Modern Home "Loft Alias"

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Uploaded 19th Jun 2006 at 1:07 AM · Updated 24th Jun 2006 at 9:02 AM by jokersworld : Added a link to the site where the house is located.

Loft Alias
Modern Home



This house was built last year.I think you only need University EP to play this lot. I tried replicating this beautiful house.

Found here
The interior layout & landscaping was originally done by me.

3 x floors
2 x bedrooms
3 x bathrooms

Located on main level is the kitchen, dining, and living space. One decently sized bathroom on main level also. On the lower level is a large indoor pool enclosed in glass windows. There is a gym area with wall sized mirrors and a recreational area perfect for a pool table. There is also a media room on main floor. There is a 2 shower bathroom on this lower floor. The master bedroom is located on the upper level with a master bathroom . The spare bedroom is also on the upper level. This whole level has a splendid view. This lot has a large patio area and a working swimable lake with a diving board. Open driveway.


Items included and Links (Funny2401) --- grey terracotta floor, middle wood floor, modern fern, white structure wall, clear white wall (Chris) --- beige brick (floor) (Boo) --- lm cement floor, lm white brick floor, lm brick walls, terrain paints --- Marble mosaic floor (Kate) --- "Eponymous Garden" ginseng and lady's mantle, yellow recolor (Fat D) --- half-wall set (Tiggy027) --- Cutout frame sets (bottom, coffetable & counter cutouts), window frames set, windows, tig_windowframe & cutout frame recolors (darkwood) (LunarRyou) --- JapBlack shoji doors & screen (Numenor) --- Wallwindows (standard & seamless), standard wallwindow door, & recolor (Jonesi) --- patio door recolor (white) (Sandy) --- wood panelings (Luslipz) --- recolors for window TEMPLATE

Not Included

Unfortunately there there is a wall (used for the inside of the pool's walls) and floor tile (matching pool's walls) missing in this upload. You can see this tile on the last picture with furniture. The reason for this is that I can't find where I downloaded these from. The creator is Rib640. There is a Rib640 on this site but he doesn't have these items showing in his uploads page. Anyways, they are :

Rib640 --- Multi select floor, Art paneling wall