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Mod the Sims exists to provide modders and game content creators a place to share knowledge regarding the creation of supplementary game enhancements for The Sims game series. Players from all over the world use these resources to learn how to create their own game content and to improve their game playing experience.

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Want to learn all about texturing and meshing? Or just to learn how to add a logo to a shirt? From beginner to expert projects, Mod the Sims offers a variety of helpful tutorials and forum assistance to help you learn how. There are currently 1110 tutorials online!

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We thrive on the creativity and imagination of our users. Share your creations with us, for Sims2, Sims3, or Sims4, or write a tutorial helping others to learn how to mod their games.

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Just found a great new game tip or taken the perfect photo of your sim? Tell us about it in our friendly community forums or join a discussion about the game and how you play it.


MTS is completely free, and support from the community is welcome - be it in the form of help and tutorials, feedback, or writing tools. As a free site, we survive on donations and ad revenue.

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