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Elemental Eyes

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Uploaded: 16th Mar 2011 at 9:46 PM
Updated: 16th Mar 2011 at 10:16 PM
Here's a small set of eyes based on the four elements. All of them were hand painted in Gimp.
Aero eyes come from the element wind. Blueish/Grayish white, perfect for both the calmer sims and the most agitated. Depending on the weather X3. Good for fantasy sims.
Flame eyes, as the name suggests, are the fire-kind eyes. Dark-red on the outside, light yellow on the inside, passing through many hues of orange. Ideal for that fiery or enraged sim of yours, and also good for fantasy sims.
Aqua eyes, the water based eyes.Got many shades of blue. Can be used for almost any sim, but I usually put it in my "dreamer" sims. Good for both fantasy and normal sims.
And last, but not least, Terra eyes, the earthy ones. With its greenish-brown colour, it's great for those nature-liking sims. I tend to use them more in normal sims than in fantasy sims.

Actually, this is my first upload (not my first creation though), after more than 2 years in MTS. So, any tips, constructive critics, or compliments, tell me please.

Additional Credits:
Knightskykyte,for the awesome sclera.