Visa Level 1 5 Days
Visa Level 2 7 Days
Visa Level 3 9 Days

To gain Visa Levels you need Visa Points which you will gain by completing various Adventures in the game. Maximum length of stay can also be increased by purchasing the 'Prepared Traveler' Lifetime Reward (10,000 points).


China (Shang Simla)

Shang Simla is located in China, home of martial arts. In China you can explore ancient Chinese areas, master Martial Arts, meditate in the serene environment and eat interesting cuisine.

Egypt (Al Simhara)

Al Simhara is located in Egypt and is the home of the pyramids. Here you can explore tombs, fight with mummies, visit the sphinx and explore the photography skill.

France (Champs Les Sims)

Champs Les Sims is located in France, the most romantic country ever. Here you can zoom around the town on your scooter, make nectar at the nectary, enjoy fine cuisine in the cafe or find the love of your life!

On Arrival

Once your sims have arrived at their destinations, you can find lots of things to do. You can go on adventures, explore different locations (such as Buildings, Museums and Parks), or go to the market place and buy souvenirs and relics.

You can also purchase items you may need for exploring the tombs and cauldrons. You can visit the Martial Arts Academy to study the ways of martial arts. Or, you can simply just meet the locals around the neighborhood for a friendly chat.

Base Camp

The Base Camp is your Sim's temporary home. Each world's base camp has all the things your Sims need (bathroom, kitchen, and a place to rest) to stay happy and healthy while on vacation. Though each base camp is different they all give you a decent place to sleep. Remember, you're not the only sim on the base camp, other vacationing sims are there for you to mingle with and make friends. Who knows, you might just meet your special someone!

The Adventure Board

Fancy a bit of adventure? Then check out the adventure board located in your base camp! Feel free to check the adventure board daily for information on tours, exhibits and other things to do when your sim is enjoying their time away.

Returning Home

Your sims will automatically go home after your vacation days have expired. You can also have them go home prematurely, by opening the inventory menu, and then the phone. There should be a "return home" button. After clicking on it, a menu will appear asking which sims are going home. You can choose from only one sim, to all the sims on vacation. If you choose to leave some behind, you will continue to control them until there are no more sims on vacation. Once you have no more sims on vacation, your city (Sunset Valley or Riverview) will be loaded and your sims will be at home. For the next few days, they will have the "Visited (China (Shang Simla), Egypt (Al Simhara), or France (Champs Les Sims)) moodlet. You sims can not go on another vacation while they have this moodlet.

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