Nicole Snow

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Nicole is a crazy female who decided to leave home town after getting divorced due to hers ex-husband cheating. After that she has started her own business with clothes and a beauty centre. She's one of a kind. So far she's quite friendly and succesfull.

In her free time she's jogging and swimming - she is enjoying keeping herself fit. Her hobby is music even too she cannot sing at all.
A little preview:

Attention: Dress required but not included:

Happy simming

Custom Content by Me:
- Nicole Snow

Custom Content Included:
- -Lilith-Advent Eyebrows 3-black by Lilith
- Eyes by Zodapop
- BeautyMask_V3 by Yare
- Isis by mouseyblue
- Eyeliner by payrun (latest known)
- Lipstick by Zodapop
- skysims-hair194 by Skysims
- skin by Enayla