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Toddler Guide

This guide is all about sim toddlers.


Once your baby turns into a toddler, they're a lot more interesting. They can play with toys, move around some by themselves, and you can interact with them a lot more. The toddler age lasts for 5 days.

Teaching Toddlers

The first big thing about toddlers is that they have certain life skills they can learn. These are:

  • Potty training - allows toddlers to use the potty by themselves.
  • Walking - toddlers can move around faster, and get out of their cribs.
  • Talking - less chance of negative interactions.

There is absolutely no problem if your toddlers do not learn these skills: once they're children they'll still walk, talk, and use the toilet. They're just a good boost to aspiration points, getting your toddler's life started out right, and the parents may have wants to teach those skills to the toddlers, so it's good for everyone if they learn them.

Any teen or adult sim can teach your toddler their life skills. They will teach the toddler faster if they're wearing the thinking cap aspiration reward - just make sure they're in gold or platinum aspiration when they use it.

Toddler Skilling

In addition to learning life skills, toddlers can spend time playing with skill-building toys, which can gain them skill points. The toys your toddler can play with (and the skills they learn from them) are:

  • Rabbit Head (Charisma)
  • Blocks (Logic)
  • Xylophone (Creativity)

You can also find certain other custom hacked objects that allow them to learn other skills.

To have toddlers gain skill points, just leave them in a room with some skill-building toys, and they'll do the rest. Toddlers will happily play with the different toys for hours. You may want to have them concentrate on using the rabbit head, as it can be a bit boring for sims to learn charisma points later in life.

Smart Milk

The smart milk aspiration reward can be a much better way to feed your toddlers. Not only does it fill up their hunger just as well as a normal bottle, it also makes them learn much faster - both their toddler life skills as well as the skill points they'll learn through playing. Toddlers will glow blue when they are affected by smart milk.

To feed your toddler smart milk, have an adult or teen go to the smart milk dispenser and get smart milk for whichever toddler you wish to feed. Make sure the adult or teen is in gold or platinum aspiration when they get the smart milk! The bottle should glow blue once they get it out of the dispenser indicating it is a good bottle - if it glows red cancel the "give smartmilk" action and dispose of the bottle - it will not give the learning boost and will make your toddler vomit!

It's possible that the learning boost your toddlers will get from the smart milk will persist even after they stop glowing. This boost can also last into childhood, and perhaps even further. This is a bug, but one that tends to be beneficial to your gameplay, as it lets your sims learn very quickly.

Toddlers and Toilets

Toddlers have an unnatural attraction to toilets, crawling to them whenever they are accessible (often leaving their other toys behind) to play in them. This makes for very smelly toddlers who are wasting valuable skilling time on something useless - and also fills your bathrooms with puddles. For baby gates and hacks to prevent them from doing so, see: Content List: Hacks and Hacked Objects: Reproduction, Relationships, and Family.

If you want to keep them out of the toilets without using a hacked object/hack, try putting your nursery on a floor without a bathroom, or if you have Open for Business, put the toddler's play area up on a higher level using the stage tool - toddlers can't climb stairs.

Toddlers Fighting Over Bottles?

This is a common question people ask about - the intro movie for the game shows it, and people wonder how to make it happen. It's pretty simple, though...

You just need two hungry toddlers in the same room, and one bottle. Give the bottle to one toddler, and generally the other one will try to take it away for themselves. If they're not both hungry, they won't fight over the bottle.

Toddler Birthdays

Once five days have passed in the toddler stage, your toddler will be ready to become a child. Toddler birthdays are pretty much like baby birthdays - they'll need someone to "help with birthday" and it can sometimes be a little tricky if the action gets canceled or there are multiple toddlers ageing up at the same time.

An adult sim will generally get the "help with birthday" interaction automatically and go and age the toddler themselves. If this doesn't happen, or if you accidentally cancel the action, you should be able to click on the toddler and choose "Help with birthday" to age them. If you have trouble that way (often a problem if you have twins or more as the interactions all pile up at once), try buying a birthday cake (Misc - Party) and have the adult take the toddler to the cake. This should age them up.

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