Drivable Classic Sport Car

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Uploaded 27th Dec 2005 at 7:15 PM · Updated 15th Sep 2009 at 10:49 PM by -Maylin-

modified (by a slightly modified mesh)

Hello all, this is the newest of my work(see above)its a classic sports car convertable.
To me when i look at this car on the side i think it looks like a bmw z4,
this car sounds great and sounds like a muscle car just listen to the engine in the game it sounds great.

5806 in faces and 5632 in vertices. this car is woohooable but i need to fix the fog problem other than that the car is fine and cost sims 1500 simoleans.

I hope you like this car and i would just like to say that i will not be uploading my nissan 350z because fardly has just releised a new versuion so i just lost all intrest in finishing it sorry.

you may recolour and share you recolours but only to the boundrys of this site
[B]ps.----this when the car drives the window dosnt stay fixed in the podition so shall be fixing this prety soon.

Car Type: Sports Car
Car Era: Not Applicable

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