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With the release of The Sims 3 and various modding tools from the talented ladies and gents of the Sim community, we have seen a huge increase in custom content for the game. Yadda yadda yadda insert more inspiring stuffz hurr.

With new sites popping up left and right, it's hard to keep track of what's where. To to save your minds from information overload, we've started a list of useful content, divided by a theme and/or function. And as an added bonus, this area is also SEARCHABLE - note the search box up above.

This list is in no way complete and is going to be updated periodically. Please note that some sites listed here will require registration to view threads, pictures, or download files. Some have adult content, denoted with (18+) and some items are pay, denoted with ($$$).


CAS | Objects

Anime and Video Games


Misc | Attic | Ceiling | Doors | Fences/Gates | Fireplaces | Garage | Roofs | Stairs | Terrain Paints | Walls | Columns | Windows | Sets

Celebrity Sims

Premade sims of celebrities, actors, and musicians.

Character Sims

Anime, story book, gaming characters galore!


Create-A-Sim Content

Body Shapes | Clothing | Eyes | Facial Hair | Hair | Make-Up | Nails | Piercings | Skins | Tattoos | Topical Details | Misc

Crime, Punishment, and Public Service

Decorating Themes

Arts & Crafts | Beach, Pool & Tropical | Clutter and Functional Home Decor | Hunting, Fishing & Gardening | Farming & Agriculture | Garage/Attic | Goth | Sports & Exercise | Industrial/Urban Decay | Luxury | Music & Performance | Pubs, Bars, Alcohol & Smoking | Trailer/caravan | Trashed

EA Match



Game Mods and Hacks

Careers & Education | Food | Reproduction, Relationships, and Family | Unlocked/Recatgorized

Historical and Ethnic

Classical | Medieval | Western | Colonial | Rococo/Baroque | Regency | Victorian & 1800s | 1900s | WWII | 1950s | Mod era (1960s/1970s) | African | Chinese | Indian, Hindu & Middle Eastern | Japanese | Mexican | Polish | Russian | South Asian | Southwest US | Spanish | Turkish | Venice |


Halloween & Horror | Christmas | Valentine's Day | Easter |



Sims 3 Pose Database

Programs and Utilities

Modding Utilities | CC, Cheating & Other Gameplay Utilities


Sims 1 & Sims 2 for Sims 3

Sims 1 | Basegame | NL | OfB | Seasons | BV | FT | AL | H&M | K&B | IKEA | Teen Style


Weddings and Marriage

Work & School



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How to Help

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  • * Item Name by [ Creator (Site/Group Name)]

If there are several versions of an item, by the same or different creators, then they can be listed thusly:

  • * Item Name by [ Creator 1 (Site/Group Name)], [ Creator 2 (Site/Group Name)]

Some areas use different formatting - if in doubt, check the rest of the section you're working on.

Please list content in alphabetical order.

Make sure your links point to the page where the download is available - not to the front page, or to a page listing top/new/featured items which may change in the future. The only exception to this is flash-based sites or sites which use iframes.

When adding pay or adult content:

  • Mark adult content with (18+) - please note that listing purely adult content on the Content List is not allowed - the 18+ marker is for items on sites that may also have adult content.
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Please do NOT:

  • Delete anything - categories, sub-categories, pages, pictures, links, etc.
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Please only add quality items. All changes can be rolled back at the sole discretion of the staff. Thank you.

If a creator uploads to both TSR (or another site which commonly changes their content's pay status) and their own, or another site, please provide links to the non-TSR site in general; this is to avoid having to go through and mark stuff as pay content if the creator becomes an FA.