Blood Omen 2 Outfits - Part V

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.....And the Legacy of Kain Continues.
Part Five of Blood Omen 2 Project

Chapter Five "House of My Enemy" - Outfits Inspired by the Game BO2.

There are quite some mistakes here & there on all the outfits but I hope you wont mind it to much.
I really did my best and I hope you will enjoy them ^____^

Outfit 1: Faustus.
One full outfit. btw. sorry about the changes to this outfit. I tried to keep it as close to the original
as I could, but in the end modified it, as I had no good preview of the original outfit.

Outfit 2: Marcus.
One full outfit with a collar accessory (found in face paint) to complete the look.
also made some claws to mach the color of the gloves he wears.

Outfit 3: Sebastian.
One full outfit, one cloak,collar accessory (found in face paint) & also added the helmet-thingy? (found in Hair)
as for the cloak I noticed I forgot the details on the bottom. but I won't change/add it *sorry*
as I think it's OK as it is. Hopefully you think so to. also I had to come up with my own back off his outfit
as there are no previews of how it looks under the cloak/cape?

as for the alternative section this time....Unfortunately I did not do any alternative outfit this time.

For The Claws-mesh ->
All Other Meshes are INCLUDED

Additional Credits:Big Thanks to:
portakal - for Clothing Mesh Here
generalzoi - for the Cloak Mesh.
q3tbo - For the Claw Mesh.
Trapping - for the F2M Hair.

Textures are HAND MADE/DRAWN By me - Photochop sc5 with Tablet.
outfit made in Sims 2 Bodyshop