YA-AM Bottom Brief Style Swimwear

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Uploaded: 25th Jun 2009 at 10:31 PM
This based on TS3 tight boxer swimwear. I cut, reshape and redraw some line to make a brief swimwear. Mostly it just the same with tight boxer swimwear with different style.

I also want to use the same swimwear mesh, I try to import it multiple times, and it always fail. I don't know why. So I use another similar mesh from underwear. And it work.

The different between using swimwear original mesh and underwear mesh, is the shining effect. Since CTU didn't yet support shining texture, so I can't import the shining effect from swimwear mesh to underwear (I haven't try it too). The consequence is my brief swimwear lose his shining effect that it should be has.

This package file contain 3 texture files, the multiplier, mask and clothes specular for bump mapping effect. It also has 3 tone, just like the original swimwear.

Additional Credits:
A huge thanks for Delphy, who create CTU (CAS Texture Unitool) to make this happen. And Hanlon Razor who make a great tutorial for CTU. Here's the link:

Delphy's CTU:

Hanlon Razor tutorial: