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HystericalParoxysm is an admin at MTS2 and S2C as well as a prominent Sims 2 content creator, tutorial writer, and wiki editor.

HP's To Do List

You don't need to worry about anything in this section. This is just to keep myself something like organized.

  • Wiki front page
  • Wiki front page picture
  • Finish bitchin' pics tutorial
  • Update bitchin' pics collection
  • Fix stupid shrubs
  • Momerathsmomerathsmomeraths
  • Forum tour thread
  • Creator guidelines
  • Dropdowns
  • Fix MTS2 button
  • Announcements cleanup
  • Have some cake - the cake is a lie.
  • Be vandalised mercilessly by people who enjoy abusing power

Delphy's To Do List

  • That cool graph
  • Toggle to turn off profile colours
  • Mercilessly vandalize HP

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