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Game Problems

Is your game not working? Does your game not work as it should? Having problems with The Sims 2? 99% of problems are fixed by following this FAQ: Game Problem. Try this first!.

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Game Help Sections

Custom Content

Everything you've ever wanted to know about installing, using, and fixing issues with downloaded content.

Expansion Packs

Technical information and gameplay guides relating to specific expansion packs.


Problems with installing the game, expansions, or patches, and issues directly related to installing new expansions.

Gameplay Guides

Guides to different aspects of playing Sims 2, so you can understand the way things work and play more effectively.

Technical & Graphics Issues

This area is for general technical information like system specs, graphics cards, computer malfunctions, etc.

Body Shop & Homecrafter

Problems and solutions for the two Maxis-made modding tools.

Miscellaneous Issues

Various odd issues that didn't fit in other categories.

FAQ Index

A listing of all our Game Help FAQs on one page, divided by category.

Game Help Support Forums

Please use our Game Help FAQs listed in the categories above. The answer to your question or the solution to your problem is most likely already listed. If you still have a question, you can post a new thread in our support forums and get help:

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