DC Comics Lobo da Main Man

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Uploaded: 31st May 2007 at 3:37 PM
Updated: 5th Jun 2007 at 10:19 PM
Hey People, here i bring ya all my first try on a Sim-creation.
This is Lobo from DC Comics.
For i am pretty new to this game and anything to do with it i guess its not the best one can do, but i like it very much and thought there might be some more Big Bo fans out there.

Big Bos Background
Born and raised on far planet Czarnia, Lobo soon became a real desaster to his homeplanet. He killed the population (using selfmade genetic engineerd insects) for one simple reason: He wanted to be unique!
In his later life he made himself a name as a galctic bountyhunter, claiming for himself never to loose track once he "smelled" his prey. Unlucky for him he almost never gets paid his bounty, for he usually kills his prey "by accident" in manors, that make it impossible to identfy them anymore.

His Favourite Music is "Frag Metal", he even forced a doc to implant a radio right into his brain, tuned in on his favourite metal station. Unnecessary to say that this radiostation enountered severe problems as the changed their program to country and folk ...

His Favourite Meal is ... a sixpack ... sometimes with half a dozen burgers for garment.

So here ya go, hope someone likes it

Looks best using marvines clothing.

Custom Content by Me:
- Lobo the Main Man
- Red Eyes, Maxis Recolor
- Facemask remake, Original by muppet112
- Jacket Recolored from Marvine Mesh by marvine

Custom Content Included:
- Zombie skintone by JB by joebart622
- Male Fuzzy Long Hair Color by DJ_Mur3
- First HighLeather boots recolor by Raf by marvine

Additional Credits:
Credits go out to:

muppet112 for his Alice Cooper Face which i edited for Makeup
djmur91 from insimenator.net for his perfectly fitting hair
joebart622 for his damn good Zombie skintone
marvine for the muscles on her bodybuilder mesh