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Improving Sims 3 Performance

Does your game lag or jump around constantly? Can you barely make it through a sitting without your game crashing, distorted images, or the program freezing on you? Maybe your game performance has gone downhill from when you originally installed it. Or, maybe even you just want to know how to increase your performance to a higher level than it already is. If any of these apply to you, you have stumbled across the right article. This guide is meant to give you some tips for bettering the experience while playing "The Sims 3" and, maybe, your computer as a whole! Each one of the following subsections has a link to an article that will help you down the road to making the game more enjoyable. Go down the list and you could be playing a better quality game in no time!

Your system

Usually, general performance issues can be traced not to something wrong with the game's programming, but an issue with your computer in some way...such as specs, updating drivers, upgrading, etc.



Reducing in game options for better perfromance


In Game Settings

User Files





Custom Content/Mods


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