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Princess Nuala and Prince Nuada Silverlance - The Silverlance Twins

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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2015 at 10:32 PM
Hi! This is my very first upload! I've made quite a few things for various sim games over the years, but this is the first time I've ever bothered to put in the effort to gather everything together, take pictures, and upload to share.

I present to you The Silverlance Twins Princess Nuala and Prince Nuada Silverlance from Hellboy 2 The Golden Army. I've been a huge fan of the Hellboy franchise since the beginning of it all, and I especially took to the Silverlance twins right away, and have delved into their own back story a time or two and found them fascinating! I was inspired to make them in sims form when aliens came to the game and provided a similar skin-tone I could put to use to make them, and I looked at one persons male alien in the community gallery found in game, and his pale skin and slightly sinister appearance reminded me a bit of Prince Nuada, and viola, I caught the fever lol. I spent about 3 days working on the pair of them on and off again between work and my toddler.

If you don't have all expansion packs so all their selected outfits can show up in your game, you can just replace the outfits with something else. The custom outfits they're wearing in the pictures *are* included however, so you'll still get their more authentic look. I put a little more time and TLC into Princess Nuala, so in my opinion Prince Nuada could use a little more TLC in his character, so I may one day get around to improving him a bit. You'll notice his hair clips into his body some in some areas, this can be removed or reduced by lowering his muscle tone, I didn't want to make him any thinner then I already had, but you can feel free to do so if the clipping with the hair annoys you too much.

To install just put all .package files found in the folder named "Mods" into your mod folder, and put all tray items found in the "Tray" folder in your game's tray folder. A note is also included with instructions.

I made a recolor of Cazy's "Over The Light Hairstyle" and also made it compatible for male sims so Nuada could wear the identical hair as his twin. I kept all the colors of the original hair intact in the file, I just included my own recolor to it and made it male sim compatible.

I also used one of Princess Anna's dresses mesh (from the movie Frozen) John P. from Enchanted Dominion made the original mesh I used to make Princess Nuala's gown. Everything else is either a recolor I did of an official EA Games/Maxis mesh, or a custom content I made from scratch in Photoshop (such as the facial markings and scars).

.::Credits For Included Meshes::.

Recolor of "Over The Light Hairstyle - Sims 4" from TSR
Creator: Cazy
Original Over The Light Hairstyle

Princess Nuala's gown is a retexture of one of Princess Anna's dresses from "Enchanted Dominion" it's located toward the bottom of the page.
Creator: John P.
Enchanted Dominion